Gamescom: Pokémon X & Y English Demo [UPD]

We’ve known for a while now that fans would be able to get a taste of Pokémon X & Y with a playable demo at Gamescom this year. While the show floor hasn’t properly opened to the public just yet, some have had access to the X & Y demo stands and were able to play through and record the gameplay from the demo, footage of which is below.


While the demo is pretty much exactly the same as it was at the Pokémon Game Show, there are a few little bits of new information:

  • Professor Sycamore’s first name is Augustine (as a reader has pointed out, we already knew this!)
  • You are able to feed your Pokémon Poké Puffs, presumably they are what you give your Pokémon in Pokémon Amie (Pofflé in the Japanese games)
  • Upon sending out Pokémon the player seems to have a more friendly, personal tone. Talking directly to the Pokémon as though offering them moral support. “Go on Chespin. I know you can do it!”
  • This touch (possibly to make the bond between you and your Pokémon deeper?) carries across most trainer to Pokémon dialogue… when Chespin is low on HP: “Chespin is in a bit of a pinch. It looks like it might cry…”.

As usual, if any new information is uncovered we’ll report it here, so keep your eyes peeled. We’ve also got someone attending Gamescom later this week, so look out for some coverage and probable bragging (about having played the X & Y demo, of course!) from him soon!

[UPD]: It’s only fair that fans in the US get a chance to play X & Y demos, right?! Nintendo has revealed that a playable demo of Pokémon X & Pokémon Y will be playable at PAX Prime next week, from August 30 until September 2. Who’s going to check it out?

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        1. Does this mean moving is moving out?

          Oh my God, what a bad joke, I’m sorry, just ban me now.

    1. it still wouldn’t prove if psychic was weak to fairy though as grass very well might resist fairy thus resulting in normal damage…. and even if it is normal damage it doesn’t prove this either as both types may receive normal damage from fairy. It would be good to see but it cant really prove anything… it would have to be a single typed pokemon to prove it.

        1. Yeah, exactly! Someone gets a starter other than Chespin in the demo, they can battle Chespin when fighting one of the rivals. The idea is, they use Fairy Wind against Chespin- a known pure Grass-type- and see what kind of damage it does, and then seek out an Exeggutor and use Fairy Wind on it.

          1. Indeed that could happen…for some reason though Chespin seems to be the popular started that people keep getting? But yes that would be one way. At least we know ere getting the type chart in a couple of weeks though so the mystery wont be a mystery much longer 😀

  1. Anyone else frustrated that the player didn’t experiment more with figuring out typing weakness/strengths as well as other mechanics. Rather, the user seemed more preoccupied with playing the game as a casual run-through. I am glad we received the video, but sheesh! Also, why not explore the area a bit more, especially for wild pokemon? It all seemed like he was in a rush to finish the objectives rather than find new information. Let’s hope the PJ attendees get it right as usual 🙂

        1. Exactly! Honestly some people are so picky he played through the whole demo and uploaded it!

    1. Arceus. Arceus dude. A god Pokemon turning to you as if it might cry. All my respect and feels…

  2. Yay, Chespin isn’t as slow as it was made out to be. It was faster than Fennekin a couple times 😀 Albeit it was 5 levels higher than Fennekin, but still, don’t ruin this for me. Yay!

  3. Was I the only one going “WHAT ARE YOU DOING DON’T ATTACK BUNNELBY I WANT TO SEE WHAT ITS OTHER MOVES ARE!!!”? At least we learned that Fennekin learns Lucky Chant and Bunnelby learns Quick Attack.

  4. If we get any more videos of the demo, here’s what I’m hoping to see:
    1. Using Sylveon &/or Flabébé in more battles to see fairy type’s strengths and weaknesses. EX: using it to battle pokémon like Pikachu and Exeggutor, not having Sylveon immediately use Fairy Wind on Gabite to prolong the battle and see if Fairy types are resistant to Dragon type attacks, or catching Flabébé and using it to battle with Chespin and Froakie to see if Fairy types are weak to Fire, Psychic (Fennekin’s Psywave), or Ghost types (Froakie’s lick)

    2. Catching Skitty to see if it’s part Fairy type
    3. Looking at Mewtwo’s stats before and after it mega evolves to see what gets boosted

    1. P.S. I’m still grateful and appreciative we get to see these videos at all, but I’d really love it if they’d just experiment a little more with the pokémon

    2. 1) Someone really needs to do that!
      2) It might be re-classed like the others! It would be a neat Fairy-Type.
      3) Stats were blocked in the demo!

  5. geez hopefully they have a ”press conference” and they reveal a pokemon or something………any word on something like that?

    1. Nope, they won’t have any press conferences. Unless they pull a surprise reveal, which I somehow doubt. Next news is due second week of September.

  6. Nintendo announced that the Pokémon X&Y demos will be available at the gaming event PAX Prime in Seattle, Washington from August 30th to September 2nd. While it’s most likely the same demo, it’s good that they are spreading it to different locations.

  7. The fire extinguisher in the corner is there just in case someone CATCHES FIRE FROM THE AWESOMENESS

    1. I could complain about Costa Rica as well!, but “we are not America” (North America). I want at least a 3D video..

  8. Weird that nobody has mentioned the new “Fly” animation. It has got an update but it’s the same blue regular bird as before. Although I could have seen that coming since Surf is on the same blue blob / wailmer.

  9. So the Mewtwo is given to you only in the demo? Or also in the final game? Coz it’s at Lv100.
    (Off topic: I got my Shiny Dialga yesterday at Gamestop.)

    1. So, you’re asking whether the professor just up and gives us a level 100 extremely powerful legendary outfitted with a nice moveset and holding its Mega Stone, in the actual game. Yeah, I’m inclined to think not.

  10. Okay seriously they have an English demo fully ready why can’t they release it on the e-shop? 🙁

    1. Well we already know that the game is going to take up A LOT of data when downloaded online so perhaps they can’t release a demo since it’s too big and Nintendo doesn’t want all of their e-sop servers to crash or something because of it… I don’t really know how this works but I’m just guessing

      1. I don’t think that would be a problem as the demo is a set portion of the game and would be a smaller size. However I could see the servers crash from everyone wanting to download it at the same time.
        I find it sad that Nintendo wants to do equality in the release of x/y at the same time but many can’t try the demo.

