Pokémon Smash! June 16 — FINISHED!

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Smash will be airing soon in Japan! This week is an XY special so we’re likely to receive some coverage of the latest lots of news we’ve received, including a focus on the new Pokémon, and almost certainly Fairy Type.

Our live coverage and stream can be found below, as well as the PokéJungle Chat. So please follow along with us! Also: Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter too, for even more Pokémon related goodness!

Please note: if you can hear a constant popping/clicking noise, please open the Chat spoiler and click the small speaker in the bottom left.

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  • Apologies for the problems with our stream and coverage. I had a few issues on my end!
  • Smash is now live!
  • This week, the episode reairing is Pikachu’s Goodbye
  • On with the XY Special!
  • Some footage from gameplay trailers earlier in the week.
  • A little new footage of the player and their friends…
  • Looking at the Pokémon Type chart, discussing the type triangle between Fire, Water and Grass Types. Everyone knows this stuff!
  • Fire beats Grass, as demonstrated by burning leaves.
  • Water beats Fire, as shown by using water to put out the fire.
  • Finally, Grass beats Water. The plant absorbs the water in the vase.
  • Delving further into type match ups. Bug beats Grass, Flying beats that.
  • Oh… what’s this? Fairy Type?
  • Fairy Type!
  • Masuda is on the show!
  • Sylveon taking down a Salamence sure looks odd… and a Haxorus.
  • Re-confirmation that Jigglypuff, Marill and Gardevoir will become part Fairy Type.
  • An introduction of the new characters introduced to us earlier in the week as well as mentioning the name of the character the player does not choose.
  • Pokémon-Amie time!
  • Not much new to show here, Dunsparce and Sableye were however shown, they each have some very nice looking models.
  • Reintroduction to Noivern, Talonflame, Litleo, Flabébé, Spewpa, Scatterbug and Vivillon.
  • A little footage of the new Bug line. their animation is looking amazing.
  • A look at Mewtwos new forme what is it?!
  • Confirmation of the Japanese release date… October 12!
  • Time for a Special Battle Showdown, with Mewtwo. Showcasing its stats and moves, including Hurricane.
  • smash have got two guests on the show showcasing some of their artwork for the upcoming movie. Rainbow Genesect!
  • They both get to take home some pretty awesome signed artwork!
  • We’re done for this episode!
  • The preview for next week talks about the Mewtwo movie special and the preview for the next anime episode.

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    1. well, i would like them to show a bit more how this “Pokemon-Amie” thing works, like what you can do and specific details about how this influence in battles, but maybe this is to much to expect from Smash

  1. It will most likely just repeat the information we got from E3 Nintendo Direct and Corocoro

  2. While no new news will be shown, we may get some new tidbit’s of game footage.

  3. So…. anyone seen the high res scans from Corocoro floating around? Just wondering if theres more tidbits that were missed in the inital leak?

    1. I’d doubt it, it’s the 15th today and CoroCoro is out officially. If anything new pops up, it should be already known.

      1. Fair enough, but I would like to take a gander at the high res versions if they are floating around.

    2. Pretty much everything from Corocoro has been updated onto the official websites, plus more information, like a short trailer.

  4. I want to see what the inside of the Pokemon center looks like and how nurse joy heals the Pokemon since its in 3D now

    1. You can’t heal your in the Pokémon center like you used to do in the past. The machine takes 24 hours to recharge, but you can buy 10 recharge crystals for $2.

      Think of all that money lol.

  5. The only exciting thing we MIGHT see I think is some more tidbits on the fairy type such as weaknesses and who else is getting retconned. But while I can see other developers letting a little more slip, pokemon has also we been so tight-lipped and they keep stuff like this very scripted

    1. It’s what happens when a game get’s a worldwide release. If Smash leaked something before other countries, it’d just get found out earlier. They wan’t to release information in events that people from all over the world attend. CoroCoro is an exception because it’s always had Pokemon in it.

      1. Yeah makes sense. I dont think they plan on saying anything new, but I just REALLY want them to just slip in that other pokemon will be retyped, but I know that here we’re not usually able to pick up on tiny details like that. Im worried that Togekiss (and celebi and clefairy) wont be getting retyped and the fairy type will just not make any sense to me.

  6. I think they’ll recap everything we’ve already gotten this week. Maybe they’ll give us one or two more old Pokemon that will be retyped as fairy? Maybe they’ll announce the new Mewtwo form (since Smash is where the first one was revealed)? So many maybe’s…

  7. What time does Smash air? I’m bad at converting times, so could you give it in EST? If not, I’ll try my best to convert it. :p

  8. It starts in less than 10 minutes and there’s no live stream. Lol.

    1. There may not be a Professor because it seems Tierno gets your pokemon! Also, Trevor gives you the pokedex too! Yet, I wonder how they will split 3 Pokemon! Serena or Calem will get the pokemon super-effective to yours! I wonder if the professor gives it to you like in Black and White!

