JungleTalk: Discussion — Mega Evolutions [Staff Opinion] [UPD]

It’s been almost two weeks since we’ve known about the existence of Mega Pokémon in Pokémon X & Pokémon Y. Whilst some feel the revelation wasn’t the “scoop of the century” it was made out to be, there’s no denying that Mega Evolutions are a game changer.

While we’ve had a lot of coverage on Mega Pokémon, our readers haven’t had the chance to full hear what us staff members think about them. In this post we’re inviting you to read through our own opinions and let us know if you agree or disagree with them, and voice your own opinions. More staff opinions will be added in soon.

Mega Evolutions: Staff Opinions

This section will be updated, please check back for more opinions soon!

NL: Mega Evolutions seem to be Game Freak’s big meta game change for this generation. I appreciate everything I’ve heard so far, and I’m eager for more precise details. I’m confident that Game Freak knows what they’re doing, and they’ll make competitive battling even more fun and enjoyable for all of us.

Ozy: I personally loved everything about the Mega Evolutions the moment they were revealed! Being someone who still picks Pokémon heavily off their design, seeing some fan favorites get brand new, beautiful looks is awesome! But more importantly I think they’ll prove to bring something totally new and unique to the Pokémon series experience – whether you’re a competitive battler or just a casual player. A lot of the fandom seems to be butt-hurt about them saying how the Pokémon company is running out of ideas and how they’re running the Pokémon games into the ground, but I really think Mega Evolutions will prove to be one of the fans favorite things in the new X & Y games. All I ask is for all the starters get Mega Evolutions.

Sammydodger: I loved Mega Evolutions as soon as I saw them. I always had a feeling this would happen some day as it makes sense gameplay wise – get into a tight spot and the Pokémon uses its remaining energy to show its true power kind of thing. I think it adds new strategy and exciting unpredictability. It’s exciting seeing old Pokémon get new epic designs too. Admittedly I am worried about balance, but I’m sure Game Freak will manage to keep it fair. I think once we get to test them out and know how Mega Evolutions came to be then many of us will like them.

Dan: I’m in two minds as far as Mega Pokémon are concerned. At first I was a little disappointed with the direction in which they were taking Pokémon. I see Mega Evolutions’ as the result of running out of ideas and felt that maybe former Pokémon should be left just the way that they are. However, that said – I quite liked the Mewtwo idea when we were first given ‘Mega Mewtwo’ – then I went through a stage of thinking maybe they should stick to legendaries for Mega Evolutions. But as time has gone on I’ve started to quite like the idea, although would still like clarity around why specific Pokémon would have a mega evolution and would like to understand the theory behind the new evolutions. I will stay open-minded until we get more information.

Kriffix: I won’t lie, at first I freaked out. I think it was because it’s my job to scan the web looking for leaks around CoroCoro time and decide the fake from the real. When I first came across the scans on a freshly made Twitter account I was naturally very suspicious. They had been up for over 6 hours with no one having posted anything on them. I kept them to myself for about 30 minutes, convinced the (original) blurry scans were fake. After all, they looked like existing Pokémon with random fluff or (what at the time looked like) spider legs glued to the back. Until we had confirmed they were real it would be an understatement to say that I quite disliked the concept. But with time and clearer scans that confirmed these were not permanent changes, but rather almost super-saiyan like versions of their former selves, I warmed up to the idea. In the hours following the leak I realised Mega Evolutions offered a plethora of possibilities for the Pokémon franchise. Especially when I found out something more than merely holding the Mega Stone was needed.
Later on when the demo revealed Mega-Evolution to be merely the tap of a button with no required strategic set-up, I felt a little let down. But by which time I had warmed up enough to the idea that it didn’t bother me too much. A part of me still hopes that this easy way of Mega-Evolving was just for the demo, or at least limited to Mewtwo.

Dae: Mega Evolutions! Mega Powerful! But are they? I, for myself, hope not too much. It’s a refreshing new concept, and it gives Pokémon too powerful to get an evolution but too weak in the metagame a chance to be useful again. However, I hope the conditions to activiting them are more than just clicking a button. If this Pokémon could wipe a whole team, with nothing that could stop it besides another Mega Evolution, it could potentially disrupt the balance in the game. Nobody has to be compelled to have a Mega Evo in his team to counteract all the other Megas, especially not if his/her favorite Pokémon didn’t get a Mega Evolution. But I’ll reserve my actual opinion until the game is in my hands. I’m coming for you, Mega Starmie!

Mr.Bojingles: While I do think the aesthetics of the mega evolution Pokémon are quite interesting, I think I would much rather have brand new Pokémon added to the mix rather than Mega Evolutions. Maybe standard evolutions of Pokemon like Mawile and Kangaskahn rather than this whole Mega Evolution business. I hope they don’t go overboard and have dozens of mega evos rather than brand new Pokémon (which I don’t think will happen). Also, being in Korea, I’m hoping that I’ll have access to these evolution items. I know for a fact that I won’t be able to get the item for Blaziken, so I’m hoping that the others are more accessible internationally

pokejungle: I think Mega Evolutions are an interesting addition to the series. One thing I really appreciate about them is that they allow for some great new designs based off of older Pokémon. Sometimes an evolution line doesn’t need something added to it and feels complete, but Mega Evolutions give Game Freak a way to improve the last Pokémon without an extra evolution that might feel forced. I think Lucario and Mega Lucario illustrate this point. Mega Lucario is very similar to Lucario in its design and Lucario didn’t really need an evolution, but now it has the option of a power boost in battle. Seems like a great concept to me and I’m looking forward to seeing what Pokemon get a Mega Evolution

Discussion — Mega Evolutions

After you’ve read the staff opinions (don’t forget to check back for more soon!) we want you guys to get chatting in the comments about your views on Mega Evolutions, and discussing ours. Are we wrong to think what we do? Whatever you think, get discussing!

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