Pokémon Smash! June 16 — FINISHED!

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Smash will be airing soon in Japan! This week is an XY special so we’re likely to receive some coverage of the latest lots of news we’ve received, including a focus on the new Pokémon, and almost certainly Fairy Type.

Our live coverage and stream can be found below, as well as the PokéJungle Chat. So please follow along with us! Also: Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter too, for even more Pokémon related goodness!

Please note: if you can hear a constant popping/clicking noise, please open the Chat spoiler and click the small speaker in the bottom left.

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  • Apologies for the problems with our stream and coverage. I had a few issues on my end!
  • Smash is now live!
  • This week, the episode reairing is Pikachu’s Goodbye
  • On with the XY Special!
  • Some footage from gameplay trailers earlier in the week.
  • A little new footage of the player and their friends…
  • Looking at the Pokémon Type chart, discussing the type triangle between Fire, Water and Grass Types. Everyone knows this stuff!
  • Fire beats Grass, as demonstrated by burning leaves.
  • Water beats Fire, as shown by using water to put out the fire.
  • Finally, Grass beats Water. The plant absorbs the water in the vase.
  • Delving further into type match ups. Bug beats Grass, Flying beats that.
  • Oh… what’s this? Fairy Type?
  • Fairy Type!
  • Masuda is on the show!
  • Sylveon taking down a Salamence sure looks odd… and a Haxorus.
  • Re-confirmation that Jigglypuff, Marill and Gardevoir will become part Fairy Type.
  • An introduction of the new characters introduced to us earlier in the week as well as mentioning the name of the character the player does not choose.
  • Pokémon-Amie time!
  • Not much new to show here, Dunsparce and Sableye were however shown, they each have some very nice looking models.
  • Reintroduction to Noivern, Talonflame, Litleo, Flabébé, Spewpa, Scatterbug and Vivillon.
  • A little footage of the new Bug line. their animation is looking amazing.
  • A look at Mewtwos new forme what is it?!
  • Confirmation of the Japanese release date… October 12!
  • Time for a Special Battle Showdown, with Mewtwo. Showcasing its stats and moves, including Hurricane.
  • smash have got two guests on the show showcasing some of their artwork for the upcoming movie. Rainbow Genesect!
  • They both get to take home some pretty awesome signed artwork!
  • We’re done for this episode!
  • The preview for next week talks about the Mewtwo movie special and the preview for the next anime episode.

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