What The Fake?! Football Players and Flying Foxes

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XY news is winding down for this month, and I don’t think we will get much until next month. But you probably want to discuss some rumours, so here they are! Today’s fake rumours come from a Spanish site called Leveleando. Thanks to Barry for the translation.

As an obvious note, we strongly believe these are fake. They are a mix of old rumours, obvious facts and some really strange things! I will provide my opinion on almost each of them!

  • There are two versions of Gogoat. The female is different from the male and has much smaller horns. The male can be ridden in the field while the female cannot. Version differences sounds possible. But why wouldn’t I be able to ride a female Gogoat? Sounds sexist in my opinion.
  • Chespin’s evolution resembles a football player. Fennekin’s evolution resembles a flying fox with large wings. Froakie’s evolution line resembles a ninja. A football player? A flying fox?! The only thing that could see the light of day is probably the ninja.
  • There are a lot of new Pokémon. More then any current generation. More new Pokémon than Generation V? I’m not sure if I want that if they put in lots of filler Pokémon.
  • Sylveon is the only new Eevee evolution. But I want my Dragon Eevee! A Dragon and a Fairy seems likely to me, given the paired Eevee’s in the past. Don’t think that will happen though.
  • Mawile, Absol, Misdreavus, Milotic (but not Feebas), Chimecho, Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf get a type change to Fairy. Absol is fit for pure Dark. Dark/Fairy maybe?
  • Eevee, Mawile, Sableye, Dunsparce, Bannette, Tauros, Heracross, Pinsir, Bisharp, Maractus, Drifloon will get new evolutions. While Lickitung, Throh, Sawk,and Absol get pre-evolutions
  • There are two teams, Team Acid and Team Base. Team Acid is a group of thugs who wish to create the “final” type. Team Base steals weak Pokémon from trainers to make them strong. Acid and Base? I’m more inclined to believe that the theme for XY is land versus sky.  Team Terra and Team Aero seem more plausible.
  • Xerneas and Yveltal represent life and death. The region has had countless wars. Since Pokémon battles started and used to resolve disputes, the region has been a peaceful place. Let’s end war with resorting to helpless creatures that fight it out for us instead!
  • One of the new legendary Pokémon is based on a classic chinese dragon. It is Dragon and Fire. When was the last time we got a Dragon/Fire?
  • There is a Fairy/Steel legendary that looks like an “angelic knight”
  • Legendaries will be DLC. No word yet whether you’ll have to pay. Does this pertain to the event Pokémon? Because it seems likely they will spread them as DLC to prevent early leaking. I’m sure they will be free though
  • The player can get different outfits throughout the game, including one based on the white suit of Team Rocket. Other costumes may be distributed through DLCs. Costume DLC seems possible, like they did with C-Gear skins and other minor stuff. Iwata has said that he doesn’t think paid DLC is a fit for every game, and used Pokémon as an example.
  • There will be new fossil Pokémon. It would be more surprising if there wouldn’t be any. 
  • You’ll be able to transfer up to 25 Pokémon at a time from your generation 5 games to X and Y. No mini game for this is required. Sounds too good to be true without a mini-game. I would certainly appreciate this though.
  • Gyms are Bug-type, Fairy, Normal, Fighting, Ghost, Ice, Fire and Psychic. No Dark again?
  • This time the Elite Four is not based on types, but in stats, more specifically in HP, Attack, Defense and Speed. The Champion uses a mixed team. Does he mean the Champion uses mixed stat Pokémon? Because it would be strange to mention he uses a mixed type team, seeing as every other E4 should use one.
  • You will have four different rivals. A childhood friend, a fat kid millionaire, and a Hiker. The fourth rival isn’t described. Don’t get why a Hiker would be my rival

That’s it for today! Keep checking back, as we will have some extra articles about the recently revealed news and obviously more rumours! In the meanwhile, discuss these rumours in the comments below.


    1. American Football. As in it would be armoured and stuff. Soccer would mean it would be scrawny and lose all of its armour.

    2. When I heard the “Chespin becomes a Football player”, I’m hoping they mean the European kind of football (in other words, soccer), because the region IS France after all, why not make it the most popular sport in Europe.

