Mewtwo’s New Forme Leaked?

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2ch has leaked what appears to be Mewtwo’s new Forme which will debut in the upcoming anime film. More details as they come.

A more in-depth lookI actually posted this immediately before I started my
shift at work so I didn’t get to expand very much on these two images. Currently I do believe that they are legitimate and, if they are fake, I do think that Mewtwo will get some sort of forme change.  I agree with the people that are hypothesizing this new information probably goes along with the beginning of the pre-orders for movie tickets starting on April 15th.

Will this be the mysterious announcement Masuda will make on Smash this Sunday? No idea. But I’m guessing that there’ll be some game related information as well. Can’t wait 🙂

<3 PJ

  1. I hope this is fake. If there’s any Pokemon they shouldn’t mess with, it’s Mewtwo.

    1. EXACTLY!! Don’t mess with my favorite! 🙁

      I’ll cry tears of bloody sorrow if this is real.
      (not really, that’s scary…)

    1. that’s what i was going to say. for what i can see it’s not that bad… maybe it reminds me to goku as super saijan, when his hair grows a lot, xD, but once the full artwork is revealed (if it’s real, of course) we’ll have something more to comment

  2. Noooooooo!!!
    Not my Mewtwo!! Whyyyyy??!


    I f*ckin’ hate alternate forms! Especially on Legendaries!
    It’s a sorry excuse for Legendary Pokemon to evolve!
    Castform is perfectly fine, but these ubers gotta stop with their shit.
    Next thing you know, they’ll be wanting to… breed.

    Chris Crocker voice: Leave Mewtwo alone!!

    1. This makes me kyu-f*ckin’-kyu!
      This is a cruel, cruel joke someone is pulling on me.


      1. OH, THANK BABY JESUS!!!
        It’s fake. Fake Fake Fake. Fake F*ckity Fake!
        Bastards made me worry and started a riot within my childhood.

        “Reports indicate that the picture that contains mewtwo’s new forme has been marked as fake by the Pokemon Trainers (Facebook page). If you compare the leaked picture with this picture shown in this post, you can see it was photoshopped.”

        Even Serebii got fooled. Dafuq man?! I believe you if say these things.
        Not cool, Celebi, not cool.

        1. I’m not saying it’s real but in the past they’ve done this lazy method of just altering an existing poster and releasing it.. This info isn’t a deal breaker, but it does make me even more suspicious..

          1. This is actually not based on any existing movie poster that has been shown. It’s totally new, just like when we saw Kyurem’s new formes on a leaked poster.

          2. Oops. You’re right.
            Honestly, I just wanted to add my comment into this column of comments. Lol
            Didn’t really look at who I was replying to. I just went straight to the last comment.

          3. [s]In the past, they never added a new Form to a Legendary Pokemon or any Pokemon out of their released generation.[/s]

            I was corrected with Unown ! and ?…still no legend has ever gotten one outside, but really who knows. Its fake until proven real.

  3. Based on fan comments and reactions I gathered an hour ago up to now, its seems like 60% doesn’t like it and 40% otherwise…. XD

  4. I’m not a fan of the new forme (is that its foot by Oshawott?!), but maybe it has something to do with the speculated DNA mechanic in Gen VI? if it’s real, of course.

  5. I hate forms, I don’t know why GameFreak is obsesed with this, I love when in the games been legendary mean something, now is like 20 legendary Pokémon in each game..GameFreak, stop it, don’t mess it up.

  6. It took me a while to realise that it’s head was not like Palkia’s and to realise that, the thingy on the back of the head was some kind of hair, weave thingy

  7. I..really dont know how I feel about this o.o
    I dunno having Mewtwo with another forme seems a bit..wrong to me though that just might be me after growing up with gen 1 so its kinda weird to see this if it is happening…I mean to me seems kinda like a down grade

  8. What if this is real. And its not an alternate form. But a new pokemon. Mewtwo had his own will. And abanded team rocket. But still mewtwo was a succes. Now team rocket made a new pokemon called Mewthree.