        1. Pokémon games can’t be downloaded without all Pokémons, all moves, all data. Remember that Arceus has a ??? Plate to correctly run DPPtHGSS instead of errors.

          1. I am sure they could do it if they wanted to, just as they restrict doing things in the demo, and even if that is not true it would be in their best interest to use the demo as a test to see if the servers could handle it or are they not going to care when everyone is trying to download the game at launch?

    2. The only reason I think of is that it could stimulate more hype given that most of us can only stand by and watch others playing the demo in envy. People especially want things that others have, such as this experience! Or this may serve some other marketing strategy. Though, I can definitely identify with your frustrations!

    3. Actually, conventions pay them money for anticipated titles in order to entice people to attend the conventions.

      It’s also not true they only make demos for third party games. Mystery Dungeon did get a demo.

      There is a chance that come September, a demo will be released in the E-Shop, when it is closer to the game’s actual release date. Chance, not possibility. I really doubt that it’s a problem with size, and 1.7 GB really isn’t that big (Animal Crossing was only a bit smaller than that).

      No, Nintendo is just marketing.

    4. This is an example of fans being greedy and wanting their own way all of the time. It’s fine asking for a demo but to act like they should is a bit off.

    5. Maybe not the demo, but a video showing (for the rest of us) how does the 3D look like.. that would be nice.

  11. Am I the only one that’s kind of mad that only Pikachu says his actual name and all the other Pokémon just use the standard cries?

    1. Meh. I doesn’t bother me much. I don’t use Pikachu’s. Yet, it is a nice throwback to Pokemon Yellow! Still, I wish he still had his older cry but updated like the other Pokemon!

    2. I’m pretty sure that it’s just for the demo. Maybe they only did it to promote the game’s upcoming release.

      1. uumm Masuda (in PGS presentation) did say that Pikachu’s cry will be the the anime cry and didn’t specifically say it’s for demo only, so I think the final release will keep the change too

  12. This sucks I mean, I can’t go to America for this. I guess I’m not the only one, but seriously, why can’t they just put this on the EShop……….. Seriously. 🙁 I just wanna try.l…

  13. NintenDaan1 uploaded Higher Quality footage of the Demo. (Link Below). It was nice to finally see the Demo in English. Now we know what they were talking about! Pokemon should really consider releasing the Demos into the E-Shop! Hopefully someone gets a Audio Cable and records some footage! I would really like to hear the new cries of Pokemon! Anyways at least we got more X & Y Footage! ;D


    1. thanks for the link and I too wish they would send it to the e-shop give us a chance to play it like everyone else

  14. I just wanna say a few things to you guys before I post this: I love GameFreak

    Okay so I played the demos about two hours ago and the first thing that caught my eyes was the 3D. I played the Y demo and Yveltal was flying in the air on the bottom screen with the logo on the top, and it just looked very nice. I had to go through the language select process before the actual start-up came up which was good. When the game started, I fell in love with my chibi character. I mean sure we’ve seen them in front of us through trailers and what not but when you actually look at them right on the 3DS screen it just feels great. After Alexa told me about Sycamore, I went into the grass and the first Pokemon I met with was Pikachu. I ended up catching Pikachu, Skitty, and Fletchling before I challenged Calem. This was the first time I actually heard the rival battle theme and I got to say it’s pretty impressive but it reminded me a bit of a mix between Hoenn’s and Unova’s. Calem’s Fennekin stood no chance against Pikachu and it’s Electro Ball, and my Froakie made quick work of Calem’s Gabite with Water Pulse and Lick. After that, I rode on Skiddo for about 3 minutes just because it was so much fun. I didn’t actually get to challenge Shauna or any of the other rivals for that matter because my time was almost up so I battled against Sycamore and called it a day. One thing I didn’t like about the demo were the automatic running thing. I usually don’t use the running shoes unless I’m trying to get somewhere quick but with my character spamming their run was a bit annoying. The thing I loved the most however was Pokemon-Amie. I played Amie with Pikachu and Fletchling and they both quickly got annoyed with me because I wasn’t feeding them right. At first I thought I was supposed to just drop the poffin-thing and then watch them eat but Pikachu actually got so mad it used Thunderbolt. Fletchling was a bit nicer about it and watching it’s eyes curl when I pet it on it’s head was a joy. Overall, this demo really made me extremely excited for X&Y and I honestly think these are the best Pokemon games ever. I didn’t think I’d like Pokemon-Amie but I think it’s the coolest feature yet, and Mewtwo’s Mega Evolution animation was top-notch awesome when watching with your own eyes. Anyways, this thing is long enough so, peace out.

    1. so when you caught skitty did you check whether it was fairy-type?? and in general was it possible to view your pokemon’s stats?

      1. This. This. This. It’s a simple and fair question that we’d all appreciate a response to given the speculation of new fairy typings.

        Additionally, yes, it would be interesting to see if we can see the stats!!!

      2. No the stats wouldn’t come up if you tried to check, I tried like 3 times during the Sycamore battle because I thought I pressed something wrong at first.

    2. Ummm not saying you are stretching the truth or whatnot, but Calem/Serena has the starter advantage. You said you had Froakie, but Calem had Fennekin, which doesn’t add up right. Calem would have Chespin, and Shauna would have Fennekin.

      1. Maybe it might be a typing error. As you said if he got Froakie, Serena/Calem should have Chespin, and Shauna have Fennekin!

      2. I did mess up I was trying to post as soon as I could and not drag it too long. Calem only had two Pokemon though which was Chespin and Gabite and I actually didn’t battle Shauna so I have no idea what she had. Most of the time I was playing I was riding Skiddo and didn’t really stop until my time was about to end. We only got to play once from beginning to end and there were too many people in line for me to try to play a second time.

  15. So a demo in Japan, Germany, and now in the U.S? Where’s the Eshop demo for crying out loud? I mean its not really spoiling any thing. Its just a taste of the game. And why would that announce a demo at Pax prime now when so many english fans game to Japan and Germany to play the game? Hopefully the demos will be different.

    1. Yes! With the Pokemon Friendship. It increases your Pokemon’s Friendship as you play with them in Pokemon-Amie. After that not really!

  16. I was somewhat disappointed by the wild battle music…
    I was kind of hopin’ for something more epic out of it, like to match up with the music from Black & White.

