More New X & Y Pokémon Revealed + Trailer

The Pokémon seen in the CoroCoro leaks earlier this week have now been revealed officially in English along with a brand new Pokemon X & Y gameplay trailer!

New Pokémon

  • Litleo – The hot-blooded Litleo is always ready for a good fight! Its mane blazes with heat during battle, burning hotter and hotter the stronger its opponent.
  • Flabébé – Clings to a flower early on, and then cares for it for its entire life. Because of this, Flabébé may be found holding flowers of different colors.
  • Scatterbug – The Bug-type Scatterbug resides mostly in forests and wild plains. After Scatterbug has reached a high enough level, it will evolve into Spewpa.
  • Spewpa – The middle Pokémon of its evolutionary chain. With enough experience gained from battle, Spewpa will eventually evolve into Vivillon.

New Characters

  • Shauna – An energetic girl who is eager to discover her own dreams. But she’s also genuinely curious about her friends’ progress in their travels
  • Tierno – He is burly and nimble, and his goal is to create a dance team with his Pokémon! He pays close attention to Pokémon when they battle to see he if he can incorporate their actions into new dance moves.
  • Trevor – His goal is to be the first of the group to complete his Pokédex. He’s a great student, bursting with curiosity, but he admits that he has much to learn to become a great Trainer.
  • Serena / Calem – Your next-door neighbor in Vaniville will set out on a journey just like everyone else, with the goal of becoming a powerful Pokémon Trainer. If your character is a boy, your neighbor will be Serena. If you play as a girl, Calem will be your neighbor.

New Gym Leaders

  • Viola – Gym Leader of Santalune City, but battling isn’t her only talent. She’s also a professional Pokémon photographer.

New Cities

  • Vaniville Town – Your new home at the beginning of your adventure! The start of your journey waits just past the ornate town gates. Before leaving, your neighbor will be eager to meet you. Plus, you’ll meet the family Rhyhorn, who’s resting on its pad in your front yard!
  • Santalune City – After leaving Vaniville Town, the first populated location you’ll visit is Santalune City. It’s a lovely city, easily identifiable by the large fountain at the center of town. It’s also home to the Santalune City Gym!


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  1. I’m thinking this is probably the last news we’re going to get, seeing how Pokemon Smash will probably repeat stuff. We could see more Fairy Type classification though in Smash. Anyways, what do you guys think of the new Pokemon’s names so far?

          1. You’re problaby right neogeokid they said so much information this week that I doubt they will reveal more information , maybe they will reveal more about the game around august who knows : /

  2. Strange…Chespin has a brown spot on the back of its head. You can see it in the video at about 0:23-0:24, right before the string shot attack. I’ll be curious to see how that plays into its evolutions! Will something grow from that spot? Is it a weak spot in its protective shell? Maybe the shell is removable, and it’s Chespin’s head? Chespin is awesome!

    Anyways, I love what they’re doing with the many friends on this journey. Can’t wait to see how each character plays a role in the progression of the story.

    Tierno with a dance team? MIROR B! LUDICOLO!

    I have no problem with the names. Litleo makes me think of Luxio a little. And Flabébé I really like. That’s fun to say lol.

  3. Yo I love Flabébé’s name. although Furbebe sounded nicer. Litleo is silly. And what is this other pokemon with just two words for a name… I dont like that.

      1. I think フラ→フラワー(flower),べべ→bebe→bébé(baby in French),Of course, English is the same.

    1. Actually, the Japanese name, フラベベ (FuRaBeBe) can be romanised as Flabébé, so I believe the names are actually supposed to be the same in Jap/English.
      (they don’t have a single F, so they use “Fu”, and their “R” and “L” are the same thing)

    1. When I heard of ‘Vaniville’, I though of Vanilla (but I think that’s irrelevant). Then I thought the towns could be based on light (Santa-LUNE-as in luna and LUMI-ose as in luminous)…but that’s just off of two towns and is probably a stupid theory

      1. It may based on real life counterpart of the cities. I don’t know if Vaniville or Santalune is based on a city,region or village of France but we know that Lumiose is based on Paris. Paris has a nickname, La Ville-Lumière -The City of Light.