  9. what’s the point of giving a legendary a second form? Waste of a “new Pokemon”

      1. It already had a planned form when DP were released though, which is not the case with Mewtwo.

  10. I don’t know what to believe anymore. It looks really official, but what about the Black and White (2) logos at the bottom? If another form were to be available in the game, wouldn’t we have already found the space for it?

  11. Im half half o n this. I thought mewtwo was fucking insanely awesome badass by himself and i like him that way but a new form is some fresh air for the character. Just have to wait if its real or not. If so, new mewtwo form for SSB4!

      1. Yeah, but if the new form is real then Mewtwo can come back to represent the next gen pokemon games

  12. Too many inconsistencies to be real.

    Even 4chan is saying it’s most likely fake, and they usually are the ones trolling everyone.

    And if that isn’t enough, the overall art and “scan” job isn’t exactly… what I would expect from a legit source.

    My thoughts? Done by a Japanese (or someone who KNOWS the language well enough) troller who decided to do a late April Fool’s joke to make it seem like it’s the real deal, since it doesn’t land on the usual joke day. I highly doubt it’s real and I also highly doubt it’s the Pokemon that’s going to be revealed in the coming week (that’s supposed to be a worldwide reveal, isn’t it?).

  13. From those screenshots, this new forme looks horrible. I hope it’s fake. I’m all for new formes and whatnot, but not for Mewtwo. I love him just the way he is.

  14. Ew. It looks like mewtwo’s been dumped in a blender! Why ruin my favouite Pokemon, whyyy 🙁

    1. for God’s sake, if it turns out to be real, you don’t have to use it, pretend it doesn’t exist, its not like the original mewtwo is just going to dissapere into nothing and will never exist from here on out, its like rotom or giratina, you can choose what form you want

  15. I’m really disgusted with all these damn new forms.. Really unuseful changes!!!

  16. Well, its most likely fake, but if not, well, if you look at my post on “What do you think the TRUE Mewtwo will be?”, I totally called it and said “New Forme” and everyone disagreed.

    …it appears I’ve made people very angry. 🙁

  17. I think I’m the only one that likes It, even if I am a bit shocked. I’m still not convinced its actually real. I do like it and think that it is a good way of connecting the generations. Also, i think this really increases Mewtwo’s chances of returning in the new Super Smash Bros. wich is wonderful! You can always use the original of you don’t like it… I hope this isn’t the only news we are waiting for.

          1. I hence forth name it… Drowzypuff!

            Or, as a more official name, Somnir.
            Somnus is Latin for sleep and tapir is an animal Drowzee & Hypno are based on.

            It’s Japanese name could be Suripii (Sleepy), as Drowzee’s & Hypno’s Japanese names are Suripu (Sleep) & Suripa (Sleeper), respectively.

      1. It actually would be the first time they’ve done this. They have never made a new Pokemon forme outside of the generation it was introduced in.

          1. I forgot about ! and ?. Though according to the anime there are more than 28 variations of Unown so there may be more in the future too. Even still every other Form change has been introduced in Third games or Remakes of older games.

            If Mewtwo gets a new form guess we are getting Gen 1 remakes again XD /jk

        1. No I mean’t by changing the picture in the poster not that Pokemon itself. He was saying that the new pokemon was fake because it looked like someone photoshopped the New Pokemon in where Mewtwo was. I wasn’t even talking about introducing a new forme

          1. Look closely at the four. Keldeo’s the characters are all moved around, the Kyurems are all shifted over and resized. Look at the two Genesect posters. Exactly the same with Mewtwo photoshoped out for the other Mew thing.

            Also how did he get a physical copy of the unreleased poster when none of the Genesect Movie posters have been released physically? How did he crinkle it on paper when no physical copies exist yet. If he were able to get a physical copy why hasn’t it been blasted all over the Japanese sites with other people confirming the poster exists?