      1. Three Pokemon split between five people would be like this. Remember this is just me guessing.
        You, me: Fennekin, Froakie, or Chespin
        Serena or Calem: Fennekin (if you chose Chespin ), Chespin (if you chose Froakie), Froakie (if you chose Fennekin)
        The rest: One of your remaining three friends will choose the a Pokemon that is weak to yours, same as yours, and strong against yours

    2. same, but it is something they probably wouldnt reveal on smash! as they rarely give out new info, they will most likely be shown in a corocoro issue sometime this summer

  9. the next pokemon generation need to more like super smash bros where you can move wherever you want and atack with combos and other thing i just saying

    1. No offense, but I really hope not. While I would LOVE a Pokemon game like that, I’d much rather see it as a side title that may or may not connect to the main games. Having the main games like that would be an absolutely huge shift and would probably require too much work for it to be even feasable for every Pokemon to be included without a huge number of “clones”.

  10. Imagine Smash giving us something new. This week would feel like superspoily-duperPokemonfrenzy!

  11. Guys, if you have any problems with stream playing or whatever, please let me know. Should be up now though!

  12. anyone here know what the site is to the other stream where it had flying messages sent in by other people? I dont happen to remeber it, but i know i liked it better (No offense)

  13. Masuda looks like 24 year old boy who’s getting ready to be married. What’s his secret?

  14. As I said, just some new tidbit’s of gameplay.

    As for next week, we can all be bored with the introduction of Clauncher and Skrelp.

    Oh wait…they we’re already revealed.

  15. I can’t understand them, but these commercials are so much more interesting than American commercials. :/

  16. Dunsparce and Sableye featured in the Pokemon-Amie section seems pretty random. Unless they are hinting that both will get evolutions in x&y. I can only hope 😛

    1. Somehow your name made me thing Clauncher will be Water/Electric when it evolves.

      What the hell am I thinking x’D

        1. it’d be a nice addition, I don’t really Like Lanturn. And with Clauncher’s design, I’d look forward to it.

          1. I know, I feel the same way about lanturn, but its not that I don’t really like it, its more its Stats distribution annoy me XD But yeah with Claunchers design they can do loads ! Lets hope its not another Gear though 😛 …….

    2. Well a Sableye is appearing in the upcoming movie and in this upcoming anime episode a lot of people think Ash wil catch the Dinsparce that was shown

  17. I missed it and got sun burnt at the beach, ARGH XD , anyone know where I can watch an upload of it ? 🙂

    1. ZephrySonic and VictiniPro should have it up on YouTube in a few hours. Try then 🙂

      1. OMG THANK YOU!

        Sableye is sooo F-ing ADORABLE!!! I hope he gets an evo this time around. ^-^

        1. i think sableye will! its been getting a lot of screen time, also dunsparce. i feel like we might see the evolution around the time the movie is release in theaters.

    1. I think it meant that Bug is weak against Flying. I had to reread that a few times.

  18. So on July 11th, an anime special will air. It’s the prologue of the upcoming movie. It features The Unova league champion Virgil facing off against Mewtwo in it’s new forme. The special is said to talk about the reason for Mewtwo’s existence and it’s new forme.

    1. Good to see Mewtwo lookin’ bad-ass as always.

      New Form, don’t you dare let me down!
      ( ಠ_ಠ)–Ψ

        1. It’s a pitchfork. I’ll gather a mob and head towards Game Freak if I am not pleased.

    2. ‘The Unova league champion Virgil’

      Thanks for the spoiler. In the UK we’ve only seen up to the prelims -_-

  19. Hey guys, some weeks ago I posted this (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?594366-Legendaries-Speculation-Discussion-Thread&p=16016184#post16016184) on Serebii forums, which has a method for trying to guess what the final Legendary in the Dex will be, and a theory that we’ll have 5 games instead of the traditional 3. For those too lazy to click a link, I’ll detail those two things below:

    The method for the final Pokémon is based from the pattern of previous Gens. Every final Pokémon is somehow related to its Gen’s theme:

    -G1 is about genetics. Mew is said to be the ancestor to all Pokémon, and Mewtwo is its clone. For G1 I think both count because Mew was added at the last minute.

    -G2 is about tradition. Traditions transcend time. Celebi is a time-traveler.

    -G3 is about the Earth. The villainous teams want to have their say on how the world should be. Deoxys is an alien.

    -G4 has to do with the universe, as shown by the Creation trio. Arceus is said to have created the universe.

    -G5’s plot is about the relation between Pokémon and humans. Genesect is a pre-historic Pokémon revived and modified by humans.

    In the E3, they stated G6 is about beauty, so I think the final Pokémon will have to do with beauty. Maybe a Fairy-type? A friend of mine agrees with this theory because now that they introduced a new type they would want to advertise as much as they can, so a Fairy-type occupying the final slot wouldn’t be too farfetched.