    1. *feeds it a Poké Puff and tells the lil’ rat to FIGHT ON if it wants more*

      The ol’ good trainer/bad trainer routine. >:D

      1. I just find it baffling that we have all of these high quality music rips, videos, and details about cries but no one in japan or germany tried to use fairy wind on exeggutor. Someone better experiment with this for the US demo. I mean all the videos are posted, there’s nothing left to know, except type match ups.

        1. Well NintenDaan1 encounters 2 of them, but they were swept by Froakie’s Water Pulse in one turn

          EDIT : He ran from the other one apparently

          1. Of f***ing course. -__-

            EDIT: He RAN from the other one?

            Excuse me while I start yelling “Idiot!” repeatedly.

          2. THIS^

            Seriously, its just a demo. Why is NintenDaan1 speed running this? No one cares about your battling skills, (which are awful btw). He will never get the chance to play this again for 2 months……at least try to get some information….-________-

          3. Yeah, I’m more curious about the Pokemon-amie, cause someone said the Pokemon can be angry if they fed them wrong, I really want to see that!

          4. I want to see a lot of it. Personally, I might not use it! Still, it is a interesting concept. Pokemon + Nintendogs! I really do like the features! Also, did you notice you couldn’t fight Trevor or Tierno? ;D

          5. Hahaha yeah, it’s like GF’s still hiding their team roster cause maybe most of their Pokemon’s still unrevealed yet, or maybe it just feels redundant for having too many trainer battles in a timed demo

          6. Yea. I talked about that in a older post. Trevor and Tierno highly have there own Kalos Pokemon. I don’t think they choose a starter. I think Protagonist (You), Serena/Calem, and Shauna get to choose the starter. You get first pick, then Serena/Calem, last but not least Shauna!

          7. I’m glad he posted the video, but I’m sure there are other better videos that will be posted. Yeah, like what is he doing….
            I’m curious about pokemon amie also…..I wanna see froakie with his -_- look, implying “I don’t give a sh** about you”.

          8. Oh that’s the US. Seriously if I went there….I’d bring a paper and pencil with an unfilled type chart with one goal: “keep playing the demo until I have filled it out to its fullest”.

          9. I don’t think they will have restrictions like the Pokemon Game Show for recording. I will bring a Audio Cable, HD 1080P Camera, Camera Stand, and 2 Friends to cover me up! ;D

          10. Please be my guest…extract every ounce of information that can be contained in this demo.

  17. Dear Pokejungle… when you send your representative to play this game can you get him/her to check a couple things.

    1. Sylveon’s stats so we can predict its BST
    2. how fairy wind affects psychic, grass, water, fighting and whatever other pokemon are available.
    3. whether skitty is a fairy type by catching it.
    4. Only use shadowball (weakest move) on the professor’s dragonite to see if it has multiscale and possibly confirm the return of hidden abilities.

    Thank you.

    1. The stats one might still be blocked from seeing it though, but the rest are still possible!

    2. You sir deserve an award…*applauds

      Why couldn’t it have been you that played the demo….were stuck with “look at how many OKHOs I can do and how fast I can finish the demo”….-_____-

    3. >whether skitty is a fairy type by catching it
      THANK you!

      Though Hidden Abilities do return- that double battle on YouTube includes a Drizzle Politoed, and the Torchic that’s being distributed has its Hidden Ability of Speed Boost.

    4. Ten minutes isn’t a very long time to experiment with details. I think the best thing we could have found out in the English demo was the translations. Your encouraging words whenever you throw out your Pokemon and your Pokemon ‘waiting for your directions’ was very cool and a lot deeper than previous scripts.

    5. I wonder.. is the Gabite using dragon attacks? At what point can you use Sylveon against it? I would really like to know if fairy is really immune to dragon..

  18. Every time that Chespin turns around to look at its trainer, I get a little overwhelmed from the sheer cuteness

  19. When I saw this post (front page): eShop demo!!!! 😀
    When I saw it was from Gamescom: 😐
    At least it’s something 😀

  20. Well I just heard that you can’t click on the summary for any of the pokemon. That was in the description of one of gameplay videos on youtube. So good luck finding out if skitty is fairy type, and stop criticizing these people for bringing us good footage. Stay classy pokejungle.

  21. The Pokebeach rumor left out something really vital! It didn’t say what types Fairy type resisted, just that it was immune to Dragon types. It wouldn’t make sense for Pokemon to give Jigglypuff the Fairy type without adding some resistances to Jigglypuff in the process to buff it up. Or it could be that the Fairy type is just like the Normal type? Who knows. What do you all think?

      1. I know all of that. It says it is immune to Dragon, weak to Poison and Steel, Fire and Psychic types take half damage from Fairy type moves and that Fairy type moves are strong against Dragon, Dark, and Fighting. It doesn’t say what Fairy types resist.

        1. What are you talking about? It says Fire resists Fairy right in the first bullet point!

          1. Yeah- Fairy will be a new type.

            It is weak to Poison and Steel,

            Immune to Dragon,

            Super effective against Dragon, Dark, and Fighting,

            And Fire and Psychic-type Pokémon take half damage from it.

      1. Oh, cause the Pokebeach rumor says it was immune to them and I got really confused.

        1. Don’t worry about them, but it does resist it 🙂 Also we will get the type chart in the next CoroCoro 😀

          1. Gah. This is all really confusing. lol. I hope to god that Pokebeach’s leaker was just going off of memory and that he forgot to list what Fairy types were resistance against.

      2. Has PKMN confirmed that? All I know is that Fairy-Types are super-effective on Dragon-Types, and Fire-Types resist Fairy-Type attacks!

      3. Whose ass did you pull that out of? The Pokebeach leak states that it’s immune to Dragon, and we haven’t gotten any evidence to the contrary thus far.

    1. I don’t think they will be Immune to Dragon. That would weaken Dragon-Types too much! Pokemon just wanted to weaken them “a little”. As confirmed Fire types resist Fairy! I’m expecting Poison, Steel too be the same! I know there was another PokeBeach rumor that said it was weak to Ice. Yet, everything will be known in the Next CoroCoro. We will get the Fairy-Type weakness and advantages!

      1. I don’t think you get what I am trying to say!

        I know that when a Fairy type attacks, it’s moves won’t do much damage to Fire and Psychic types. But all I want to know is what types’s moves won’t do much damage to Fairy types! Arceus! This is becoming a mad house.

    2. You’re right. According to the Pokebeach rumor:

      – Fairy is immune to Dragon.