  1. This is all WPM fault. He should just release his spoilers and end this madness. He promise he would, and unlikely there will be legal consequences unless he does put up images. Just a post with the spoiler, those who do not want the spoilers can avoid them and everyone is happy. But no, he has to drag this shit in order to keep PB visitors high. What a moron.

    1. He’s just a bit egocentric and he is afraid he will lose face if they turn out to be false.
      That and the fact that this is indeed to only thing that makes people visit his site 😉

      But this article is not about that, let’s just discuss the rumours, Ok? 😉

    2. hmm, I think even if it’s not images he could get in trouble. I think he’s just playing it safe which is understandable. On the bright side, at least he practically confirmed Fairy for us, eh? 🙂
      Even those who still aren’t 100% convinced can’t deny that the chances have soared even higher, no? 🙂

  2. I hope the guy from PokeBeach posts the rest of the insider information he has.

    By the way, the Knight Fairy seems likely, as their is a statue of a knight in the first ever x and y trailer.

        1. This one.


          With Golurk holding an Eevee, a Palpitoed at his feet, and some knight in front of him. Though, I think that might just be a knight, like a statue of ancient times where human knights used Pokemon. Just doesn’t seem Pokemony enough to me, but that was a good catch, I never noticed.

          1. I thought it was Bisharp… or maybe you know an actual Knight. Pokemon behind him are his team, maybe. With european cultures in mind I see it as a complete possibility.

          2. I think it is a knight. Definitely isn’t bisharp, the proportions are all wrong, and lacking anything that looks sharp and pointy. This is just how trainers used to handle their business back in olden days XD

        2. I never noticed there was a knight in front of Golurk. No need to get your underoos in a bunch.

    1. WPM is a scumbag. He could release the leaks anonymously but he’s apparantly gaining favour with TCPi. What an idiot, PJ is the only good news site.

      1. I’m pretty sure any site who has this leaked info has some degree of embargo XD;; To some extent it simply can’t be helped. If, hypothetically, we were to have the same info we probably wouldn’t be able to post it all up either. That’s the blessing of rumours, we can post anything we want. But once we KNOW it’s true then it gets a little more complicated. WPM’s info makes him free in some ways, but restricts him in others :3

      2. Well, I would like it if we can just discuss the rumours. I don’t want all the comments to sound like a personal attack on WPM, regardless of what he is doing now 😉

        1. Yeah, I’m getting sick of this attack bs that’s happening. Didn’t realize there was a hidden sentence anywhere in this page that the attackers found that says to attack and abuse WPM/Pokebeach as they please… ~_~

          1. That doesn’t mean you have to play defense force ;). Let’s keep both sides at rest.

          2. Not playing “defense force”. You just get tired of seeing attacks on every Pokemon website you go to, because the fans aren’t happy about how a “rival website” handles things.

            Guess what? If you don’t like the rival website, that’s why you don’t have to deal with it/visit it/etc. Doesn’t mean you have to go around and be a great big bully and call people scumbags and other things behind their backs. ~_~

            This is sadly the kind of crap on why I stopped visiting certain websites… Don’t want this one to have to be added to that list because of a bunch of immature fans… sigh. 🙁

          3. I understand where you come from, but if you believe someone is trolling, better leave it at rest. Because you are actually contributing to something you want to prevent. I try to read every comment, and if there’s something inappropriate, I will bug them about it. And if I really have to, I’ll edit/delete the comment, I’ve done it a few times in the past. But everyone has to right to express their opinion, as long as it is done in a decent way.

    2. Is the reason pokebeach hasn’t already a legal one? I can’t really see any other reason why he would not want to release it. At this point it looks like that info will be legit since it’s the same one that confirmed the english names of the four new pokemon.

      1. There’s no legal reason, he’s just doing it out of “good-will” in hopes that he can someday forge a relationship with the Pokemon Company/Nintendo. Despite the fact he’s a news site, is well within his rights to report on news and is now holding back on information that he’s been given by his source (who for some reason, hasn’t gone elsewhere).

        He’s proved to be untrustworthy and someone who’s more interested in his own agenda than supporting the fanbase. I don’t mean to “talk behind his back”, I just strongly feel that his website shouldn’t be supported by anyone any more.