          1. Photoshopping text to that degree is super difficult. And the characters (anime characters) are re positioned precisely, just like Movie 15. It is super obvious they are revealing Mewtwo in March and revealing it’s new form in April…

          2. Mewtwo was revealed before March as part of the movie, even if you mean from CoroCoro, then its still a two month gap as if its in the coming CoroCoro then that is the May issue.

            Its too odd for them to do this even if true. If fake then whoever made this is a professional troll.

            We’ll find out saturday.

  18. Was just looking at the design and came up with a theory:
    What if the design looks ..odd because it’s a genetic mutation? It’s been hinted at that X and Y are to do with genes.So what if this ties into the storyline of X and Y? The new evil team trying to genetically enhance a mew/mewtwo and this new forme is the result?
    It would explain why it’s design isn’t the nicest of pokemon….

  19. I don’t mean to sound rude or anything but if you don’t like the possible fake/real new forme then just don’t use it. Its that easy. There are many pokemon formes that I don’t like, so i just don’t use them.

  20. I’m leaning to it being fake but could be convinced otherwise. Leg resolution seems a little odd when compared to the Pokémon in front of it. Possibly neglect-able though.
    I actually quite like its design, reminds me of Majin Buu.

    1. You know what. Screw it. The more I look at it the more fake it seems. The perspective being awkward is nothing new in leaks that have turned out to be real before. But the lighting and leg resolution is a whole different level of technical blunder.
      It’s gotta be fake.

    1. This a very good point… The Keldeo Poster follows the same pattern as this new Mewtwo Poster differences. People are way over reacting to this. If “you” don’t like the new form, don’t use it. Simple. Who knows, this new form may have better abilities than the usual “Pressure” and the underwhelming “Unnerve”, along with a possibly new typing and improved stats. Its like “looking a gift horse in the mouth”…

      1. Not really, Keldeo’s posters were rearranged and the centers were readjusted more than Genesect poster was. All the Pokemon and humans remain in the exact same order, Genesect is the same size and the color of both him and his attack was dulled as if copied over then moved slightly to the side while the Mew thing is exactly where Mewtwo was.

        If Photoshopped its actually a really horrible job since he lost quality of the image while trading it over. You have to ask why is there a destroyed mark on Genesect since the only poster that could exist would be online. A physical copy of the other poster doesn’t yet exist as far as I’ve been able to see. So how did the poster get a physical copy to crumple up before uploading.

        1. I think its supposed to be a gift bag or something promotional like that released at the movie theaters. So if its a bag, that would explain why it looks all crumpled up…

          1. Not even since there was no other posters commenting on it. Like I said if its a real item already made, why did only 1 person have a copy of it? Nothing else pertaining to the movie exists yet so why does only that person have it and no one else has seen any of it to back up the claim?

  21. I really can’t decide what I’m feeling. Half of me says that I really want this to be fake because the idea of Mewtwo getting a form change is stupid and I’d rather the Big announcement not be about a form change of an already great Pokemon. The other half of me is saying that I don’t really care if Mewtwo gets a form change or not and that if it did it could be a new fresh thing to add to Mewtwo’s look. If this is indeed real, I just hope that this isn’t the only thing they are going to announce. I’d prefer it if it was this and they announced something else in addition. I just want a brand spankin new Pokemon to gawk at. Is that really that much to ask for?

    1. If you’re going to do an analysis, at least know what you’re talking about. The second paper isn’t crumpled. It’s isn;t paper at all. It’s plastic. As for the headband, it doesn’t look like it’s touching due to the way the plastic (not paper) is folding over on itself.

  22. By the way,

    The official movie trailer mentioned something about us not knowing the real Mewtwo, didn’t it? And the movie’s subtitle is Mewtwo’s Awakening, too. So there’s at least some reason for this.

    I kind of think Gamefreak just wants to raise Mewtwo’s Special Attack above White Kyurem’s, though.

    1. He was also sleeping in a cocoon in the anime trailer. Awakening is usually literal in Japanese media. As in waking up. he was probably asleep until the Genesect attack and then woke up to defend Ash and the others.