  4. I actually really like these names, guess im one of the few people hopefully not :p i seriously love the character diversity in the games ! 🙂 This really is looking like the best Pokemon Game yet. I for one cannot wait for October ;D

    1. I also love the diversity going on within these games. I’m glad to see Pokemon become much more diverse over the years.

      1. Cool, I remember a rumour saying that one of your ‘rivals’ was a Hiker. Now I can see what that person may have been talking about ( the fatter guy ) 😛 🙂

    2. What a game it is going to be!
      I like everything and every Pokemon revealed. We are so far from the quality of Black/White versions! (in a good sense of course)
      Clearly the best Pokemon game ever but I am still waiting for other great things to be confirmed (encountering different Pokemon during day/night, a non-linear map/region/adventure, the number of old and new Pokemon etc.)

      1. Don’t forget migration! I can’t truly relax and look forward to these games 100% till that’s confirmed.

      2. I know I cant wait to see what other features they squeeze into this giant game 😀

      1. Maybe! I’m definitely curious by it. Maybe it’s a weak spot in Chespin’s protective shell? Or maybe something will grow from that spot as Chespin evolves?

          1. Interesting to note, every Grass type starter has had something grow on them.

            Edit: Nevermind. Maybe it’s not that interesting to note because it is a Grass type afterall haha.

    1. Interesting , I really didn’t see that brown spot. LOL, Could it evolve into something like this?

      1. Maybe something similar, but not nearly as big as that plant. That’s a bit over the top haha.

      2. I actually think that there will be spiky fur-like stuff coming out of that hole – possibly growing into some kind of ponytail with a spiky ball on the end (like a mace/ball and chain)… Considering he’s a Hedgehog.

  5. Am I the only person who’s kinda peeved at how they’ve put more detail into the characters than the pokemon (I mean Scatterbug and Talonflame…what’s that aboot?)

    1. This time ,localization is happening simultaneously with the developing process.
      Nevertheless, we do have lazy names in previous generations too.

      1. Every generation of Pokemon has a few Pokemon whose names aren’t that good. We can’t expect every Pokemon’s name in a generation to be perfect.

    2. You’re not alone on that. The names irk me, too.
      Talonflame looks like it lacks creativity written out. It sounds cool, but I think that’s just cause it sounds like a name for an attack in an RPG or anime. I would’ve loved for its Japanese name, Faiaro, to have been its official English name.

      Scatterbug… well, it bothers me less than Talonflame. Its name goes well with its evolved form’s name, Spewpa, since scatter and spew have similar definitions. Also, its Japanese name, Kofukimushi, has “mushi” in it, which means “bug,” so it’s a decent translation. I just wish its name didn’t look like Game Freak combined two words together then called it a day. They could have, at least, made some kind of corruption, like “Scatterug” or “Skatterug.” That way, it kinda throws in “ug” in there, short for “ugly,” since this Pokémon is, obviously, not the prettiest caterpillar on the block, but definitely becomes a contender once it becomes a butterfly.

      Welp, that’s my 2¢.
      …More like 10¢.

  6. I can’t wait for these games I’m getting both games one from game stop and on off the eshoo and I’m goon to have one team of fairy Pokemon with sylveon and farabee and few others and one with strong team like the new lion Pokemon and talon flame can’t wait for October 12 I’m off on Saturday ill b at GameStop early that morning waiting for the doorsto open

    1. Since it’s coming out for the eshop, I’m planning on getting it at midnight October 12th. I can’t wait to start the adventure!

  7. I’ll bet it’s more than coincidence that Tierno has a Vanillite on his shirt and the starting town is Vaniville. Maybe the Vanilluxe line would be more useful with secondary Fairy typing? It would be pretty fitting too.

  8. I’ve never had a 3DS up until like last month but I pre-ordered X back in February (I think. It was either then or March). If I had known about the EShop (let alone a main game being on it), I would have just bought it on the release date. I hope there’s some kind of pre-order bonus xD

  9. with this, we are at exactly 20 pokemon revealed. And truthfully I hope they stop there, i believe it was that amount before black/white were released. I feel like we will not get all this info in pokemon smash, maybe the major parts like fairy type, horde battles, and sky battles (because they said the episode will change pokemon battling). And the next episodes will introduce characters, pokemon, and the gym leader one at a time and i think that may make it close to the release date, also with some episodes dedicated to the movie and some episodes with no info at all.
    I think the next thing we get is a huge trailer, probably 5-6 minutes, and MAYBE a Demo on the eshop. They had a pokemon black/white demo before, so im sure they can do it again, especially for a huge release like this.