        1. This is pretty much it. He ruined his ties over posting prerelease scans and now apparently wants to sacrifice his visitors’ interests for some sort of approval from the company. It won’t work though lol

        2. He thinks he’ll get to direct a Pokemon movie eventually if he gets on their good side. Nice try, WPM.

        3. Out of curiosity, would WPM face legal issues if he leaks the rumours and all rumours turn out to be true?

  3. Sorry but this is fake info. Maybe, for pure luck, something will become true, but it’s just the classic “I’m claim that I have a source but without real proofs” of every gen.

    And people, leave WPM alone. When Fairy type will be official, probably he will release the rest of info. If wasn’t for him, we will trust/untrust all leaked info, now we can know that info is true and what not…

    1. The names were correct. Imho this is a proof bigger than the fairy type. C’mon the fairy type is an easy guessing, the names are not.

    2. Why should we leave WPM alone? Pokejungle would never do this because PJ exists for the fans. WPM exists only to benefit his own cause.

      1. Keep in mind we (as the staff) do not hate him. He just isn’t a very likeable guy, unlike Joe 😉

          1. Water Pokémon Master, the webmaster of Pokébeach.
            He got onto a very good source and part of the rumours he released came true, but now he refuses to give free the other information until Fairy type gets confirmed.

          2. Well, he confirmed that we will get a Kanto starter from another professor called Syracuse.

            And I still believe that his only mistake was to explain what he has more leaked info. But it’s more fault from TPCI for not revealed yet the new type if exists.

            If Fairy type is real, is probably the biggest change-gamer since Gen II, so I understand that someone with problems with TPCI with leaks is now reluctant to confirm part of these info.

            And what about the true source? He leaked the info in February when WMP wasn’t wanted to published in his website. Why now doesn’t do the same?

            Finally, I don’t know WPM and I don’t want to entry in the discussion of what website care more about themselves or the fans… but one thing is sure: we want PB for the leaks, the rest of days, Serebii or PJ 😉

          3. Pokebeach’s webmaster. He has information about X and Y yet refuses to release it. No matter what his reasons are there’s no way to justify this. He could easily leak the information to another site but he’d rather sit on it like a scumbag.

          4. But if he leaked it to another site then that’d take away attention from his, no? It is business after all.

            According to the thread on 4chan, TPCi have been denying him card exclusive news, and giving them to other sites to attack him. If that’s true then him having lots of game info and not spoiling it all may earn their trust back, it’s a good bargaining chip is it not? :3

          5. wow… how about we stop being bitter. it makes you sound like a whiny ass. It’s his website.. he can do what he pleases..

        1. “He just isn’t a very likeable guy, unlike Joe ;)”

          Did you just claim famous egomaniac Serebii is a likeable person? Wow. He’s the most stuck-up, self-centered person in the fandom.

          Also winky faces make you look like a smug idiot who thinks they’re smarter than they are. Though given your other posts on this thread I can only assume that’s what you’re going for.

          1. Sorry, did I offend you? I only make these smart remarks for the amusement of the readers, not because I want to be superior. There are more ways to being a good person than only being intelligent.

            I had no intention to insult you, WPM, sorry for that. But Paul has frequent contact with Joe, and while he isn’t the perfect guy out there, he’s at least a lot better than WPM.

  4. Ok hmm.. Dunno what to think of this xP It doesn’t sound real at all xD but who knows ;P And the elite four focussing on different stats is actually pretty awesome!

    1. He… doesn’t? (this is all pretty much likely to be fake, so either way, it doesn’t really matter)

      “Eevee, Mawile, Sableye, Dunsparce, Bannette, Tauros, Heracross, Pinsir, Bisharp, Maractus, Drifloon will get /new evolutions/.”

      “While Lickitung, Throh, Sawk,and Absol get /pre-evolutions/.”

      1. I don’t no why people fetch fake crap out might as well fetch more reall stuff out and I think there’s 2 new eeveelutions ?

          1. A little voice in my head is still telling me Sylveon could be Dragon. Yeah, yeah, Smash showed what Sylveon was weak against and all, but I still have a little smidgen of hope that it could be Dragon.

          2. If it was a dragon type then at end of the new pokemon film it will show the new dragon symble that it as on the new pokemon cards instead of a unown symble ? That does look like a dragon symble or I might be wrong

          3. Well, then Glaceon and Vaporeon would share a symbol as well since both are classified as Water in the TCG. The Dark symbol isn’t the same as the TCG either, none of them match the TCG symbols.