      There is also no official translation yet, so the words may very well change when we get the English trailer.

        1. So awakening doesn’t mean to wake up? The dictionary lies?

          Japanese are usually literal in definitions. They do still show a large cocoon in the park where Genesect is attacking Ash and Co. The Mewtwo appears with new glowy aura.

  23. I’m not sure how to feel about this design, however, one important thing to remember. Even if it is real, nobody says anyone has to keep their Mewtwo in this form. That’s the beauty of new forms. If you don’t like em, just stick with the form you like.

    1. But… then we’ll have to tolerate its existence.

      I still struggle with the vanilla-flavored ice cream Pokémon…

        1. Never said they did.
          But, I don’t mind speaking for the people who agree.

      1. But but but. Ice cream is the pinnacle of amazing, creative joy! D: > He is the most just tolerable guy in existance. He’s all. “Hey, yeah, lookit me. I’m totes tolerable.” He’s not forcin anybody to love or use him, but by existing he’s doing us all a favor. Because him existing adds a lot to that crazy diversity that makes Pokemon awesome. Just like guys like Garbodor, Klinklang, and Probopass. They might not top favorites lists either but man knowing there’s Pokemon like them is neat.

        1. I dunno… I sense a lot of Digimon essence emanating from some of those “Pokémon” you named.

          1. Eh, when they start adding random belts out the wazoo and stitches and scars to Pokemon, maybe then I’ll say there’s some basis. As it is, none of the mons I mentioned really hit the Digimon style in my opinion. Digimon’s style just has this particular feel to it and they just don’t hit it at all. I think its more of a “it doesn’t appeal to me therefore it looks like a Digimon” thing with a lot of people. But hey, EVEN IF THEY DO LOOK LIKE DIGIMON… Digimon’s freakin awesome! ‘Sides, we can’t have ALL animals, dragons, and “attractive”/badass humanoids. Gotta spice it uuuuuup! Have some different things. The variety is part of what makes Pokemon wonderful. But I suppose people will always complain. That iiiis people afterall.

          2. I guess so, but what I meant about “Digimon essence” wasn’t so much about the style of certain Pokémon,
            but the origin, i.e. Vanillite and its evos. It’s freakin’ ice cream! o.o’
            Digimon is known for having crazy creatures varying from robots and garbage cans to god dragons and seraphs.
            Pokémon origins are usually something found in the wild that either exists or has existed through some folktale, myth, ect..
            Then there’s the few “I don’t know how you exist, but you kinda make sense” Pokémon, like Magnemite.

            The other Pokémon you mentioned, Garbodor, Klinklang, and Probopass, I actually like. A lot.
            Although, that name for Klnklang and the rest of it’s evos… Hnnng! Just… no, thank you.
            It’s pretty much just Vanillite, Vanillish and Vanilluxe that broke the straw and the Numel’s back for me.
            As soon I first saw it I said, “…No. What is this? I don’t even… Digimon?”

            But, yeah… Belts, stitching, weapons… That really IS Digimon’s trademark. Along with crazy concepts.

          3. Its more original than naming a living pile of dirt and rocks golem. Which is a soulless creature made from…dirt and rocks usually.

            The names have never been that creative.

          4. Pokemon pull from Myth and Legends based on gods and god like mythical creatures before Digimon did. A good number of Generation 1 Pokemon are based off of God like Japanese creatures. As for Magenmite…its existance makes no sense at all, neither does Grimer’s or Geodude’s. Pokemon has had crazy concepts since inception.

          5. Muk and Grimer are piles of purple sludge with eyes and no one complains. Voltorb and Electrode are literally Pokéballs with eyes and no one complains.

            Dugtrio is 3 Digglets in one.

            Ditto is pink slime.

            The list goes on and on.

            Yet, people like you complain about Vanillite and its evos for “being Ice cream”.

            Hypocrite much.

