This Month’s CoroCoro Leaks!

The latest issue of CoroCoro has now leaked online. While the issue doesn’t contain huge amounts of information it does confirm that the Pokémon revealed last weekend is in fact a forme of Mewtwo. The issues mainly focuses on the 16th movie but does also feature some details on the upcoming Rumble U.

One page of the magazine discusses the comparisons between the old movie poster and the new one, and explains how Mewtwo has been awakened in it’s new form – something suggested by the movie subtitle when it was revealed a short while back. A small part of the official manga version of the upcoming movie is also available in this issue, with very little information contained. Little other information has been published, but if anything else on the matter shows we will update!

In addition to movie updates the magazine has also provided some very limited details on the upcoming Rumble U. Although the information is very limited, a confirmation of shiny Pokémon and passwords within the game is included. The first Pokémon available to exemplify both these is Garchomp, which can be unlocked in the game using the password 51830476.