        1. why would they show the third legendary? they haven’t even shown the types or entries about xerneas and yveltal yet.

  10. After seeing Flabebe floating with the flower, I’m considering having it on my team. As long as it evolves.

  11. I think the first gym is to show off the 8-way directional movement with walking along that web.

  12. I’m thinking that Flabebe’s ability will be Flower Gift. It kind of makes sense and ties the whole flower theme together.

  13. So Shauna and Serena/Calem are out Battle rivals, That solve the only 3 starters problem.

  14. I love the design of the friends and it seems that we now have multiple rivals. The main site states that you will get to battle them each throughout your journey so I’m guessing one of them is going to have the same starter as you since there are five of you including your friends and only three starters unless your main rival has a different Pokemon than the main starters.

  15. If Flabebe evolves into a Pokemon like Sunflora but looks more epic I will definitely have it on my team.

  16. I don’t know why but I feel like I’ve seen Flabebe somewhere before…Ah but I like how in the one picture you can see Tierno smiling, it looks like they will be animated slightly/a lot. It makes the game seem much more livelier! >u< Gets me even more excited to see how they animate the villains and the plot. Litleo looks a bit creepy in the art but in game it looks a lot better..the eyes are what get me haha.

  17. Awww I love Tierno’s name and in spanish it means kind or gentle. I love the fact that he wants to make a dancing team. I wonder if they’ll introduce a dancing pokemon (like Ludicolo).

  18. If Trevor is going to give you the Pokedex… Then will we have a Professor? Who will give out starters Pokemon? Just curious.

    1. I think there is going to be a professor and maybe he is related to the professor who knows we just have to wait for more news or for the game to come out.

      1. Good idea. I like the thought of him being related to the prof. Definitely makes it different than previous gens where you’d get it from the professor themselves. I think we also choose the starter Pokémon from him, too. Guess it would sorta be similar to Black 2 & White 2 when we got our starters from Bianca, Prof. Juniper’s assistant.

        Based on the rumors that are turning out to be 100% true, the Professor’s name will be Patrice. Not sure if it’ll be used as a first or last name. Also, there’s another professor we’ll meet named Sycamore later on in the story.
        I’m l♥vin’ this game more and more with each taste of news we get.

    2. I have a little theory about why Trevor gives to you. Maybe there is a trainer school and the pokemon professor is also the teacher. And Trevor is stated to be a great student so the professor trusts him the most, so he/she tells Trevor to find kids to go on a journey to complete the pokedex. Trevor suggests his group of friends including the player character even though he has only knwn for a short while. But the professor has to teach a special class or go to a type of pokemon conference in a different city and cant give the pokedex and starter pokemon out in person. So he/she tells Trevor to give out the pokedexes and starter pokemon while he/she is a this event. Then as you journey in kalos you meet the professor and he/she realizes they made the right choice to leave Trevor with that responsibility and is grateful you are contributing to complteing the pokedex.

  19. I love Litleo’s design, name, typing, and likely basis (scorpion tale thing). It’s a must use for me, also because it reminds me of a Fakemon I made. It’s Normal/Ground

      1. There are 12 horoscope signs and corresponding animals/objects for them. Now we have proper(we’ll see in the future what it will turn out) lion and goat pokemon. We had some replicas before for them.

        1. Now that I think about it, we actually have about 8 of them. We only need 4 more: Pisces, Aquarius, Libra, and Aries (Mareep Male line)?