      – Poison and Steel are super effective against Fairy.

      – Fairy is super effective against Dragon (confirmed), Dark, and Fighting.

      – Fairy is not very effective against Fire (confirmed), and Psychic.

      We don’t know if it resists anything else other than being immune to Dragon (per the rumor).

      Also, according to Psychic took neutral damage from Fairy in the Demo. Additionally, it said Poison resisted Fairy. This disputes the Pokebeach rumors, but at this point the website I posted might still be speculation.

      Still don’t know what else it might resist though lol. Oh well, we’ll find out in a month with CoroCoro 😀

      1. Still, remember take everything with “a Grain of Salt”. Everything will get cleared up in the next CoroCoro. Yet, I don’t think Fairy-Type Pokemon will be immune! That would cause a Major Weakness for Dragon-Types. I really can’t wait for that CoroCoro!

        1. Please, Pokebeach rumor, be wrong about something! He was wrong about Professor Sycamore and Patrice, he mixed them up. It’s pretty obvious at this point that Sycamore is gonna be giving you the Kalos starters and NOT the Kanto starters as the rumors said. There’s even an anime trailer of him showing them to Ash to back this up. He was also wrong about the 2nd Mewtwo forme, as I’m sorry, it probably won’t be getting revealed at this point and that if it was gonna be true, it would of been revealed back in July. You know? 😀

          1. Oh, so he mixed up the two professors’ names. Did you happen to notice how he also totally called the existence, English names, and type combinations of Pangoro, Inkay, and Malamar? Or how he totally called the Fairy type, its advantage over Dragon, Fire’s resistance to it, and Sylveon and Mawile being that type? Or the English names of Helioptile, Pancham, Gogoat, and Fletchling? Or the existence and effect of Draining Kiss? Or the fact that there would be a Professor Sycamore in the first place? Or Sky Battles? Or the first Gym being a Bug Gym? I think the guy’s entitled to mess up a minor detail, such as which professor does what, or the minor typos in Pancham and Malamar’s names.

            And as for Mewtwo’s second form, perhaps it’s what he mistook Mega Mew for?

          2. I think we are going to get a second mew thing … whether its a mewtwo forme , or a mew mega evolution.

        2. Absolutely. And don’t forget those Pokebeach rumors happened very early in development. There’s been a lot of time to potentially switch up the strengths and weaknesses of Fairy type.

          Personally I’m hoping Fairy and Dark are super effective against each other…and that’s only because my little Chespin might be Grass/Dark 😉

          1. OMG dude! I hope that Fairy and Dark are super effective against each other too! Xerneas and Yveltal are both of the Fairy and Dark/Flying types. I can’t see Xerneas being strong against Yveltal and Yveltal not being strong against Xerneas! It just does not make sense! Also considering that Reshiram and Zekrom were both to weak to each other with their Dragon typing, so neither had an advantage.

          2. Well, Kyogre was strong against Groudon type wise 😉

            But still, it’d be nice if Fairy and Dark were a counterpart like that, being super effective against each other.

          3. Please, please let your information pan out! I’d love to see everyone’s face when a Pokebeach rumor is wrong. xD

          4. He was wrong about Professor Sycamore and Patrice, he mixed them up. Patrice I think is that lady on GTS information news screenshot. It’s pretty obvious at this point that Sycamore is gonna be giving you the Kalos starters and NOT the Kanto starters as the rumors said. There’s even an anime trailer of him showing them to Ash to back this up. He was also wrong about the 2nd Mewtwo forme, as I’m sorry, it probably won’t be getting revealed at this point and that if it was gonna be true, it would of been revealed back in July. You know? 😀

          5. Could be. He did say that: “If the previously revealed forme of Mewtwo can be said to look roughly similar to Mewtwo’s original design, the second supposed form of Mewtwo can be said to look roughly/vaguely similar to Mew‘s design.”

          6. So what if he mixed up the roles of the two professors? Are you forgetting about the buttload of stuff he got right?

          7. Well, yeah, we know he was going off of memory. I’m thinking that would certainly explain the typos he made with Pancham and Malamar, and maybe even the professor mix-up. Still doesn’t detract from the fact that he got just about everything else right thus far.

          8. That part about the rumor is true I think. Considering that Fennekin knows Psybeam, it’s a sealed deal. Lol.

          9. I would’ve preferred if Chespin turned out Grass/Rock (I’m a big fan of Cradily, love the typing), but Grass/Dark is great too >:) Mischievous little critter haha. Can’t wait to see the evolutions!!

      2. I hope it is!! Cause I would never put Dedenne in front of a steel type regardless and poison is fine. But it can Take Down A TON if Dark and Fighting are weak to it Too!!! Along with Electric Its Gonna Be BEAST!!! 0_0

      3. i really have a feeling gamefreak found out about these Hirobyte rumors and changed some of maybe he was right..initially

  22. What other things would you guys like to see in X & Y? I would like to see More Mega Evolutions. I’m starting to like the concept!

    1. OMG! That snow wolf Pokemon in Pokejungle’s rumored list to be real! I want a wolf standing on all fours so bad! 😀

    2. All the Starters getting Mega Evolutions.

      Gym Leader rematches Post-game.

      Eating. Seriously, our player can sit on benches! I wanna eat!

      1. Oh, and I forgot the most important thing for me. The ability to import old Pokemon!!! C’mon GameFreak, make it work! 😀

  23. So, after what Missingo. Master said, I sadly think the Pokebeach rumor guy is right and Fairy types WILL be IMMUNE to Dragon types and that they wouldn’t want to give Fairy types resistances because of some of the Pokemon that are getting retyped such as Jigglypuff and Gardevoir. This is probably to be fair about them not having too many resistances are becoming overpowered like the Dragon type. Because if Gardevoir was, talking hypothetically here, not weak to Fire, Ice, and Water type moves, it would be overpowered. So yeah, I really think that Fairy type is the new Normal type and worried how much this is gonna upset the metagame.

    1. Does this mean steel is now the most OP type because it resists so many things? Or does Psychic become most OP?

      1. I don’t even know anymore. I hope this guy is going off of memory and that he forget the resistances.

    2. We’ll know for sure in a month with CoroCoro, which is set to reveal the Fairy type chart. Just keep in mind, those rumors were leaked to Pokebeach very early in the development process. Who’s to say GameFreak hasn’t rethought the strengths and weaknesses of Fairy type? It’s possible, we’ll see soon enough 😀

      1. I’m sorry but I think since January when they first revealed X and Y to us, they haven’t changed a single thing and are probably just pulling our leg. Although, they did say that they were working on a way to transfer Pokemon from Generation V to Generation VI.

