Dae asks: Favorite Fakemon



Time for yet another Dae asks! This time by myself, and not by that imposter that did it last week! My classes are killing me the last few weeks, and that’s why you don’t see me around a lot these days. And I can’t promise it will improve soon.

A lot of fake Pokémon, or fakemons, are flying around the internet these days. Todays question is all about that. What is the best done fakemon you’ve ever seen? And which do you really like to turn out real? It does not have to be limited to the ones we featured, any good submissions will do. I remember seeing an evolution of Wailord that had a whole volcano on his back, and I’d like something like that to be real because it would be so awesome to see something that freaking huge. Oh, and Belmad, or the rest that skips the first part, I don’t like that you don’t read the whole article. That means no poffins for you.

What would you like to see? Post your pick in the comments below! And I encourage everyone to upvote art you like, so we can have a little contest to see which fakemon is liked the most. So, start searching!