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Time for yet again a new Dae asks! I had some technical troubles, but now they are all fixed, which means I can be back on track with posting!

Everyone thinks Pokémon is for little kids. Well, at least your mom does. And your aunt. And almost everyone else in the world, except true Pokémon fans. So, what are your views on age and Pokémon? Are you ever too old to play Pokémon? How old are you and when did you start playing? I am under the assumption that all older fans (above twenties) are just the ones who started playing from the beginning. Or is there someone who started midway through the games when they were a little older?

So, try to have a discussion with your fellows. Discussing is always better when you’re with more than one, so try to reply to other’s posts, and hopefully they’ll reply to yours too! I’ll be back soon with more Dae asks, if the finals aren’t eating up too much time.


  1. I started playing in high school with the release of Red/Blue. I don’t remember how old I was at the time, but I stuck with it through all generations with only the 5th generation making me want to rage-quit.

    Essentially pokemon is a ‘kids’ game because by nature and design that’s who it’s aimed for, but it’s also accessible to anyone like most Zelda games and pretty much all Mario games.

    I have a question to propose: If the pokemon main games were to change their formula, what would it look like? What’s the core mechanic of a pokemon game that stays the same while the franchise changes around it?
    For my answer, the staple of the game is battling and anything else can change around it. Do we need a badge-collecting goal or can there be other limiters to trading and obeying? What would a non-badge-collecting, non-pokedex-completing game be?

  2. I had this discussion with a friend of mine last month, we’re both “older” pokemon fans (28 and 22)

    Elementary/Grade School: Pokemon is thought of as cool, and fun!

    High School: Pokemon is thought of as for babies, real fans hide their love for Pokemon. Going into store to buy merchandise is horribly embarassing.

    College/University: Pokemon is cool again, you find many people who used to play and still play.

    Adulthood: You stop caring about what anyone thinks. You march into stores, buy anything you want without shame because hey, that could be for your kids 🙂

    Now that I’m an adult, I know more people who play pokemon and are open about it than when I was a kid. It’s one of those ageless franchises and I really hope the pokemon company remembers that.

  3. Jajajaja, i remember a when a math teacher told me when i was about 12 and i was traiding some pokemon cards with a friend: “Pokemon? jaja, thats for little kids, dont you think?”

    Ironically, after high school i finded a lot of people who enjoyed pokemon even more than in my times of elementary school although everyone seemed to hate it when you are between 15- 19 years old.

    I would love to see this math teacher again and say to him:
    Currently 26, almost married, succsefully working, having a lot of friends and proudly a pokemon fan, forever and ever =P

  4. I first got into Pokemon when my Cousin started playing it and i think i was about 13 or something. And i remember someone i know knew i liked Pokemon and they just laughed at me, and i didnt really let anyone know i liked it because i was embarrassed but now im older dont give a damn ! (im 18 now)

    But the person that laughed at me is now one of my closest friends and her boyfriend plays pokemon too. its kinda Ironic isnt it ? XD

  5. OK, everyone needs to accept this, Pokemon is for little kids. If you’re over 18, then there’s obviously a problem with you.

    1. Really? then how is playing COD all day any better?

      Good sir or ma’am, i am 27, and actually got into Pokemon by accident, thanks to my sister. I’ve been watching the anime and playing the games from the beginning. WHO CARES if this game is for little kids, as long as you have something to play!

        1. Why are people becoming trolls when they don’t have the same opinion with you? I’m not trolling, my dear. Somebody asked a question and I answered it.

          1. I respect you’re opinion, after all they do try to cater for the younger audience. But most of us PJN staff are over 18, and Joe of Serebii is too, so there is quite a lot of us 🙂

          2. your opinion is respected, now shut up about it.

            if you think your “too old” to play, then stop playing

          3. You’re being disrespectful, you can’t tell me to shut up. This is not necessary. You don’t beseem to this community.

          4. Ah I hope I didnt come off as rude then.
            I just see that line being thrown everywhere to create an uproar. Thats why I said I wasnt sure since it is the internet and were on a site with a good bunch of fans 18+ haha.

