Dae asks: Hype Train



It’s been a long time! I was busy with studying, making finals, and studying again. Today is a calmer day, so I have time do another Dae asks!

With XY announced, and me seeing lots of people getting excited, how do you react to game announcements and the months leading before launch? Are you the one reading every rumour, discussing them and catching up with every Corocoro scan leaked? Or do you go for a (partial) media black out, letting the game uncover itself as soon as you can play it?

And regarding hype, how hyped are you at this moment? Can you wait eight months? Or do you have little faith in the game?

Even with the new layout, comments, go below, although they are slightly different now. And I want to thank of our readers who donated for the new host, as we’ll be switching hosts soon. This will make the site faster a lot, and it will banish the errors to the Digital World.