            TCG doesn’t really play any part with the rest of the franchise.

          4. Everyone nos that glaceon on is a ice and and the dark symble looks kinda same and you really think this looks like a dragon ?

        1. Personally, I highly doubt there’s going to be two or more eeveelutions this time around. They’ve always been revealed together as far as I remember, and there’s already Japanese merchandise being released either at the end of this month or starting next month of Sylveon, or close to that point anyways. Either way, merchandise has already been revealed for release.

          It’s weird only getting one eeveelution, but maybe next gen they’ll make up for it by releasing 3 or something.

          1. Yeah, I don’t think we will get the Dragon eevee but the reason why I was thinking it was possible was because:
            Eeveelutions have always been the old Special types. I’m sure Fairy would be classified as Special in the old days. Dragon was the only special type that didn’t have an eeveelutions.
            If we look back at Espeon/Umbreon and Leafeon/Glaceon, they kind of fit together and one is super effective against the other, with umbreon even being immune against Espeon.

            That’s why a Dragon/Fairy pair makes sense, but I doubt it will happen because it is too late for that. (Or maybe a suprise reveal at the movie short?)

          2. By looking at the eeveelutions all of them beat each other so I heard fairy gets beaten by poison so I think it should be a poison type

          3. Dark doesn’t get beaten by an other Eeveelution. So it just could be Dragon being beaten.

          4. Well ye true because I went in my game shop not long ago seeing if there any news on y and x and he said they ment to be 2 eeveelutions but I really don’t no then just need the full pokedex to come out put every ones minds to rest lol

          5. Never thought of it that way the things people are saying its a fairy type and its ment to be weak against poison but strong again ice and some other type so this means non of the other eeveelutions can beat it unless next gen they fetch a poison type out to beat it and as all the eeveelutions can beat each other ? Hmm

  5. why does fairy get a gym in it first generation and dark type is left out again!

    1. It would be stupid if it didn’t get a gym. Kind of letting people know a new type exists from early on.

      1. But that trick is getting old. Why can gym leaders tame dragons but no Dark Pokémon?

        1. They might put dark in gym as you see on videos you only see 3 gyms well that’s what everyone thinks there are

  6. Dae, what would team terra and aero be fighting over? They have absolutely no motivations. XD and I thought Hoenn villains didn’t make sense!

    1. Team Terra wants to bring the floating island back to solid ground and wipe out every flying pokemon. Team Aero wants to raise the whole country into the sky, and wipe out all ground pokemon

    1. Thanks, but I won’t post them all in here though. But you guys can go read them if you want 🙂

  7. Just a quick heads up on the official site: the remaining three ??? will be: “What’s new”, “Primary feature” (and not features) and “Strategy”, as found in the HTML source. Discuss!

    1. What’s new? New type
      Primary Feature? New bond system
      Strategy? General glimpse on battles

    2. Primary Feature? Please refer to some awesome Streetpass and Spotpass things…

    1. P sure he was talking about the “only able to ride male Gogoat” part. 😉

    2. Riding only male ones is sexist because that makes females think that they can’t be ridden because they are weak or makes males think that there is reverse disrimination and only males are used as tools. Complicated issues. (If you are sexist, downvote this)

  8. there are so many details that have not been shown, but i find interesting. for example, about the fossil pokemon, it is divided in four pieces, you only get one and have to trade with friends in order to revive it. other thing is the order of the gyms, which is supposed to vary between games: in X you do Ice, Fire, Fighting and Ghost, and in Y you do Fighting, Ghost, Ice and Fire. and other tings is about transfering: there is no mini-game, but you are forced to pay (with in-game money, of course) for the pokemon you have transfered, depending on the level of the pokemon and the number of badges you had when you caught in the V-gen game

  9. DLC should be free for Pokemon. Its a waste to pay for one pokemon or outfit. I feel sorry for anyone who paid DLC in Gates To Infinity, for one stage that is only fun once.