      2. But I think I’m just a little upset right now and that you may be right and that he probably forgot what resistances were with Fairy types or that they changed them. I hope either of the ladder is correct.

    3. Yes, but the leaks also said that Psychic would be resistant against Fairy, and based on this guy.

      Who has been collecting information based on the play test of the demo, Psychic appears to be fully normal resistance against Fairy. Plus, Poison is apparently resisting it too. That right there would already be a change. Besides, we’ve seen that they have altered some things anyways, some graphical elements appear to have been refined a bit from the initial stuff we saw back in January, at least apparently, I’ve heard it said enough times.

  24. Hey something’s bother me! if I choose the male trainer then I’ll get 2 famale trainer shauna and serena :l as a rival :l

  25. Wouldn’t Fairy type moves be resistant on other Fairy types? So, I have some tiny feeling Beach’s leaker forgot to mention the resistances of Fairy types. He mentioned everything else, that Fairy will be immune to Dragon, weak to Poison and Steel, Fire and Psychic types would take half damage from their moves. But problem is, it’s a big thing for him to leave out. In fact, he should of said that Fairy types would of had no resistances if there wasn’t any just to be clear. So, I hope the damn type chart comes out to clear this up soon! I’m getting really anxious!

      1. True. You make a good point. It just seems like Fairy types would resist Fairy type attacks to me.

    1. Shouldn’t Fairies be weak to at least 1 more thing, for a total of 2 ? If not won’t They be over powered now instead of Dragons?

  26. Ooooo, this makes me more excited! I knew it’s the same demo, but I can actually see the dialogue, although I kept pausing the video so I could read it xD I’m that hooked. And I really loved that personal, bondy talk during battles, because it just made me feel like connecting with the Pokemon even more (and I was already connected with them). I just loved all the times Chespin looked back and all the dialogue with it. My patience is becoming even more thin though, oh well.

    1. “There will be compatibility with old games, but not in the same way you’re used to.”


      Don’t believe the rumors honestly, but always enjoy reading them!

    2. “Yyvetal represents death, so will likely be censored for western markets.”

      WHAT!!!!! GAMEFREAK!!!!!

      1. Seeing as Pokémon Red & Blue and its remakes included the sorrowful tale of Cubone’s Mother’s death, I’d say it’s safe to assume
        Yveltal’s death theme will stay in the western markets.
        If not, than substitute death for oblivion since the name of
        Yveltal’s signature move in Japanese, Death Wing,
        is changed to Oblivion Wing in English.

      2. Yes. Most Likely. It goes against some religions. So, Pokemon doesn’t want to interfere with it. Also, it’s something we kind of get offended by in the Western Seas! So, Pokemon is just playing it safe! Also, Yveltal’s Signature Move “Death Wing” was changed to “Oblivion Wing” in Western Areas (English)!

    3. I don’t mean to be a debbie-downer, but on one it said there will be 45, and on the other it listed like 49 Pokemon getting Megas (And All Megas announced except Mewtwo, are not even on that list, and that brings up it to 50+) I think at least that part is not true, since it conflicts

      1. I noticed too. But the actual source said 45 developments in mega pokemon. IN other words, 45 additional megalutions.

        1. You might be true, but the list didn’t have the ones revealed, and I counted 49. I counted again, to be sure, and got the same number

    4. Man I Love This! Though I wish for more new Pokémon and kinda sad fully evolving is So important now, even more than it already was but Still Everything is Very Cool!

    5. I wonder if you could post them PJ or whoever work for PokeJungle. Those rumors will make a great discussion. 🙂

    6. Subtract 18 for all the starter evolution and 6 for the ones revealed and we have grand total of 21 mega evolutions of pokemon other than ones revealed and starters.

    7. *passes out salt to everyone*

      Somethings I believe, yet others… interesting. I hope Milotic gets a Mega Evolution, that is if Gyarados gets one.

      1. Same goes for Mr. Mime if Jynx gets one.

        On a side note:
        Goddammit Game Freak, eradicate all female Mr. Mime
        and make them mate with Jynx! >:U

    8. OK, they loaded for me. Hmm…

      More legendaries than any other region? Wow. And bear in mind, Sinnoh had a LOT of legendaries. If this is really gonna top that, then just… WOW.

      Compatibility with the old games, but not in the way we’re used to? I certainly hope that means that transfers don’t involve menial little minigames and aren’t just six at a time anymore. Hopefully this means faster transfers, with the ability to keep their held items- I want my stash of Master Balls to make it to Kalos!

      Plenty of postgame content? Good. Good. I approve.

      Mega Stones are DLC? Ehh, not sure I’m buying that. Pretty sure they said that they don’t want paid DLC in main Pokémon games. Unless they mean event items, like Blazikenite? I guess I’d be OK with that. I mean, not being normally able to get Mega Evolutions isn’t exactly a deal breaker for me.

      Return to Hoenn? I was hoping for Red and Blue remakes again, though if they bring back Secret Bases as they were in Hoenn, then this is good.

      No Mega Weezing? I am disappoint.

      1. We’ve already had Kanto in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, FireRed, LeafGreen, SoulSilver, and Heartgold. Is 11 games not enough? Personally, I’m peeved that Kanto gets so much attention. Sure it’s the first region, but not everyone likes to revisit regions 11 times.

      2. They probably meant that you just transfer Pokemon without the annoying mini-game (at least I hope so)
        EDIT: Just finished reading your comment XD I really have to finish reading before commenting.

    9. Move over MegaBlaziken…. need to make room for MegaHoundoom, and where’s all the released mega evolutions?

    10. Me reading this: hmm..seems highly plausible!
      Me reading and the Hoenn tidbit: OMG!! These have to be true!!!

    11. They lost me at “Kalos will have more legendaries than any other region.” Everything else I could both believe and even want. More legendaries than any other region before……that I can say no to. I think what Gamefreak needs to do is slim down the amount of legendaries there are in a given gen. At this point there are so many of them that I ask myself how are they so legendary when there are so many of them. Now I understand that they are going to introduce more legendaries each gen and I’m ok with that and even welcome them. I just think it would be better if there weren’t like 14 legendaries for a given region.

