CoroCoro Leak Begins! Keep Checking Back!

Hey pokejunglers, it’s that time of month again!
CoroCoro begins to leak, we’ll update as soon as more scans come our way.

The scan reads “NEW Pokémon discovery! It looks like Mewtwo?!

Apparently there is a comic book with some of the new movie in it too!
Could it be that the secrets behind the mysterious new Pokémon will be revealed prior to the Movie Trailer due on the 18th? A mere Mewtwo Forme or in fact a Newtwo!? Keep checking back for leaks!

    1. Well it does say “NEW Pokémon discovery! It looks like Mewtwo?!” And not “NEW Pokémon discovered! It looks like Mewtwo?!” so there might be something new in it that we don’t know of yet.

        1. Not really. A Pokémon discovery means that they have found something new about Pokémon, while a Pokémon discovered just mean that a single Pokémon has been discovered.

  1. What do you guys make of this? Apparently it was on the official Japanese site temporarily but was taken down shortly (says someone from 2ch). As I’m sure you’re all aware there are indeed two spaces below after all. I’m thinking they’ll be used for Mew and this new Pokémon (Which I personally believe not to be a form).

    1. To me, it looks incredibly fake. Even the known Mewtwo/three/z looks fake in that pic as it looks more conpressed than the official art. Then the alleged new form looks incredibly fake, but there is no distortion on it so who knows, we’ll just have to wait and see.

    2. Look at its feet. They’re not like the weird ones the mewtwo had on pokemon smash.

      1. Yeah, definitely fake. That surfaced hours before the announcement, where someone imagined it as a theory.

    3. look at the one that looks like the new mewtwo form it has a different art style definitely fake

  2. i am cinda happy with this new pokemon because since black and white many pokemon looks like animals and this new mewtwo thing looks like a pokemon more i hope this is a start of new good pokemon who is with me (srry for bad english) STAY POSITIVE

  3. My predictions. It’ll be a large picture of the new Mewthing….all its info will be ??? and it’ll have screen shots surrounding it IF it gets a full page to itself. If it doesn’t get a full page to itself it’ll appear as a part of a larger page specifically for the movie with nothing new on it.

      1. They actually confirmed its a new form and not a new Pokemon. I’m slightly impressed at that. Waiting for sites to update with bonus confirmation. Other than that. No news at all.

  4. Something tells me this gen isn’t going to have many pokemon in it. A bit like gen 2.

  5. What’s in this issue:

    Pokemon Rumble U crap

    The Mewtwo event for Black2/White2

    The New Mewtwo form with no info on it

    Some minor movie details

    No X/Y details

  6. I’m going to stay positive and hope we’ll be getting new Information. Remember that last years May Corocoro gave us the first look at Black2 and White2, showing us Colress, Marlon, Roxie, Hugh, and the players. With that, the plot began to unravel. That’s what I hope for. Of course they will be showing “Newmew”, but they need to reveal a lot more to keep us interested. I’m sure they lost a lot of potential buyers because they’re butthurt over Newmew, so they need to reveal more to make up for it. Besides, two issues in a row without at least SOMETHING new? Seems doubtful

    1. It didn’t give anything but confirmed Mewtwo’s new form. Another month of no new info.

  7. Hopefully we get some information that is not related to this Mewtwo form/evolution/whatever. Nothing important was revealed last moth so there better be something this month.Tired of the information drought to be completely honest. Pokemon X and Y is such a mystery, and it was reveled over 4 moths ago. All we know are the starters, main legendaries, Sylveon, and that Mewtwo defect? We don’t even know the types of most of these Pokemon!! I need info!! 😛

  8. Since it’s gonna be worldwide release, I’m excepting some minor news for the next 2 months, and then a very big (possible final) announcement on E3. And this article will bring nothing new.

  9. So nothing new again this month. I’m starting to think their new way of releasing news (even if they are worldwide) is not making a very good job to build hype. Apart from the big announcement trailer, we didn’t get much and still don’t know virtually anything about these games.

    If they were going to change the ways news were released, they could have at least mimicked the Super Smash Bros Dojo or something. xD

    1. They are building a lot more hype now based on what I’ve seen compared to Japanese releases. Barely any info is good for the imagination and they give enough to keep us occupied for a short while.

      We still get way more info from Pokemon than other games.

  10. So its confirmed. CoroCoro scans says its a a Mewtwo form.
    It would be better if it would be a new Pokemon.

  11. Wow, som it’s literally been 3 months since a new 6th generation Pokemon has been revealed…We haven’t even gotten character news…



    1. Gamefreak and TPC. Not Nintendo. TPC handles all marketing of Pokemon merchandise. Nintendo just gives them a home to be played on.

      1. Nintendo publishes the Pokemon series while Game Freak produces the game. Nintendo has a rule whereas a game published under their care must stay relevant to the public in order to stay within their care. Luigis Mansion for example is a game developed and published by Nintendo by they themselves almost broke their own conditions when Luigis Mansion wasn’t marketed enough and became irrelevant until December. If it would have stayed irrelevant for any longer, it could have been canceled, no matter how successful and how acclaimed the first one was. So even though previous Pokemon games were acclaimed, XY can be canceled due to irrelevance.

        1. And yet we get next to know marketing for general Nintendo games and still more news on pokemon games than anything else. marketing and news releases aren’t the same thing. So long as they constantly play the same commercials over and over, they are marketing their product. From today onward they don’t have to give us anymore info. Just continue to play the world wide release’s advertisement and that’s marketing the target items.

          I’ve seen no marketing of Luigi’s mansion other than Nintendo Direct but I still knew when it was coming out. They base projected sales on marketing and Luigi’s Mansion wasn’t a high projected income as opposed to Pokemon. They can go a few months with little to no advertising and Nintendo won’t do anything since its the second highest selling game series they have,

          We definitely know more about Pokemon X and Y than we did of Luigi’s Mansion before it was released..

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