          6. Gyarados, Nidoking, Jigglypuff, Clefairy, Sandslash, Rhyhorn, Kangaskhan, and many other Generation 1 Pokemon fit perfectly in the Digimon universe too. That complaint has outlived its usefulness not that it was ever a useful complaint to begin with.

  24. Ever since Gen 1 people have wanted Mewthree, and now with a chance that it’s real, people complain!?

    Only the Pokémon fanbase.

    1. some people, not all people. let the mewthree enthusiasts be happy and the mewtwo loyalists complain.


    And this was so unnecessary. We didn’t need a new form for Mew or Celebi when they returned in the 8th and 13th Movies.

  26. He’s not really my favorite one but I so hope this is fake, God, all the pokemon revealed until now were great but this….

  27. And Pokejungle, what’s the problem with the website? Some of the posts disappear out of nowhere and appear hours later. It’s been like this for over a week.

    1. The whole website is kind of screwed up D; I only see old news when I come to the site, like it’s still March 18th -.- When I go to page 2 of the news, the actual date is loaded, but I can only see the “top stories” on the scroller at the top of the site. I really feel betrayed :'( (I tried with two or three browsers, deleted all Cookies etc., nothing worked)

      1. Also, inside this news article, I can’t see all comments, but I wrote that before and the problem still exists…

      2. Every time I wanna get past 18th March I have to refresh 100 times! Is Pokejungle aware of the issue because It’s been like this for a while with me, hope it gets fixed soon.

    2. We’re aware of the problem. I believe that as issue has been filed with the creator of the layout so hopefully there should be an update soon. Everything that’s been tried so far has no affect on it, so it seems it’s a little deeper than expected.

      Apologies for the problems though. If you have Twitter or Facebook I’d suggest following or liking PokéJungle on there as updates are posted shortly after they are up on the site, with direct links. It’s not ideal but it’s the best way I can think of for now. There’s also the RSS feed, which I believe doesn’t have the problem. pokejungle really is trying his best to get it fixed, but also has to juggle work and school.

      Sorry again and there will hopefully be a fix soon!

  28. Man, why are so many people complaining? It’s just a new form. We don’t even know if it’s legit or not. And even if it is, it’s just like all the other alt. forms, either use them if you like them, or don’t use them. Simple as that.

    1. Do you really have to ask?

      Not all of us play Pokémon for its somewhat annoying and tedious metagame.
      Some of us play just to raise our favorite Pokémon and battle our friends.

      I, personally, am NOT a fan of just any monster poppin’ up in my Pokémon world claiming to want to be “pals” with me.
      No! You go back to the Digital World where you belong, you Digimon!

      1. I’m not talking only about the metagame, I’m talking in general. There are people saying here in the comments that this wrecks Mewtwo, and some other nostalgia BS. In what way does it do that? Mewtwo’s original form isn’t going to chance. This ain’t a recreation, it’s another form. People complain about stupid stuff sometimes. The original Mewtwo isn’t going anywhere, there’s no need to act like this. Geez.

        1. Well, I can only speak for myself when I say there’s no need for a Mewtwo: Majin Buu-absorbed-Frieza Form.

          “people saying here in the comments that this wrecks Mewtwo, and some other nostalgia BS. In what way does it do that?”

          In my own opinion, Mewtwo doesn’t need a new form. Period. It’s perfectly fine the way it is. The whole thing about nostalgia being ruined, to me at least, is the fact that Mewtwo was pretty much THE strongest Pokémon in that world…
          until GameFreak decided Pokémon needed a creator; in comes Arceus.
          Mewtwo’s mysteriousness, intelligence, and power were what made him cool. Now all of a sudden, 5 gens later, he’s gonna get a power boost? As if saying it wasn’t strong enough to begin with. It just doesn’t fit right.
          Maybe if this supposed new form didn’t look like the rumored monstrosity that is being shown in pictures actually did the justice of making Mewtwo look even cooler, we wouldn’t be complaining… as much. Meh.