      1. Not necessarily NEW legendaries. It states that the most legendaries will be in the region, not specify how many old or new. Mewtwo for instance would be featured along with other legendaries introduced in prior generations as listed in the new mega evolutions developments. Thus, this generation may introduce much fewer legendaries than in the past two generations if the rumor is substantiated.

        1. Ya I guess that’s true. I don’t mind them revisiting old legendaries by making them mega, but I just don’t want to see a butt load of brand new legendaries to be thrown in the already gigantic pile.

          1. Don’t worry, I thought the same thing at first, I was like nooo, this will be worse than all of the Gen 4 legendaries, of which almost 14% of pokemon introduced were legendaries! That is just excessive to say the least.

          2. I want pokemon like Jirachi, Celebi, Mew, Manaphy, etc. to be found in-game since so many people sometimes miss the events.

          3. Maybe not. They’re fairly new, but when was the last time we had a Jirachi event? HG and SS?

          4. I really don’t see a problem nor do I beleive Gen 4 was bad because it has alot of Legendaries infact I find that quite idiotic.

          5. I said gen 4 was bad? No, I said the fact that there was so many legendaries was bad. Please learn to read before claiming that something is idiotic.

          6. First of all I never said you did nor did nor was I replying to you. There are however people that do beleive such logic.

            Second, the fact there were so many legendaires is not bad. It may bed to you but that’s your opinion.

            Third you need to your own advise.

      2. Well, there is people that like to battle using “Ubers”, and that is a limited list.. Creating MEGAs (including “bad oldies”, very good oldies and legendaries) and several new legends would increase strategy in it. IMO.

    12. Posted prior to pokebeach post:

      “I just read this on Facebook: In the of: Pokemaniacos WI_FI Club And Reparticion Event I this was posted on / vp / I can confirm That this month’s CoroCoro has a feature on the long-rumored Fairy-type, although the Japanese name of the Type is “Yosei”, so I am uncertain if Hiro This Means That was Necessarily correct. Sylveon Yosei is a pure-Type Pokemon, and is Known as the maryoku Pokemon, “Magical Charm”.The attack shown in the trailers for the Mini-Movie is called Mirakuru Hou, “Miracle Cannon”, and is said to heal the opposing Pokemon, yet you reduce Greatly Their Attack and Special Attack. Clefairy, Togepi, Jigglypuff, Audino, Chansey, Skitty , and Dunsparce are shown With Their “Normal” Type changed to Yosei Type. The magazine mentions That a recent event in the Pokemon World has awakened a long-ago sealed power, explaining the Type Change. More Pokemon are said to awaken to this power, hinting at additional Type changes. A Type Chart is shown displaying how Yosei Matches Up – Yosei is immune to Dark and Dragon – Yosei is weak to Psychic, Poison, Bug, and Ghost – Yosei Resist Fire, Water, Ground, and Flying. – No Type is weak to Yosei. – Fire, Water, Ground, and Flying resist Yosei. – Type is not immune to Yosei. ? Hiro, this is true? I hope you can respond soon”

      The site appears to have certain connections with Hiro, or at least some other credible sources.

      1. No type is weak to it…….. That’s Proves its BS right there.. it has Long been a well known fact Dagon is weak to it ( –_– )

        1. Not only that, but it says Jigglypuff has its Normal-type replaced with Fairy. Jigglypuff is, in reality, Normal/Fairy.

      2. Fairy type was never written as Yosei. It’s literally a katakana version of “fairy” in Japanese.

    13. Well.. that was interesting.. I do hope more than 40+ Mega Evolutions, but it all sounded nice.

    1. No because everyone is too busy trying to OHKO everything, run from every battle, and speed run the demo so they can show off how good they are…..-______-

      1. You can’t check typing anyway. One of the youtubers who posted gameplay specifically stated that. You cant open the summary to check. Same as stats. Stopping giving the people that made this footage crap.

        1. Um if fairy wind is super effective against gabite….that gives absolutely no information about type advantages….according to your belief.

          1. If that info is already known it doesn’t make a difference. You can’t open the summaries of pokemon in the demo. You wont know what opposing pokemon or pokemon u caught in the demo gained fairy type. Same with stats.

          2. so if an opposing gabite used say dragon pulse on your sylveon and it doesn’t affect syllveon, what does that tell you??….NOTHING????

          3. That fairy is immune to dragon moves. You seem to miss my point. I’m talking about OLD pokemon getting a NEW typing. You can’t tell if gets a new typing. Like skitty for example. You can catch a skitty but still can’t tell what it is, especially because its normal type that only has 1 weakness.

          4. you could try experimenting like say using every single possible attack type you have with you to see if they are resisted or not. If a single move is resisted, super effective or even neutral, then that’s a piece of useful information. There a so many other things you can test, but people either KO the skitty or run away…giving very little useful information in return

          5. You only have so much time to play this game. Besides, it wouldn’t surprise if Pokemon delibrately hid certain pokemon or other info so nothing would come out until they decide to reveal it.

          6. If anything is going to be posted online, after all the existing known information is posted, it should solely focus on stuff we don’t know, not show us what we already know.

          7. Thats the point. They probably hid certain facts in the demo so they could put out the important stuff online. This demo was only ever going to focus on mega evolutions and graphics anyway.

          8. The only counter example I can think of is that exeggutor can be found in the wild, you have a sylveon with fairy wind. You have complete control over using fairy wind…and yet no one has done this. Its not like I’m asking you to wait for gabite to use a dragon move. Its like asking you to switch your pokemon to sylveon and select fairy wind….something you can do in less than a minute

          9. a japanese guy said that gabite doesn’t have dragon moves in the demo, but it has rollout r_r

          10. Yeah, we know it has Sand Tomb, Rollout, and Take Down. That does leave room for a fourth move, BUT! The AI is no dummy. The fact that we have yet to see Gabite pull out a fourth move against Sylveon does say a lot if it turns out to have a Dragon move up its sleeve, does it not? Hell, ever since R/S/E, NPCs will, without fail, switch out against a Shedinja if their current Pokémon can’t do anything to it and they have something else that can.

          11. That could also be a blatant hint that gamefreak does not want us to know something about dragon moves aganst fairy types that will be revealed in the next corocoro.

