3/17 Pokémon Smash! FINISHED!

Another (un)exciting episode of Smash has aired! Our live updates can be found below, for those who want a rundown of what happened.

LIVE updates:

  • Smash has started
  • Anime episode is reairing
  • This weeks episode is: Crossing the Battle Line!
  • On to a Smash feature. Spinning chairs! Fun!
  • A feature in the ‘P2 Lab’, focusing on the new TCG expansion Megalo Cannon. Genesect EX sure does look pretty
  • Eevee feature. AGAIN! Flareon is showing up this time
  • Return the the Smash studio
  • Smash detail the distribution Mewtwo. Nothing new
  • Time for the usual 4 vs. 4 studio battle
  • Finished! And nothing new was shown for next weeks preview, other than the episode is a special ‘laugh-your-butt-off Spring edition.

We’ll be back next week to cover the episode, but don’t hope for too much!

Thanks to ZephyrSonic for the stream!