          *|(TL;DR: People just don’t like their favorite childhood memories f*cked with? I guess that’s a proper summary…)|*

          I dunno if my opinion helped at all at getting you to understand why people are complaining, but if Mario & Luigi all of a sudden wore black & yellow instead of they’re usual red & green and had to collect sunflowers instead of mushrooms, you’d wanna complain, too.
          Oh, and nostalgia isn’t BS. It’s for those who had a good time as a kid and don’t want memories tampered with, especially when those things we enjoyed back then are still around til this day, i.e., Pokémon.

          1. Look, I was also a little kid back in the days of Red and Blue. Red was actually my first game of the franchise. I know what nostalgia feels like in this case. And I’ll agree with you, us humans don’t like it when others try to chance some things that we like, that’s been like so for years, I get it. But let’s be honest here: The Gen 1 games still exist and have never been altered. So, technically, no nostalgia is broken here. Heck, I never really liked the fact that my favorite Psychic-type of Hoenn, Gardevoir, got a “new form” in Sinnoh, but I was like “Whatever, it’s not like Gardevoir is going anywhere”. Same thing goes here. A power boast on Mewtwo is in fact unnecessary, but we don’t know if this isn’t a form like Keldeo’s Resolute-Form, as in no chances on stats, just some new design, which could also mean stuff like, this can only use Psystrike legally (hope the f**k not). But still, I’ll be honest here, I didn’t want a Mewtwo alt. form, but if they make one, sure go ahead, it won’t affect regular Mewtwo anyway. That’s all, peace.

          2. Not necessarily. Gallade is not an alternate form of Gardevoir, it’s a branch evolution of Kirlia. It’s pretty much like saying Vaporion is an alternate form of Jolteon, when it’s not. However, i do understand what you mean.

          3. Yeah, I did put form in quotes for that. Cause it’s not that it’s an alternate form, but it’s just an alternative final evolution. But the idea is the same.

  29. Being completely honest, i’m not entirely surprised by this news. However, that doesn’t mean that i support it. I think Mewtwo should be left alone, there is no reason to be giving generation 1 Pokemon new forms. It doesn’t make sense to me, especially the part where Team Rocket originally created Mewtwo, but did not know about this alternate form? And since Mewtwo is a “clone” of Mew, then does that affect Mew at all? This is all too weird for me, which is why i believe this is going to turn out to be a fake. If i am wrong however… well i’m not quite sure.
    Edit: This, however, does not help my argument at all.

  30. Wow there are alot of fucking crybabies on this post. “WAH WAH MEWTWO HAS AN UGLY NEW FORM, IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD!!!! FUCK NEW POKEMON!!!!” First of all it’s another half assed fake scan. Second even if it is real, just because it looks bad doesn’t mean it sucks. Stats >>>>>>>>> looks in RPG games. And as soeme level headed people had already stated if you don’t like it the don’t use it, that fucking simple.

    1. Wait til they reveal the stats XD

      If he gets a new form watch it be exactly like other legendary form changes and just stat redistribution where he’s faster and has more physical attack just cause normal Mewtwo has high Special attack XD

      “What? They ruined Mewtwo’s stats? Runined Forever!!!!” XD

      1. Oh I already know it will have a different stat distribution. My point is don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Also Black and White Kyurem have a TBS of 700 while Regular Kyurem has a TBS of 660. Your failed attempt has failed.

        1. I’m curious. Just what was XanderO attempting that you said he failed at?
          Cause it looks to me that he was stating that if Mewtwo’s rumored new form’s stats were as ugly as it’s appearance, the thing most people are complaining about, people would be complaining about that, too, you angry person.

          1. He failed because Legendary Pokemon ALLWAYS have Great stats, you crybaby manchild.

          2. Oh, OK. Thanks, you irate monkey-bitch.
            There. I stooped to your level in name-calling. Does it satisfy you?
            You must be new here. I don’t remember such a rude cunt like you around these parts.
            PokéJunglers are usually much more friendly, respect others opinions and don’t require a “Do Not Feed” sign on they’re cages, mainly because they’re not rage-filled animals like you so they’re free to roam around.