    Now about the my theory about five games. I said before in that post that they would be X, Y, Z, W, and 0, but now I’m going with O because it’s used for the same purpose as 0 in genetics, and is the letter used to represent the origin in cartesian systems, is also a letter like the other four, and because if they used 0 they would be unable to make Pokémon 0 and 1 in the future. In genetics you have the XY system, the ZW system, and the X0 (or XO) system. The 0/O is used to represent the absence of a chromosome. And in the dimensional spaces you have the X, Y, and Z axes, which compose 3D space, the W-axis, which is the theoretical fourth dimensional, and is also used to to make it more easy to perform transformation in 3D space, and O, which symbolizes the origin, composed of multiple zeros. Note the similarites between the O’s: O is not a chromosome, and the origin is not an axis.

    So, the legendaries would be these.

    X: Xerneas, a fusion of the our stags; Dáinn, Dvalinn, Duneyrr and Duraþrór. X is length, and Xerneas is terrestrial and the stags live in the ground, near Yggdrasil’s branches.

    Y: Yveltal, a fusion of Veðrfölnir and the unnamed eagle. Y is height, Yveltal is aerial, and the eagle is perched on top of Yggdrasil.

    Z: Based on Níðhöggr, the dragon that gnaws at the roots of Yggdrasil. Z is the depth, and Níðhöggr lives under the ground, believed to be trapped from the world by Yggdrasil’s roots.

    W: Based on Ratatoskr, the squirrel who runs up and down Yggdrasil to send messages between Níðhöggr and the eagle. People started discussing it in the commentaries of a post in PokéJungle and an user known as Chilias made this picture (http://imgur.com/ZkNV4). The W-axis (http://www.learner.org/courses/mathilluminated/units/5/textbook/03.php) is simultaneously perpendicular to the X, Y, and Z axes, and Ratatoskr has to go up and down the tree to send the messages. To explain the co-relation, look at Chilias’s image and image the three dots as the three axes, the squirrel would have to go through X, Y, and Z. Perhaps the Ratatoskr Pokémon would have some kind of invisibility as a reference to how beings in certain dimension can’t see beings in higher dimensions (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWyTxCsIXE4) (like, we can’t see beings in the 4D space, and a being in a 2D world wouldn’t be able to see us).

    And this guy (http://mountmoon.net/topic/11792-three-legends-a-mirage-origin-discussion/) mentioned that it could be Psychic because the power to teleport would come in handy when traveling up and down a huge tree. Thinking about it again, I think this teleportation could be represented differented as this Pokémon moving through an invisible dimension. Maybe it could even get a two-turn signature move where it teleports and attacks.

    Taking the invisibility in account, you would have excuses for not finding those two Pokémon in X and Y; because they are hidden. The Z dragon is under the ground, where you can’t go (theoretically, but I don’t think we’ll see the return of the Underground now), and the W squirrel is invisible/moving through an invisible space.

    Now, finally, O: Based on Yggdrasil. The Yggdrasil tree connects nine worlds, and the origin connects all axes. Perhaps, the Yggdrasil Pokémon can only be found awakened when the four legends are together (prototype for a Four Holy Beasts Gen?). Anyway, if there’s an Yggdrasil Pokémon, I hope it ends up being the largest Pokémon already made.

    Now, for the nine worlds. Maybe the two parts of each axis and the origin itself? +X, -X, +Y, -Y, +Z, -Z, +W, -W, and O? Maybe Yggdrasil Poké has an ability that relates to the presence of each of the four legends? Maybe each of the four has a “positive form” and a “negative form” and placing a positive form of one legend and the negative form of another legend in the party at the same time as Yggdrasil triggers something?

    Maybe the Z dragon would fight Yveltal in Z version because in the myths the eagle sends insults to the dragon, and in the squirrel would fight Xerneas in the W version because… I don’t know.

    Either way, the official site mentions that Kalos is “shaped intriguingly like a star”. Since stars are usually depicted as having five tips, maybe it’s foreshadowing the existence of five games.

    1. I don’t agree with or like there being 5 games. That’s just way to many; I thought BW2 were a bit much. But I love the ideas for the legendaries and the fact that they are backed up by so many origins. I would want them all on my team!

    2. One of my original rumors that I stuck to for a while was believing that Nintendo and Gamefreak would classify Mewtwo, Mew, two new Mewtwo formes, Deoxys and more as a Genetic-type, sorta matching part of your speculation theory. I still believe another type will be revealed beside Fairy to balance the Eeveelution chart. Light-type, anyone?

    1. The next time we can get some assured info would be in CoroCoro on the 15th next month.

  20. 001Chespin-grass

    1. I would say Fake!

      1)Helioptile evolving from Electric/Normal to Electric

      2)Litleo is listed Normal/Fire, but it should be Fire/Normal.

      3)Fletching evolving directly into Talonflame without second stage. Also Talonflame is listed Flying/Fire which is wrong.

      4)It contradicts every rumour that Pokebeach’s source said.

  21. Does anybody else think that Mewtwo and its new forme is basically a rip-off of Frieza from Dragon Ball Z?

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