          Taurus- Taurus
          Gemini- Plusle & Minum
          Leo- Litleo
          Cancer- Krabby and Kingler
          Scorpio- Drapion
          Capricorn- Gogoat
          Virgo- Gardevoir
          Sagittarius- Rapidash

          1. Pisces- Basculin as they’re two fish in one Pokemon
            Sagittarius should be an archer
            Aquarius can be any humanoid water Pokemon

  20. We have two gyms so far.

    Bug Gym- Santalune
    ?- Lumiose City (Official Gym Statue by the Iconic Tower)

    Pink Statue in the far eastern part of Kalos- Fairy
    One of the snowy towns and cities- Ice
    City by the Stonehenge- Psychic
    City with the big tree in the center- Dark/Fire/Ground/Flying
    Blue Castle- Flying/Water

    1. Seeing as the gym icon on the Eiffel tower structure was yellow, it’s pretty safe to say it’s an electric type gym. Another reason to back this up is the city’s name, Lumiose.

      1. another electric type? we had one EVERY generation (except 2 but you go to kanto). I kinda hope it’s steel. :/

          1. In BW2, Marlon, Elesa, and Clay had yellow Gym logos.

            EDIT: If you look closely at the trailer, the logo on the tower is YELLOW & GREY. So it must be a steel type gym.

            Marlon – Yellow & Blue
            Elesa – Yellow and ?
            Clay – Yellow & Red/Brown

            The color might indicate the type. In this case, grey = steel?

      2. They may introduce the Light-type, also, which could be the gym type for Lumiose City, considering the name “Lumiose” and “Santalune,” along with the Kalos region’s inspiration on France, as well as France being very popular for “lighting effects,” if you know what I mean by that. Gen 2 introduced 2 new types, so there is a chance that 4 generations later, this may happen again, considering the fact that the only time a new type was revealed in the past was in Generation 2, but two new types were revealed, not 1.

        1. Dark and Steel were revealed at the same time 14 years ago, if we get another type, then GF are planning to keep it sealed up until just before the games release perhaps.

  21. I don’t know if anyone mentioned this but the pokemon site says war cry lowers attack AND special attack.

    1. Good to know it’s not a rehash of Growl.
      Thanks for the info. Here’s a cyber-cookie. Enjoy! 😀

  22. Am I the only one thinking about how Tierno might have came from Unova, so that’s why he wears Vanillite shirt, and also wants to make a dance team? (Pokémon Musical)

    1. Did you not spot the Poketch on his wrist? He’s from Sinnoh. Trevor has a Pokegear so he may be from Johto.

      1. Just because he wears a watch does not mean its a poketch. Also I’m pretty sure thats not a pokegear trevor has. In fact none of the items look anything like what you half of you guys are claiming they are. For right now its not confirmed what these items are. I could just be a regular watch Tierno has. That thing Trevor has doesn’t look like a pokegear at all it may be a similar item or it could just be a PDA or camera. I don’t mind specualtion but dont be quick to say things like Tierno is from sinnoh just because he’s wearing a watch. For all we know there accesorries aren’t even anything relevant.

        1. Well if you think about it, Diamond and Pearl are 5 years old now, don’t you think the Poketch would have been redeveloped and redesigned by now? Same goes for the devices from other regions.

          1. Yeah they could have been redesigned or redeveloped but I’m just saying don’t instantly label things when its not confirmed. Like the whole watch thing. Just because its a watch and Tierno is a pokemon dancer/trainer doesn’t necessarily mean its a poketch. It could be a a regular watch that can just tell time or a brand new watch device all together. My point is don’t instantly label something we have know idea about. You can freely speculate what you think these devices are just don’t act like they are confirmed things. Am i making any sense? I’m trying my best.

  23. I’m really liking the look of that Gym, has a greenhouse effect which would make sense seeing as it’s the Bug gym.

        1. Lol, yeah.
          “First benches, now chairs.
          I can sit anywhere!”

          Chairs and anywhere rhyme. Right?
          Chair. Where.
          (• ε •)’

  24. Tierno: ‘Nice to meetcha!’
    Me: The feeling is not mutual.

    Trevor: ‘Let’s compare our coastal Kalos pokedex-!’
    Me: Yeah, let’s not.

    Teirno: ‘Even during pokemon battles I’m always checkin’ out their moves!’
    Me: So you’re the pokemon pervert Officer Jenny warned me about.

    Shauna: ‘What are you all going to do?’
    Me: I’m getting as far away from you dweebs as possible, even if it means lassoing the nearest Noivern and hitching a ride to Sinnoh.

        1. Not gonna lie, I Google’d that word. Lol
          Today I Learned: Misanthrope, A person who dislikes humankind and avoids human society.

