3/17 Pokémon Smash! FINISHED!

Another (un)exciting episode of Smash has aired! Our live updates can be found below, for those who want a rundown of what happened.

LIVE updates:

  • Smash has started
  • Anime episode is reairing
  • This weeks episode is: Crossing the Battle Line!
  • On to a Smash feature. Spinning chairs! Fun!
  • A feature in the ‘P2 Lab’, focusing on the new TCG expansion Megalo Cannon. Genesect EX sure does look pretty
  • Eevee feature. AGAIN! Flareon is showing up this time
  • Return the the Smash studio
  • Smash detail the distribution Mewtwo. Nothing new
  • Time for the usual 4 vs. 4 studio battle
  • Finished! And nothing new was shown for next weeks preview, other than the episode is a special ‘laugh-your-butt-off Spring edition.

We’ll be back next week to cover the episode, but don’t hope for too much!

Thanks to ZephyrSonic for the stream!

  1. So, we want to hear from you all. What would be the best thing Smash should show for you this week? A new Pokémon? Some actual new gameplay? Let us know. And get some good old fashioned (it’s not really old) discussion going!

    1. Anything would be good. Even if they just said ” Hey,you know what fennekin won’t be? A part fighting” That would still brighten my day

    2. I would actually love some gameplay! Heck they could show a battle between some old generation pokemon and I would be satisfied. That or a peek at our rival in the game.

    3. I would like to see an old japanese guy wearing a weird pokemon costume while doing weird stuff.

  2. I want some new gameplay, don’t really care for the eeveelution type. It’s not going to be a new type imo, flying or normal.

  3. smash is not your personal pokemon game news show… so stop trashing or dumping on it because thye don’t show anything new

    1. And you know this because…what? You’re psychic? Stop trying to act like the cool kid telling the rest of us how it is. Just occasionally, Smash comes through with news. And I’d rather be hopeful, watch, and enjoy every week than miss out because I’m cynical!!

      1. Sorry to be even more cynical, but the game is still over half a year away from release. Information is going to slow down for the next few months. We’re not going to get new info on a monthly basis, certainly not weekly. May/June is a good guess for things picking up again.

        Also, Pokemon Smash rarely revealed new information in the past and X/Y is aiming to be a much more international affair. *every* piece of information so far has been released on the English Pokemon website and/or Nintendo direct streams first (discounting CoroCoro leaks). They want everyone to experience the content and reveals at the same time, instead of rumours coming out of Japan spoiling all the fun.

        So maybe it’s cynical and I’m sorry if it ruins your fun, but I can almost guarantee that this show will never have any new reveals. Teases at best.

        1. They were the first to air new BW2 gameplay that no-one was expecting. Reveals on here are improbable; I’m fully aware of that, as are many who watch mainly this show for the sheer fun of it. But they’re not impossible. And I’m a little sick of the ‘stop whining they aren’t going to show anything’ type comments when a) none of us were whining and b) no-one knows this for sure unless they work for Gamefreak, Smash or Nintendo.

          I’d rather be to be a little hopeful, laugh at the show and shrug my shoulders if they show nothing new, than be Oscar the Grouch about it. It is possible to be an optimist and a realist at the same time x3

    2. you know? i’m thinking that maybe they will show us something more at E3… they are keeping secret as much information as they can so when E3 comes they will show lots of things… of course there will be a Nintendo Direct or two in the meanwhile, but if they didn’t show anything (except Sylveon) in the previous ND (in the european ND they didn’t show Sylveon’s video), i think they want to do a big show in the E3

  4. TCG section is airing. Does anyone play the TCG? Recently started playing the TCGO, could set up a mini-tournament if there are other players!

  5. come on no pokemon x and y that’s no fun i want to know bout new pokemon and if there r more eeveelutions…. D:

      1. But I’m still confused as too how. They haven’t actually released Corocoro yet, have they?

        1. The ‘how’ would be that he admitted to creating the fake list of Pokemon.
          They ‘why’ is because he was bored at his late-night shift at work.

          On the bright side, at least there’s still a WHOLE NEW list of Pokemon out there that we still don’t know yet.
          I, for one, am glad the actual list hasn’t been leaked yet. It’s waaay too early for all that.

  6. I wonder why they still showcase Eevee after they announced Sylveon? Maybe another Eeveelution because every Eeveelution except for first generation featured a duo.

  7. It would be kind of interesting if they did a type elimination for the new Pokemon.

    For example: “Sylveon is not _____ type.” At least it would add something interesting without making them run out of spoilers.

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