It’s time to Smash…

Pokémon Smash! has now finished airing in Japan. As usual our coverage of the episode can be found below. We didn’t expect to get much information, but please read up below if you want to.

  • Smash has started airing!
  • This week’s anime episode is: Sweet Baby James, featuring the story of James and his Chimecho.
  • A teaser for the 16th movie. Mentioned Mewtwo.
  • Hosts are currently messing with Pokédoll minifigs.
  • Anime preview shown for the upcoming season of Pokémon: Best Wishes! DA/Dekorora Adventures! Looks exciting!
  • Hosts are dressed up in some rather freaky outfits, celebrating Dekorara Adventures.
  • Visiting various people on an ‘island’, after arriving on a ship/boat like Ash and co. will in the new season.
  • Trailer aired for the upcoming movie and Pikachu & Friend special.
  • Time for the usual guest vs. host battle!
  • Next week’s episode will feature ExtremeSpeed Genesect details. It’s likely to be information revealed in the new trailer on the 18th though.
  • A preview was also shown for the upcoming Episode N, some fan favourite characters showing up!
  • That’s all for this week!

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