      2. People can’t check Pokemon’s types on the stat screen because GF disabled it for the demo. But it is annoying how people aren’t experimenting or stalling with Sylveon. Also odds are Gabite won’t use a Dragon move against Sylveon because the AI would never use a move if the opponent is immune to it.

        1. I know that you can’t check status screen, did I ever say that you could?

          I’m just saying the same thing you said, keep testing stuff….play the demo multiple times…don’t play it once and call it a day.

          1. Well that’s what the other person was trying to say (about the stat screen) and you started talking about Pokemon attacks and stuff and that’s something different. Just trying to clear things up.
            Also they only have a few minutes to play coz there are other people waiting. They don;t have all the time in the world unfortunately. 🙁

          2. I see your point, I’m sure its hectic and you don’t have much time, but can someone solely focus on type charts like make sylveon use fairy wind on exeggutor in the PAX game show coming up. This is all that people ask.

        2. Pokemon Colosseum: Chuggaaconroy’s playthrough: It doesn’t affect Misdreavous x16 lmao

        3. So, what if you used, for instance, Chespin against Gabite, and just switched out to Sylveon, and hope you correctly predicted the use of a Dragon move? Then again, Sand Tomb might interfere with that…

          1. That’s fine, coz Gabite would expect to be attacking Chespin, so that could work. Tbf we still have never seen that Gabite use a dragon move I don’t think, I wouldn’t be surprised if GF didn’t give it one just for lols.

          2. thank you for thinking the right way. Gabite is more likely to use a dragon move on chespin than sylveon..there’s at least a chance for a switch in to sylveon

          3. If it has one Dragon Atk.. might not even include that (damn it GF!). Demo users could switch and switch for as long as possible until they get a hit.

    2. i think skitty might be normal fairy now but of course that wasnt important to the demo players smh

      1. I agree. I think it is. Specially since its face has a moon shape on it, and it has Cute Charm as an ability like Sylveon. It learns a bunch of retconned fairy moves too like “Charm”, “Attract”

          1. Hmm I wonder if the ability oblivious (roughly translated to “I don’t believe in fairies”), can now make pokemon immune to fairy moves….it would make sense

          2. Ahhh total sense. I can see Oblivious getting an update. I can also see ability Rattled getting an increase, Fairy pokemon absorbing hits from dark types boosting their speed.

  27. Some little tidbits are revealed in this German demo gameplay, including that ground is neutral to fairy as well (sand tomb), as well as Bunnelby knows doubleslap.

    1. It’s not a lot, but thanks all the same. And hey, any new attacks confirmed for these Pokémon is that much more for my daydreams! I was daydreaming earlier about if Pokémon was real, and I was battling a wild Bunnelby with my Helioptile, and all I could have the Bunnelby use was Dig and Quick Attack.

  28. Charm was confirmed retconned to Fairy, I think its safe to say that moves like “Attract”, “Wish”, “Healing Wish”, “Moonlight”, “Captivate”, “Lovely Kiss”, amongst others becoming Fairy moves.

    1. I hope you are right about the others!
      Does anyone have a video showing Charm being changed?

      1. So, wait, how do we know? I mean, where was it said that Charm was changed to Fairy?

    1. Frog Assassin xD

      He will use his beard as shurikens…genius

      Froakie’s Creed 4 Black Flag

      He will be water/fighting, a pirate that will rule the seas

        1. Instead of Foam Shurikens, those might actually be
          Foam Smokebombs, as Froakie has been confirmed to be able to use SmokeScreen.

          1. It was unofficially confirmed during the demo.

            Chespin’s moves:
            Vine Whip • Growl • Leech Seed • Rollout.
            Rival’s Chespin uses Pin Missile.

            Fennekin’s moves:
            Psybeam • Fire Spin • Tail Whip • Flame Charge.
            Rival’s Fennekin uses Lucky Chant.

            Froakie’s moves:
            Round • Water Pulse • Quick Attack • Lick.
            Rival’s Foakie uses SmokeScreen.


          2. Ah, OK. Wait, I thought Chespin had used Payback at one point? Or was I mistaken?

          3. Well, this is according to the demo.
            Maybe Chespin used Payback in some other occasion.
            Remember, it used Aerial Ace in the first X & Y trailer.

          4. Indeed, it’s not officially confirmed just yet. Buuuut, between its movepool including Psybeam, Psychic, and Lucky Chant, and the Pokebeach leak stating it to be that type combination (the same leak that got a buttload of other stuff right, might I add), I’d say it’s the most likely type combination.

          5. In the English Demos the Pokemon learned these moves! So, it is true on the main moves. Yet, I haven’t seen any of the Rivals use Pin Missile, Lucky Chant, and Smokescreen. Still, it might be real. 😀

    2. I gotta get this dude, Froakie is becoming my bro! I highly believe he will a speed phys sweeper. Never in a generation have GameFreak made it this hard to choose starters for me. Fennekin, you’re in danger of being replaced. Bravo, GameFreak, Bravo.

      I will get Froakie eventually.

    3. I”ve picked the water starter for both gen 4 and 5 and I wanted to maybe mix things up and go for the grass starter this gen. However having seen the actual game being played, plus the anime footage, I’m starting to lose the feeling of mixing it up and kinda want Froakie. hahaha I guess I’ll just have to see what the evos look like for them and decide by that. If Froakie does turn into a really cool ninja frog I may be persuaded….lol

  29. Hey a skitty!
    I heard some speculation it might be a normal/fairy type.
    Hmmm, let’s vine whip it! Defeating a skitty would be very satisfying.
    I mean, it’s not a huge deal that I have the abiltiy to catch one and
    confirm its typing, I am more interested in seeing Skitty’s faint animation.
    I traveled out to play this event to avoid discovering new information!

    1. How would we find out, though? Nothing in the demo has any Dragon, Steel, or Poison moves to work with that we know of, and we can’t view the stats of Pokémon in the demo.

        1. Again, nothing in the demo has any Dragon, Steel, or Poison moves to work with that we know of, and WE CAN’T VIEW THE STATS OF POKéMON IN THE DEMO.

          1. Skitty v. Dragonite? We don’t know all of dragonite’s moves since players seem hasty to KO him. Dragon moves are immune to fairy.

