Dae asks: Age



Time for yet again a new Dae asks! I had some technical troubles, but now they are all fixed, which means I can be back on track with posting!

Everyone thinks Pokémon is for little kids. Well, at least your mom does. And your aunt. And almost everyone else in the world, except true Pokémon fans. So, what are your views on age and Pokémon? Are you ever too old to play Pokémon? How old are you and when did you start playing? I am under the assumption that all older fans (above twenties) are just the ones who started playing from the beginning. Or is there someone who started midway through the games when they were a little older?

So, try to have a discussion with your fellows. Discussing is always better when you’re with more than one, so try to reply to other’s posts, and hopefully they’ll reply to yours too! I’ll be back soon with more Dae asks, if the finals aren’t eating up too much time.