  10. To be fair, Legendaries have been ‘DLC’ since these games came out, starting even with the limited release of Mew! Just, we think of them as events, and they don’t cost a dime, so they aren’t really comparable to the crap a lot of game companies are doing nowadays. I don’t think we really have to worry about Pokemon charging for things like that. Only when they decide to release it for the newest version and not the old one, giving perks to buying said new version. Yeah, I’m not a terribly large fan of that practice.

  11. That whole ♀♂ gogoat thing i hope it’s not true because i actually thought about getting a female one if it has a gender difference but besides that i think there will only b 1 evil team (unless Team rocket makes a return which is unlikely) not sure wat they would b after except energy due to all the windmills i see on the map to make a weapon or something to capture/use the legendary Pokemon. Love the idea of Froakie being a Ninja! (^-^)

  12. I will highly appreciate more Pokemon in this gen! Buuuuut if they’re more old gen. evo’s than 6th gen. , then I would be disappointed.
    Maybe some rumors will be true or even one. But they sound like all this info was taken off different opinions an meshed together with a cherry on top.

  13. Well, I’m a Spanish guy who often visits Leveleando.com.

    It was discussed in the comments whether these rumours were fake or not. Actually, they came from 4chan.org – you know that website is known because of its troll users – and here comes the thing: the guy who leaked this info was the same source who leaked true info about Pokémon XY.

    What’s more, the info wasn’t given in a single post. Instead of this, the guy answered 4chan users’ questions. I’ve read that this guy wrote too fast to be just telling lies. I mean, most of these pieces of information seems legit to Game Freak. Why couldn’t we believe it? I think they are not all fake.

    — I’m sorry because my awful English speech ^^U

    1. Your grammar was fine up until the part where you apologized xD

      But then again, he could have simply created answers that fit his “information” well enough for it to seem real. Whether or not this is real, it seems like he was prepared to answer questions of similar context, which is probably why he could’ve replied so quickly.

      1. He didn’t reply quickly, though. Everyone waited for like 10 minutes for him to respond. He took a long time.

    2. This guy isn’t the one who leaked the corocoro’s XY info…just to leave it clear. The one who leaked the Corocoro’s info was a source who’s in conact with Water Pokemon Master (Pokebeach Web Master)

      Honestly, I really like some of the “info.” that this guy (the 4chan fake leaker) wrote…but i don’t belive him…anyone can just simply write in any forum “Hi, im a Nintendo/Game Freak/Pokemon Co. worker! ” and write whatever comes to his mind…

    3. Yup, we eventually tracked down the origina source thanks to a reader, who linked us the /vp/ archive.

      I made this info based on the translated version of a translated version, so that’s why some thing have been off. I haven’t had the time to update my post, and I won’t do it because it is too much work for something that is fake, but you (and others) are free to check it out yourself.

      And while some of the things sounded legit, he knew too much to give out freely. Remember Mr. XY? Same situation we are in here.

  14. I don’t buy the starter evolutions, but the Fennekin one MIGHT be plausible. Fenniken has almost wing-like fur on its back legs. However, I highly doubt it. The evolutions and pre-evolutions we have all heard before, and I want to believe some of them, I don’t know if we will see them in this generation. The gyms are highly plausible if you look closely at the map of Kalos. I like the idea of the Elite Four and how they are stat based. It changes it up, while it may not be needed at all, I still enjoy that idea. Type changes are sort of ideal, but only for a few Pokemon. I like your idea of Team Terra and Team Aero, it certainly sounds better than Team Acid and Team Base. DLC seems the likely choice, and it would be a lot easier than going to a special location to get it. I don’t get why we would have 4 rivals, that doesn’t make any sense. I liked the idea of having two of them in Black and White, but it could turn out we have two of them and we have a character like Wally and May/Brendan. The legendary ideas I really enjoy, and 25 Pokemon at a time seems like a tad much. I have one thing left to say. BRING ON THE FOSSILS!!

    1. The original thread provide information stating that their will be only one fossil Pokemon.

      “Monsieur Leaker” There’s only one this time around, but the Hoenn and Sinnoh Fossil Pokemon are in the Regional Dex. It’s Rock/Dragon, and based off a T-Rex. It’s distributed a bit like Spiritomb (requiring multi-player), in that each game has part of its fossil…head, arms, legs, and tail…and you need to obtain the other three parts by trading with other players.

