PJN @ Gamescom [Important Update]

Hi Pokéjunglers, Daedardus reporting for duty! In this post I’ll explain a bit what exactly Gamescom is, what I am planning to cover and some information on the XY Demo.

What is Gamescom exactly?

Gamescom is a major gaming convention that takes places in Cologne, Germany. What started out as a fairly small convention specifically for Germans, is now the biggest gaming event in the world catering to an international audience. All major game companies like Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, EA, Ubisoft,… are present and give you a chance to play their biggest unreleased games and even console. All the big PS4 and Xbox One games are playable which normally doesn’t happen at your local event before launch.

What days does Gamescom run?

Gamescom runs from Thursday August 22nd till Sunday 25th. Saturday is the busiest day, featuring a massive stampede, while Sunday is a bit quieter. Due to this, Sunday is family day, with extra activities planned for smaller children.

When will you will be going?

I planned to go Saturday, but unfortunately online tickets were already sold out. So the plan is now to go Sunday.

Will you cover the XY demo?

Seeing as I can only go on Sunday, I expect the demo to be completely dissected by the time I can go. Don’t expect anything new to be revealed by me, as others will likely have figured out Fairy’s type match up and the supposed type change of Skitty. I’ll try to bug a Nintendo rep, but they’ll likely know as much as we do on the games.

What else will you be covering?

I’m going to Gamescom mostly for my personal interest, to try out the PS4 and Xbox One before they launch. Those are out of scope for this site, but luckily Nintendo is still there with their newest 3DS and Wii U games. I will try to take as much pictures as I can to show you the atmosphere of the event, and will upload some videos from Nintendo games I thought stood out. If there is a particular game you want me to cover (be it text or video), let me know in the comments below and I’ll give you my Official Daedardus Certified Opinion™ on it after the show ends.

Will there be new news?

Most likely not. Nintendo doesn’t have any press conferences planned, and the show’s main purpose is to let people play the games. Don’t expect any new Pokémon to be revealed, although there is a tiny chance they’ll have the Japanese movie trailer translated to English.

I’ll be there too on Sunday! Can we meet up?

Sure you can! Let me know in the comments so we can work something out. Please be advised that signatures are €5 and pictures €10, cash (kidding).

Will you use Fairy Wind on Exeggutor?

I will, if somebody else hasn’t do so, and if I can find one in the grass.

I have another question.

Ask in the comments and I’ll update this post so it is clear for everyone.


Important Update:

Just came back from Gamescom! Had great fun, although it was extremely busy. I have some bad news though. First, Exeggutor is harder to find than I thought. I spent the whole demo running around in the grass, and I couldn’t find one. Seeing as I had to wait 2 hours in line, I couldn’t just go back and wait. However, I can confirm Dragonite had Multiscale though. Second, thanks to Sony’s proprietary memory cards and cables I can’t upload my videos and pictures until Tuesday. So expect to see my detailed write up post with a few days delay. I’m tired now and I have company over, so I can’t answer much today. Byebye for now. Also, to the German Fennekin and Pancham, if you read this, it was me waiting in line behind you.

End of update

So there it is. We will bring you to latest information once and if it hits. Also keep in mind that the comments are intended to discuss Gamescom only, and anything that goes too far offtopic will be deleted without warning, so I can have an oversight on the questions that people have. Happy commenting!