Dae asks: Pokémon Themed Consoles

A new Dae asks appears! I’ll the skip the usual no time, busy, will try to impr… blahblah something something…

Today’s question is about those lovely special edition consoles Nintendo have put out over the past 15 years. Have you ever owned a Pokémon themed Nintendo handheld? Has there ever been a design you really wanted but couldn’t get because of monetary reasons? And is anyone else hoping for an international release of the gold XY 3DS XL?  Don’t be afraid to post pictures in the comments, but keep it to two at max. Personally, I remember receiving the Pikachu themed Gameboy Color for Christmas, many, many years ago. I still have it and I still find it to be awesome. It’s the only special edition console I have ever owned, mostly because I always get handhelds the moment they are released and I have to stick with all those boring colours.

Normally, I’d have done a Daely Snack, but it still needs some love (hint: or hate?) so it got pushed back a few days. To pass your time, you can always comment on this article (strongly advised) or, if you feel the need for trolling, commenting somewhere that excludes our site (strongly advised also). Happy commenting!