UPD: Worldwide Pokédex 3D Pro Sale!

Updated the article with the correct dates for Europe and details of the American sales.

So the Pokédex 3D Pro, the 3DS version, goes on ‘sale’ starting today in both Europe and America. It will surely run until April 4th in Europe, with an American date not supplied but it will be most likely the same. The sale price in Europe is €11.99 or £10.79 in the UK. Meanwhile, the American price will be $9.99.
Even acounting for VAT and exchange rates, Europeans have to pay 30% more to get the same stuff, which is a bit outrageous to me. If you really want to pick it up, you can do it now, though. It’s a great application, but I find the price still way too high, as there are lots of free alternatives on the internet. And I’m not to one spending money on an app to only waste time looking at pretty pictures. But to each his own I guess, and you’re still free to do with your money what you want.

~Dae~, moving