      To simplify, your game might only have head fossils. Thus you need to
      find some extra ones, and trade for the other fossils with other

      That was the only information about fossil Pokemon. The Q/A thread was very entertaining, though I still don’t believe much of it.

      Here is the original post

  15. Looking up on Leveleando, I found a small tad of Info which hasn’t been posted, nothing much, but it’s something to discuss.

    -The girl that follows you in the forest is supposed to be the professors daughter.

    -Poison type will receive quite a bit of attention this generation.

  16. It’s pretty simple. One day you were roller skating along just minding your own business when suddenly you put out a hiker’s fire. Ever since then he’s been your sworn rival.

  17. I read a rumor from this source that the final legend trio member sometimes attacks the ‘ship’ that will transfer our old pokemon and erases them. So I official do not believe any of these. Even though, I also read that the pikachu for this gen is a water electric platypus which is amazing.

    1. ( Don’t mind my name, that was for a video on another website ) That attacking the ship thing was a lie someone said to throw the rumors off course. XDD Some troll posted that one.

  18. I heard a rumor that Nurse Joy is your rival. I can’t wait for Masuda to officially reveal it on May 19.

        1. Nope, because it looks like something that will evolve. It looks incomplete. it’s solar panel frill should definitely get bigger

      1. Lol I know I could tear this fake apart in minutes must its not worth the effort 😉

        1. Haha yeah that’s for sure. I can tell so far by the Pokemon revealed so far that the starter evolutions will be great designs.

          1. Definitely! Although the official gen V starters grew on me. I didn’t really like their evolutions. Hopefully gen VI will have more thought put into the starters

    1. Glad that these are fanmade xD The creator, seiku88, has Chespin’s as Grass/Fight, whereas the rumor stated them to be Grass/Dark.

    2. Uh the description sounds way cooler than what this person delivered, just saying.

  19. By football player, maybe they mean soccer. I’m not saying I like the idea but picture a final evo with long feet like chespin kicking a shelled chesnut, it reminds me of football.

  20. Team Acid & Base and the Elite 5 thing sounds cool, besides that… meh, with a grain of salt most likely fake.

  21. I would like a rival who actually becomes something throughout the main storyline again. Like Gary.

    1. He certainly became a bigger douche. Although I’d like another douche rival.

  22. Sigh. My hopes for an Elite Four of Grass, Normal, Electric, Flying–All unused before are smashed if the rumour is true.

  23. The guy admited this spoilers are fake.

    And WPM has stated he will not give any spoilers anymore. Again, he’s a douche.

    1. We never believed them in the first place. These are pure for reading pleasure 🙂

  24. According to the rumour from “Monsieur Leaker”:
    Bug Gym Leader is female, a horticulturist with short hair and wearing a gardener’s outfit.

    Didn’t we see in the city where the protagonist sits on the bench, that there’s a “Greenhouse Gym”?

    Could be legit, but this Monsieur may’ve noticed it too and thus attach more rumours about it.

  25. There is only 1 Eevee Evolution this time though~ Sylveon. They would have shown the other one since they advertised every eevee evolution being in the short movie and it only shows the current ones + Sylveon

    1. The eevee in the short could very easily evolve into another new eeveelution.

  26. I hope this most of this is fake and the real stuff is a whole lot better. Although I think the Starter Evos sound cool.

  27. So WPM said that this is all fake and he has just a little bit more of what he already shared with us and he will tell us today when SMASH airs. And now his source is M.I.A.

    This is all too convenient, I thought from the beginning that he had no more infos or why he leaked just that ones? They’re too random, he probably shared what he had at the time and now he has a tiny little more that “the source” told him before going mia.

  28. Is there any evidence that there is gonna be a type called “Fairy”. I swear I hope there is no fairy type Absol becoming a fairy type sounds awful.

  29. Is there any evidence that there is going to be a new type? Absol becoming fairy type seems awful it doesn’t look fairy like at all and its already Dark type.

    1. Where have you been hiding the past two months? And the article is a bit off, should be getting an added fairy type while another group will get changed to fairy. So dark/fairy.

      1. I’m saying was there any confirmation of a new type? I know all about the news. Absol becoming Dark/Fairy is even worst

      2. I knew about the fairy type probably just as long as you but Absol though? that sounds horrible

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