What the Fake?! First Light-type Pokémon Revealed (UPD)

fake-magazine-ferionSomeone’s sick April Fools joke? We don’t know! All we really know is that it’s totally fake fake fake and now gets a spot on our cautionary column for fandom creations that try to pass as Pokémon news.

This bird-bunny-sheep-cat’s name is supposedly “Ferion” and is special because it’s the first “Light-type” to be revealed. It’s Light/Flying with an unknown ability?

How did we know it was fake? You mean besides the art that looks nothing like Sugimori’s work? The Japanese on this was way, way off. Talking about random nonsense, saying that the main picture is a fake illustration, mentioning cheeseburgers, the list goes on.

Not much craziness seemed to go on yesterday in the fandom in celebration of April Fools Day, so I thought this might be a fun thing to take a look at 🙂 Do you want an actual Light-type to be introduced? Does anyone like this design? Looking forward to read what will no doubt be interesting comments!


Update: New fake popped up just a bit ago so I decided to add it to our post 🙂 WTFake bonus day! To the right we have a purported Sableye evolution on a fake “scan”.

How did we know it was fake? The Japanese used gives it away because of the mistakes, the layout is not consistent with any kind of professional magazine or promotional sheet, and the image data revealed a fan in Italy took the pic from their iPhone. Whoops 😉

However, it is interesting to speculate about Sableye getting an evolution in Pokémon X and Y since it’s been featured on a few anime posters. I’m actually not too opposed to this fake either. Looks kind of cool! Thoughts?

<3 pokejungle

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