          2. The Mewtwo Sycamore gives you replaces your entire team. You only have Mewtwo to work with.

    2. I don’t think they traveled out to satisfy your questions, they wanted to play the demo because they love Pokemon and it looks fun. There is also way more at Gamescon that just Pokemon. They only have ten minutes to enjoy the demo before having to stand in line again, and besides, unless you get lucky, I really doubt anyone will be able to dig up any more information than what we already found out (which was a good amount of information that no one seems…satisfied with).

      If you wanna know about it so bad go play the demo yourself.

  30. Not sure if this is news or not but I preordered Y back in February and my Gamestop started actually promoting X and Y hardcore last week. Point is, I recieved an email saying they’d put me on the first to know list for any X and Y exclusives, collectibles, events, AND DLC. All of the other stuff is expected but they’ve never included DLC on that email dor previous pokemon games I preorderd so might we be getting actual DLC this gen?

    1. Interesting. I believe it’s already been said that they don’t want paid DLC in main series games… perhaps it’s just Mystery Gift in a new wrapper.

    2. I assume it just means mystery gift-like promotions that you now don’t have to go into a store to get. Or possibly store events. We’ve had “DLC” for a while, it’s just never been called “DLC”. Those three words mean very little in regards to whether you have to pay or not.

      1. I figured it doesn’t mean DLC but wanted to make sure it was out there, plus, who knows maybe we will get like a new island we have to take a boat to with maybe a new legendary and some renegade team flare members trying to capture it released in like January? With the way Gen 6 has started, there isn’t too much I’d rule out anymore.

  31. I don’t think anyone’s suggested this yet but it’d be cool if you could customize your animation when you throw the pokeball to release the Pokemon. If we’re getting character customization, I don’t see this as being too unlikely. It’d be cool seeing different ways you can throw the pokeball into battle, kinda like in the anime.

    1. Lol in XD and Colosseum, I would always laugh at the way that the bodybuilders would send out their Pokemon because they’re so buff xD

    2. In Generation IV, you could put seals on your Pokeballs, which would change add little letters and symbols to the animation when you release your Pokemon into battle. It would be interesting to see if that returned!

      1. Yeah, some mechanic similar to that where you can customize in-battle, whether it be animations or special effects.

  32. I also noticed in one of the videos going around, someone used a hyper potion and it said “Xavier restored Chespin’s HP. Chespin feels much better” (or along those lines). It tells you the Pokemon’s emotions and how it feels towards you, which is cute.

    1. I wonder since Pokemon who are closer to the trainer look back, does Mawile simply look directly at you, then look away?

      1. Lol Yeah.. it would be weird if it turned its mouths toward you instead.. Mawile get special attention though this gen so I doubt they will make that mistake

  33. Hey Pokejungle, it would be nice for your representative to test the effectiveness of Fairy types against Psychic types. I heard a rumor that Psychic types take neutral damage from Fairy type attacks…

      1. He obviously meant me when I’m going on Sunday. But I’d be surprised if no-one has already tested it before then.

  34. PJ ADMINS!!!! I want to know if there’s a place in the forums where I can do what TPC do and release my fanmade Pokemon game info kinda in the way that they do with Pokemon, characters, and information? For example I wanna release a fanmade eeveelution and say that a new Pokemon was discovered. Is there somewhere in the forums where I can do that? I hope you understand what I’m trying to say 🙂

    1. Fan made things usually go under Smeargle’s Paintbrush, but it could go in Moonsanity if you’d prefer.

  35. It’ll be awesome if Charm verifies to be a Fairy type move.
    It would be interesting to see what other old moves become Fairy type.

    1. Safeguard, Wish, Light Screen, Reflect, Protect (maybe, Audino), Tickle, Assist, Heal Pulse (maybe, Wynaut?), etc.

      1. Perhaps Moonlight and Lunar Dance too.
        I really hope the Lake Trio gets retyped along with Cresselia.

      2. the various normal moves make the most sense*except maybe protect* , but Light Screen and Reflect are already Psychic moves, and make far more sense as that, being mentally projected energy shields to reduce damage.

        1. Mm, yeah. I’m just listin’ what might be retyped. We may be surprised, but it’s also unlikely.

  36. if the rumor of the new hm is new I think it would be heal pulse….a fairy can learn it and it will heal your whole team anywhere(caves out at sea etc)….wishful thinking but hey you never know

    1. That would be awesome, but I’m not sure if that will happen; however, after Mega Evolutions, GameFreak will keep us guessing.

    2. That would be cool, even better if it’s treated like flash. By the way milk drink works that way but it take HP from the user “Miltank”.

    1. Besides, if this was the list, then Mawile, Absol, and Kangaskhan would’ve been on it

  37. While the status screen may be disabled for the demo version, there is one way to find out if Skitty’s a Fairy type or not. It’s a long process, and there’s
    only a 50% chance that it could work, but right now it’s the only way I
    can think of:

    1. Try to encounter a Flabébé in the wild and have it battle with Sylveon

    2. Use Fairy Wind on Flabébé to see if Fairy type pokémon are resistant to Fairy type attacks. Also, if you want to be extra sure, you could also have Sylveon do the
    same thing with Bunnelby before battling Skitty to see how Normal types
    react to Fairy type moves*

    3. If
    Flabébé is resistant to the move, end the battle and do the same thing
    with Skitty. If it’s resistant to Fairy Wind, just like Flabébé was, then Skitty could very well be part Fairy type

    4.If Flabébé receives neutral damage from Fairy Wind, then give up

    1. Well, according to the PokéBeach rumors, Fairy-types have no resistances.
      They’re weak to Poison-type and Steel-type moves, immune to Dragon-type moves, but are not resistant to any other types. Therefore, anything other than
      Poison-, Steel-, and Dragon-type moves will deal normal damage.
      Conveniently, there are no moves of those types available for use in the demo. If the PokéBeach rumors are true (which they have been so far with great accuracy) than there’s no way to figure out if Skitty is a Normal-type or a Normal/Fairy-type before the release of Pokémon X & Y.

      1. I really hope that Beach’s leaker is going off of memory and forgot the resistances…

  38. Dunno if anyone has mentioned this but I would wanna try to figure out what abilities the starters have…

    1. You can assume this. Chespin will have Overgrow, Fennekin will have Blaze, and Froakie will have Torrent. It is the basic starter abilities! They aren’t confirmed but it is very likely!

  39. So for those that gave up on the anime.

    BROCK IS BACK! (At least for a special episode), Rayquaza makes an appearance.

    And a brand new X/Y Anime trailer which looks amazing!

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