Gamescom: Pokémon X & Y English Demo [UPD]

We’ve known for a while now that fans would be able to get a taste of Pokémon X & Y with a playable demo at Gamescom this year. While the show floor hasn’t properly opened to the public just yet, some have had access to the X & Y demo stands and were able to play through and record the gameplay from the demo, footage of which is below.


While the demo is pretty much exactly the same as it was at the Pokémon Game Show, there are a few little bits of new information:

  • Professor Sycamore’s first name is Augustine (as a reader has pointed out, we already knew this!)
  • You are able to feed your Pokémon Poké Puffs, presumably they are what you give your Pokémon in Pokémon Amie (Pofflé in the Japanese games)
  • Upon sending out Pokémon the player seems to have a more friendly, personal tone. Talking directly to the Pokémon as though offering them moral support. “Go on Chespin. I know you can do it!”
  • This touch (possibly to make the bond between you and your Pokémon deeper?) carries across most trainer to Pokémon dialogue… when Chespin is low on HP: “Chespin is in a bit of a pinch. It looks like it might cry…”.

As usual, if any new information is uncovered we’ll report it here, so keep your eyes peeled. We’ve also got someone attending Gamescom later this week, so look out for some coverage and probable bragging (about having played the X & Y demo, of course!) from him soon!

[UPD]: It’s only fair that fans in the US get a chance to play X & Y demos, right?! Nintendo has revealed that a playable demo of Pokémon X & Pokémon Y will be playable at PAX Prime next week, from August 30 until September 2. Who’s going to check it out?

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