JPN Nintendo Direct to Air

スクリーンショット 2013-02-20 9.28.19 PM

The official Nintendo twitter account and homepage has updated, stating that a 3DS software-centered direct will be delivered 8:00 PM JST!

While Pokemon XY has been rather international in terms of announcements, probably because most countries will have the same release date, we still have a possibility that something might be revealed in this direct 🙂

As usual we’ll have live coverage so check back frequently for updates!


  •  Started, going over Layton, Robot Taisen, and a Puzzle game.
  • New Castlevania, promises to bring classic characters into the game as well
  • “Guild 2” for Download, Famous developers make an omni-verse type game
  • Rebirth of the Goddess 4, special 3DSLL also to release
  • Monster Hunter Tri G for 3DS will be able to to play online like the wiiU with some restrictions, after the nintendo direct
  • Monster Hunter 4 PV
  • Dragon Quest Info

Finished! No pokemon news 🙁

keep in mind that this is for Japan, meaning Western releases may or may not be the same!