          Thank you for the learnings. :3

  25. PLOT TWIST: Tierno, Trevor, Shauna, Viola and your rival are the elite four/ champion

  26. Litleo will probably evolve into a big mono-fire type Lion with a fiery mane. It is the new gen dog/beast (see Growlithe, Houndour, Electrike, Shinx, & Lillipup).

    I believe Vanillite will become Ice/Fairy type. Given due to the praise of it in the Kalos region.

    1. Not sure if you paid attention to it’s tail in detail. It ties in with a Manticore which is a sort of lion hybrid with wings (Not all the time) Take a look here and see the resemblance in the tail. I bet the final evolution will be something like this perhaps.

      1. I don’t think GF would include the wings. Fans would be raging about it not being a Flying-type because they are never content with what they get. Otherwise, I can definitely see Litleo’s line going in that direction. Maybe that secondary Normal-type is being reserved for it to gain Poison upon evolution.

        1. Not all Manticores have wings so I think it would be something like this.

          1. Yiiiiiis. Gimme dat. Plz, gimme dat, Game Freak.
            Fire/Poison-type Manticore Pokémon, NAOW!!

    2. But… But, Litleo’s a lion cub. It goes “meow, meow, purr.” Not “bark, bark, woof.”

  27. Dont you think Tierno will have a Vanillite on his team and Shauna will have a Gothitelle?
    Based on their shirts 😉

    1. I would love that. It would be pretty awesome to see them use they’re favorite Pokémon as their mains in battle.
      Not every has to select a usual starter Pokémon to start a journey.

  28. Am I the only one wondering how riding a Rhyhorn won’t hurt the rider? That thing on its back seems quite painful. :/

  29. I’m a bit confused. Are the player character’s names Yvonne and Xavier or Calem and Serena?

    1. Yvonne and Xavier are the preset names you can change if you choose to play as that character and Serena and Calem are the names they take if they are your rival

      1. That’s confusing. In previous generations haven’t the preset names and the names of the player you don’t pick usually been one and the same? It seems weird to have 2 for each.

        1. In both screenshots and the trailer the protagonist you don’t choose appears to look a bit different. Because customization is a new feature this generation, I’m guessing the rival is a, somewhat, new character, meant to showcase the new feature a bit. Hence the new name given.

          That’s my theory. Makes sense, dont’cha think?

  30. If you look at Spewpas “confetti” colors in the original art vs. in the game you can see they’re different. Maybe you could have virillons with different colored patterns? 🙂

  31. Hence, the curly hair. LOL.

    By the way, are the VS sprites not returning? Seems like they’re going to use official art as VS sprites. That shucks.

  32. So there are 5 kids and 3 starters. I think 2 of them are gonna start with a pokemon that they raised as a pet. It’s either that or there are 2 sets or kalos starters. Maybe something different. Also I’m gonna love battleing these guys. Even with their different goals they still have reasons to battle the player character. With Shauna she’s trying to figure out what she wants to discover her own dreams. By battling her she can deceide whether she wants to be a pokemon breeder, a professor’s assistant etc. Tierno will try to incorporates a pokemon moves in battles into dancing so that works for him. With Trevor wanting to complete the pokedex first he’s probably going to battle everything he can so he can find the pokemon location and catch so he can battle you for that plus he knows he must improve as a trainer. And Calem/Serena wants to be a strong pokemon trainer like the player character. Plenty of reasons to battle all of them right here. I hope we can, in fact I expect us to.

  33. so did anyone notice that war cry sounded a lot like a lion cub roar? Aka litleo? What if moves like growl and war cry sound different according to the pokemon using it?

    1. I hope they incorporate this into the games. It would add more flavor to spice up the battle for a wonderfully delectable experience!

      Sorry to go all Cilan on ya, dude.