          3. At least i’m not the crying over a fictional character because something I would eventually have to let go of is being ruined.Who cares about your childhood? There millions of children who are homeless 3rd worlders that will most likely love to Forget their childhood. To answer your question yes and no. Btw you went BELOW my level in calling since I never cursed you out.

          4. Listen, if you really took everything I said to this rumored Mewtwo form as my literal reactions than that’s on YOU, but calling me a crying manchild because of my obviously lighthearted comments or because of my multiple comments shows you’re definitely a child yourself because a grown man wouldn’t act so immaturely, especially when I was only asking why you were accusing XanderO at failing something you say he was attempting.

            Regarding a fictional character, maybe YOU have to let go of it, but I don’t need to. I never received the memo about that and I’m sure I never will. And why are you bringing up homeless third world children into this; as if you do so much for them yourself? Also, you wanna state that I went below YOUR level in name-calling? That obviously shows you KNEW what level you were on to begin with before you typed out your comment and still posted it anyway, proving that you must be immature, cause all I ever did was call you angry. I mean, looking back at your first comment, who else would type like that??

            I find it ironically funny that you wanna call ME a child, yet… YOU’RE the one who’s also on a Pokémon fansite.
            I’m at least using an anagram of my name. I’m not on here calling myself Sergeant Bakatora, Ichigo Kurosaki or anything like that. Whether you’re one of these newer generation of kids who are rudely opinionated, selfish and stroll around with a feeling of self entitlement or a 24 year-old guy like me, I don’t care about, but if you can’t act maturely enough to type out your opinion without demeaning someone like a civilized, real-world human being, than don’t expect being treated like one. Because I damn sure won’t just let you say anything you want about me. Either way, I’m done. This really turned out to be way more than it should have been.

          5. Both of you are acting like 3 year olds. The Adrimal could have adress his points in a more gentlemen manner and you kinda lost the argument when you decided to curse him out first. I do agree with him to some extent about you being a crybaby seing your reaction to the topic at hand and the fact that you made nearly 20% of the comments on this thread some even replying to yourself. Both of you can do better.

          6. First of all, there was no argument to be lost. I was not trying to argue. I was just wondering why he had to go and be rude to XanderO for no reason. Even if there was an argument to be “won” I lost because I called him an “irate monkey-bitch?” Um, did you read his first post? Seems irate. Oh, wow. I said the word “bitch.” Guess I lost the “argument.”

            Second of all, my reaction to the topic is just that, MY reaction. You can obviously tell I favorite Mewtwo by my profile image and if you ever visited the forums you’d see my signature has Mewtwo in it. This whole article is about my favorite, so it makes a hell of a lot of sense that I’d be posting comments in here; way more than I ever have in any other article. Again, because, and only because, it’s about Mewtwo.

            Thirdly, a couple of comments out of 145 damn sure doesn’t make 20% of the comments here. As if that even mattered either way. Clearly, this is an article meant for us to discuss. Also, I only replied to myself because the rumors emerged late Tuesday night on this site; at a time I should have been sleeping, but I saw the article and typed my initial reaction to it, sleep-deprived. Since you took your time to check all the way at the bottom of this list of comments to see that I replied to myself, you would know I was among one of the first to comment. Not many comments at the time, so I just replied to myself so it can appear in the proper order.
            Anyway, in the end, you’re right. I can do better. Having to type out my explanations like this is really annoying.

          7. Espcially with trolls like that one. Just ignore them because commenting back to them will give them power and enjoyment. I too delt with trolls in the past.

        2. Black and White Kyurems also require you to fuse a Legendary Dragon with higher Base Stat to give Kyurem the bonus. So no it hasn’t. You have to use Reshiram or Zekrom who adds to Kyurem’s base stat when fused. They are the only Pokemon that have this type of form change. All normal form changes either do nothing or redistribute stats.

          Also there are a good number of Legendaries with fairly poor stat distribution. A good number never used because their stats and typing combined with their move pools make them undesirable for use against other players.

