Pokémon Smash! — August 25, FINISHED! [UPD]

Pokémon Smash!

Pokémon Smash will be airing soon in Japan. This week we’re not expecting a huge amount of information, despite the episode being a WCS and Mega Evolutions special. As such, this episode will not be covered live. Instead we will provide an episode write-up after the episode has finished airing.

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Episode Write-Up

  • The episode begun with it’s usual anime episode re-airing
  • Smash crew ran a section focusing on the WCS in Vancouver. Some of the crew got to visit the championships and talk to some of the fans attending, and even challenge them!
  • Next the hosts moved on to an X & Y section, including a game which required them to guess what was in a selection of boxes, without being able to see what they were feeling
  • As expected Mega Evolutions were shown, with a little new footage showcased feature Mega Ampharos
  • Back to the WCS, this time with a focus on the video game champion contenders
  • A quick look at Sylveon (they even talk about the Pokémon in English!)
  • The credits run with footage from the Pokémon Game Show running, featuring hosts taking part in various battles using X & Y

The preview for next weeks episode didn’t preview anything of interest, as such we will only provide a stream again next week.


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