  34. My theory–
    Light-type Eeveelution is revealed, super effective against Fairy
    There will be a Dark Type gym
    Light, Fairy and Celestial types are all new, Celestial type does not get an Eeveelution yet
    Kalos is split into three smaller regions, Coastal Kalos, Mountain Kalos and Mainland Kalos
    There are three legendaries for each section, a symbol of the coast-lands (oceans), a symbol of the mountain-lands, and a symbol of the mainlands.
    There are two pairs of starters for X/Y– one for each of the three new types and Froakie, Fennekin and Chespin, and you will have another rival as well to match up this type sequence
    This is the final time in the Pokemon Series that Kanto will be gone to, as you go there post-game to get your choice of Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur from Prof. Sycamore, and you can challenge the renovated gyms there, with new gym leaders, E4, layouts, and a postgame in Kanto as well. New Pokemon are revealed for Kanto as well.
    Xerneas= Celestial/Fairy
    Yveltal= Flying/Psychic
    Other New Pokemon: Light/Water

  35. it is stated that Players may see different Flabébé holding flowers of different colors when encountering them in the wild. i think that there will be three different types one for each area Coastal Kalos, Mountain Kalos and Central Kalos

    1. It’s possible, but Helioptile’s primary typing is Electric where as Litleo’s is Normal. It would make sense for it to be Normal/Electric and Normla/Fire or vice versa if they we’re counterparts.

  36. So you know that Gogoat and Helioptile appear in the Anime on July 18th right? Guess who else is in that episode.

  37. Full list of old Poke’s that get new typing:

    Cleffa/Clefairy/Clefable (Normal/Fairy)
    Igglybuff/Jiggypuff/Wigglytuff (Normal/Fairy)
    Mewtwo-New Form (Psychic/Fairy)

    Happiny/Chansey/Blissey (Normal/Fairy)

    Togepi (Normal/Fairy)

    Togetic/Togekiss (Flying/Fairy)

    Azurill (Normal/Fairy)

    Marill, Azurill (Water/Fairy)

    Snubbull/Granbull (Normal/Fairy)

    Mincinno Line (Normal/Fairy)

    Vanillite Line (Ice/Fairy)

    Skitty/Delcatty (Normal/Fairy)

    Mawile (Steel/Fairy)

    Plusle/Minun (Electric/Fairy)

    Phione/Manaphy (Water/Fairy)

    Audino (Normal/Fairy)

    Cottonee/Whimsicott (Grass/Fairy)

    Gardevoir (Psychic/Fairy)

    Volbeat/Illumise (Bug/Fairy)

    Milotic (Water/Fairy)

    Luvdisc (Water/Fairy)

    Gothitelle Line (Psychic/Fairy)

    1. Normal/Fairy is the new norm then.
      Whimsicott is more related to flying type but it is gaining fairy type. It’s logical but I would like it to stay pure Grass.

      1. Well, kinda doubt the list is official.
        Hmm. How about Whimsicott staying a pure Grass-type, but learning Fairy-type moves? No STAB, though. :/

        1. Yes, it seems like a made-up list but it’s not so random, so some of them may actually turn out to be true.

    2. The fact that Jirachi isn’t up there is a sign that this isn’t official.

      1. List seems Plausible. Jirachi is already Steel/Psychic, they wouldn’t tamper with that.

        I just wish Dunspace got a Fairy typing. Unless it gets a fairy evolution

        1. Didn’t think of that x’D But, I wouldn’t put it past them to change the types of dual typed pokemon. I don’t get why Jirachi is part Steel when it only learns one steel move.

  38. I bet Fletchling’s 2nd evo will look a little something like in the picture. The crest on it’s head starts to develop and the res spots start to brand onto it’s fur.

    Talonflame doesn’t seem like a 2nd stage but it reminded me of part of Typhlosion’s dex entry “It can rub its blazing fur together to cause huge, devastating explosive blasts that are also capable of burning anything to cinders”

    What if those red spot’s on Talonflame have a similar effect?

  39. i noticed that in one of the pictures that every one is looking at Tierno and Shauna says that she can’t wait to see the new pokemon and snice everyone is looking at tierno. maybe he gives you the pokemon

    1. i wonder if pokemon can appear in the field/walk with their trainers in these games(id love it but i wont be too bummed if it doesnt happen ) take this scene for example, the starters after being distributed could be out and about which could lead into the traditional group battles..
      just my opinion

  40. i just want a Dunsparce Fairy/Dragon evo…. is that too much to ask?!?! ill settle for normal/dragon…

    1. You /might/ get Normal/Fairy, but I highly doubt Dunsparce will become a dragon.

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