          1. Well, rotom, does not fuse with another pokemon, (but another object) and when it changes form, increases its base stat total

          2. Its also the only to do that. No Legendary Pokemon does this though. Rotom also gets a bonus from the items since it has a new body instead of using its own body.

  31. I showed the forme to my best friend, who talks with me about anything Pokemon related. We both grew up with Gen 1 and 2, and so when I showed him this, he literally got pissed and started to complain of his childhood hurting. Literally. I just laughed it off, but he was legitimately pissed. That just shows the mixed feelings this forme is getting. I honestly think the design is cool looking, but I question why they’re giving Mewtwo a new Forme five Generations in. I can see it being a good thing and a bad thing. On one hand, it makes Mewtwo much more desirable and appealing to the younger generation of fans. On the other hand, it seriously turns off the older generation, as Mewtwo is an instant classic. I honestly hope they are fake, but my gut feeling tells me they’re real. And I won’t be too entirely disappointed if they are. I mean, Mewtwo is pretty overrated as it is. This just makes it more appealing, and I hope to God it doesn’t end up like Keldeo’s Resolute Form, which was basically a redesign rather than a new Form. :

  32. I can’t read Japanese, but shouldn’t there be a movie title? In the other movie posters, they show the title in interesting, eyecatching font. Just something to think about.


    It teases mewtwo will have 2 new forms :O

    Shit just got real *___*

  34. Well I dont think this is the big announcement they will make on Smash.. It will be a new pokemon I guess.. ‘coz a hidden screenshot was of XY battlescreen but the mewtwo poster had logos of BW and BW2.. Maybe the forme IF it is real, is supposed to be revealed later? Corocoro?

  35. I’ve always wanted a mew three. But this mewthree just ruins mewtwos coolness.

  36. If this the big news coming up I might die. Seriously, the new form just ruins a classic and I might be sick if we don’t get some new x and y news. This mewtwo and genesect movie keeps spoiling everything and is just prolonging x and y news being revealed. 6th gen for me isn’t going of to a good start.

      1. If you compare it to the other poster you’ll see that it was photoshopped also it popped up arround April fools so i put 2 and 2 together. Funfact: Originaly AF wasn’t limited to the first day of April. Only in the U.S. did that became tradition.

    1. At this point I’m not entirely sure his post was genuine. He seemed to have a different demeanor then when he trolled us the last time. If that is the same guy and not just someone pretending to be him, its possible that he is trying to troll people by say that the poster IS fake as opposed to trying to get people to believe that it’s real. Either way there’s only one more day left really to wait. So I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what’s truth and whats fiction

    2. *ahem*

      Ah… It’s dead. This rumor is finally fake and dead. Or is it…?!
      I’d like to think so.

  37. Realistically, it’s not that hard to simply take the original poster, alter his features and pass it off as legit. The tail from the two posters are mirrored, the chest of Mewtwo is the spoiler on “Mewthree” and the fact that it has these weird blotches is simply to hide any screwups. Add to the fact that someone confirmed it to be fake, trolling or otherwise…I mean…there’s just way too many signs pointing this to be fake. I seriously have no idea how much longer we can keep this act up. This is why so many people do this sort of thing.

    If you want to try and prove me wrong, then try to tell me how this can be real instead of how this can be fake. What proof do you have that this is legitimate? Please try to answer that and maybe I’ll agree with you. For now, this is fake. Simple as that.

    1. We don’t know, and we’ll all find out soon I guess, so its unconfirmed for now. But I do think it’s going to be real.


      1. lmao!
        That would be the perfect Halloween Pokémon, now that I think of it.

    1. That’s a MUCH better picture than the ones from the poster. It really doesn’t look TOO bad, but I don’t like how its tail went from his ass to the back of his head… o.e;
      Don’t think I’ll believe it til it’s officially announced.

  39. this is weird but the picture that seems to be crumpled up, did anyone else notice the weird looking thing on top of sandile on the left of pikachu’s head.I don’t seem to have seen it before.

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