Game Freak: New Game Collaboration

The Gamefreak official website has just updated with a fascinating picture showing off what could be a new Pokemon and a potential new spin-off title, or even an unrelated, new venture/series by Gamefreak.



The text behind this unknown silhouette promises that “A well-known game played throughout the world will be reborn through this astonishing collaboration!”

Here’s an edge-detected image we’ve compiled using the above image, showing off the silhouette a bit better, and revealing it to have a sort of horse-like appearance.




  1. A well known game franchise played around the world…. that potentially features horses? The only thing I can think of that fits that category would be Harvest Moon.

    Oh good sweet miss molly, if they combine forces with Harvest Moon, I might just die.

    1. Yes! Like you get little pokemon and they help you around town (mudkip helps water plants, and you can surf on him, charmander roasts fruit into pies which sell for more cash than regular fruit, chikorita chops down trees, or helps flowers grow) I’ve wanted that forever!!! but if that ever happened, it’d be a long time.

  2. What if that sillhouette is Epona and Nintendo announces a Pokemon and Legend of Zelda crossover, giving us the surprise of the century?? lol highly unlikely but one can dream xD With that said, I’m happy Gamefreak is branching out and expanding 🙂

      1. might not be a horse cause sylveon’s silhouette did not really look like what it was ether

        1. Either way, it would most likely be Groudon and Kyogre silhouettes if it was a remake of R/S/E, wouldn’t it?

          There’s no indication this is a Pokemon game at all either– this was posted to Game Freak’s independent website and not on any related Pokemon website unlike almost every other reveal in history.

          1. true and the ruby/Sapphire remake was the first thing that came to mind cause i want one bad

          2. I don’t that would be it. I think a fusion, maybe dragon quest monsters x pokemon. It would be awesomeee. But probably another title. And hopefulkly a ruby/saphire remake in the near future cuz my body is ready!!

          3. i am sure that if he is not reveal next days in is a animal of Legend of zelda , dragon quest monster , monster rancher , yugioh or another anime , videogame use monsters ,etc , perhaps a Digimon.
            It´s very rare , because Gamefreak was made pokémon, and Bandai made Digimon. what do yo think?

          4. perhaps a digimon ,dragon quest , final fantasy figure animal , yugioh , monster rancher , viva piñata , duel master ,magic (animal of the cards magic the gathering), legend of zelda, it no seem a criauture of monster hunter.
            Perhaps a fusion between pokemon an other old or new franchise of nintendo or other company?

    1. Maybe! But GameFreak will not release information about that yet, X and Y has to be there number one priority! So, R/S Remake news will be months or a year after that!

    2. yes GREAT idea to announce another Pokemon Game for 2013 before X and Y are released, AMAZING Marketing strategies.

      1. Hmmmmm very interesting, I can’t help but suspect just the slightest inclination of sarcasm… Lol

        1. I was being sarcastic, the idea to announce Ruby and Sapphire remake before X and Y are released is incredibly stupid. Apparently people these days need everything spelled out word for word.

          1. Looks like you don’t know how to use sarcasm then. It would have been sarcastic HAD they announced a Pokémon game. Maybe you need more time in school. Run along now 🙂

  3. A horse ice-type 😀

    Just missing one to complete the trio: Rapidash, Zebstrika and (???)

  4. I remembered the pony zatch bell, will they make a pokemon inspired him to promote a new game zatch bell?

  5. Game Freak never said that this regarded Pokemon, this could be from another franchise that Game Freak is now working with

  6. hope this doesnt mean pkmn is ending..but still this pony thing looks like a pokemon….collaboration? well known game?

    1. Don’t worry, Pokemon will stay with us for a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time 🙂

    2. XD This shows no news to pokemon ending! It will be with us for a very long time! 😀 But it is a collaboration between GameFreak and another company!

  7. So, Microsoft decided to sell the rights to Rare’s dead Viva Piñata series to Nintendo, and since its only appearance on their systems was on the DS they decided to give it to their resident colorful-creature-starring handheld game makers? I won’t be too excited for it if this is the case, but indeed it would be an interesting and unexpected surprise. Or it could be a new Harvest Moon, perhaps.

  8. Yes, it does look like Harvest Moon and it was well known and popular. Not to mention there hasn’t been one in a while. I highly doubt it is anything about pokemon ending though.

  9. I think if it’s matched with the pokemon games, it will be a R/S remake cause just think about it – A well-known game played throughout the world will be reborn through this astonishing collaboration! – REBORN !!!

  10. What if Pokemon did the best thing possible and paired up with Spectrobes? Spectrobes are pretty much cooler looking Pokemon so it would make a look more sense then animal crossing, Zelda or Harvest moon crossovers as, after looking at every single character, Spectrobes looks like the best candidate for a Pokemon crossover.

    1. The problem being that Spectrobes as a franchise is small and not well-known, so it doesn’t fit the bill for whatever collaboration this is referring to.

  11. It doesn’t look like the silhouette of a new pokemon. I might be wrong but it just looks a standard horse/pony. It’s head actually makes me think of a moomin

  12. I bet it’s another pokemon collaboration with another Japanese series we’ve never heard of.

  13. It is the preevolution of Gogoat, a small goat with tinny horns and leafs arround his neck.

    1. Good idea. It´s a very nice question to IAMTHELEAKER or an another person that can confirm if is a pkmn ,etc.

  14. Well it said spinoff & I know that this is somewhat Pokemon but wat if this is for Pokemon Conquest!? a possibly sequel? maybe a triple crossover! Pokemon/Nobunaga Ambition/??? I also think it might be a new Pokemon but i wanted to get that triple crossover idea out there :]
    Edit: lol i typed ”spinoff” when i meant to put collaboration! xD

  15. Hmm, maybe something that has to do with Harvest Moon? It is a collaboration with something! 😀 I can’t wait to see it

  16. A well known game played throughout the world may have nothing to do with a video game. I say it’s some sort of weird Pokemon/Pin the tail on the donkey hybrid for WiiU.

  17. Maybe this is the link between bw2 and xy in transferring your pokemon. They said they had trouble connecting ds to 3ds, maybe they joined forces with another gaming company who made this played world wide game.This game will be remastered with a mix of pokemon.Hell I my be wrong but why would GF talk about another game with xy coming out so soon and all the hype that followed.This horse pokemon could be the mascot of the game/app.

  18. If the picture is turned upside down it looks like a squirrel with a rhinoceros head which could mean… conkur’s bad fur day 2?

  19. its a baby epona and its a legend of zelda pokemon crossover. Were finally gonna see a magcargo in its true enviroment the Fire Temple……………no seriously like best idea ever……

    1. omg a darkrai the boss of shadow temple so cool and no i’m not directly speaking of an ocarina of time pokemon mix up just ever Zelda game has specific dungeons based on elements that are just like Pokemon Forest, Water, Fire, Ice, Shadow, Light, Rock, Wind, Ground this would fit perfectly with pokemon like make the pokemon good and aid Link in his quest and thered be other ones to but they’d be harmless and only so few would be vital to the actual quest storyline.

  20. Everyone thinking that it’s definitely Pokémon – to be honest, it’s far more likely that Game Freak are just making some new game.

  21. The games name is revealed! Soriti Horse, and it has nothing to do with Pokémon! (Source; Serebii twitter account)

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