  6. Im 22 now been playing since i was 9 or 10. 4th grade sometime. I hated pokemon at first. I filed it under categories with nsync and backstreet boys and blues clues and just pretty much stuff that isnt cool for a 9 year old. Then a friend started collecting the cards. Which caught me when i seen that a first edition charizard was at the time fetching about 120 bucks ( a fortune to a 9 year old) plus i already collected basketball baseball and football cards and memorabilia. So i started the cards. Then i started watching the anime and then it happened. I got a gameboy and a copy of blue version. It was over for me after that. Ive since quit playing the cards and watching the anime. But still play every single main story game they release my fiance gives me a little crap even brings up in front of her girlfriends when we are resteraunts or bars. But i dont care lol. Few things in this world brings joy anymore
    .. my overwhelming nostalgic love for pokemon is one thing that does

  7. im 15,and i started pokemon when i was 2 years old with yellow version,believe it or not,and ill probably never quit pokemon. its helped me so much in my life,from the bad times when i was 8,to times when i feel seriously hopeless. its help me see the problems in the world, to look for the truth in life,which im still looking for,to learn from your defeats,to fix past mistakes,that friendship is important,that one person can make a difference,to not care of how people think of you,and many other things. its taught me more then anything or anyone else. without it,i dont think i would still be alive today. it was the only thing that keeps me going through my depression. if you think that pokemon is for kids,just know something:
    I dont give a damn of how you think of me!

  8. it was for little kids back in the days of RED/BLUE/GREEN but pokemon has evolved massively. The gaming might have not changed much but the gaming machinacism did. IV’s, EV’s, Typing, Choosing the right pokemons to balance the team out, etc. Even a hardcore gamer would have a hard time getting the perfect pokemon team …

  9. I’m pretty sure people think it’s more of a kids game because of Nintendo. Nintendo is very child-friendly with most of their games. Mario, Kirby and wot not. I personally believe you are never to old to play Pokemon, let alone any game.

    1. Oh, and I’m fifteen, been playing Pokemon for about since the release of Diamond, but I’m getting all the older games on GBA for Christmas xD

  10. I was driving my car to work one day and was listening to the Pokemon Reorchestrated album at the time. I stopped at a stoplight at a high school and I glanced over to see all the students doing their teenagerly stuff. I then remembered that I was still playing Pokemon at that time. Then, an even more depressing realization hit me: some of those kids weren’t even born when I started playing. I gave a heavy sigh of 25 years and went on with my day. That was the first time I truly felt “old.”

  11. I started when Red and Blue came out. I was in high school: 18 years old. I am not 31 years old (going to be 32 on the 19th) and still love Pokemon as much as I did when I first played. I cannot foresee myself ever NOT loving the series, and will play it no matter how old I am!

  12. Started playing Red when I was 6 in 1999 , it just came out over here in Ireland as did the show (same release as UK) and I’m 19 now and am still in love with Pokemon.

    Fortunately for me all my close friends and all my family never minded what I played or was into no matter what age I was. In secondary school (high school) I got jeered once or twice but I never gave a f**k what they thought so they lost interest ha

    I keep Pokemon as my own interest when I’m at home and rarely talk about or play it outside which I think is a reason why no one ever says anything to me about it even though they know I love it

    My Mother even buys me the new Pokemon games when they come out now as as a kid it was the only thing that kept me quiet which she was thankful for haha

  13. i am currently 19. first game was pokemon ruby back in the summer after 5th grade. then come 7th grade some people found out i bought diamond and i got made fun of for a while and was embarrassed to let people know i liked it. that changed in juinior year when one of the more popular people found out and didnt really see a problem with it so basicly just about everyone knew i played pokemon in 12th grade last year lol. sorry for such a long post btw XD

  14. I first started with a yellow version when I was four years old. I became an instant fan and I remember having watched the entire first-run of the original series on TV (until they put Misty on a bus).

    After the 3rd Gen games, I became a closet fan because suddenly it was uncool and weird to like pokemon. I was like thirteen and man, whenever pokemon came up or video games, I’d be the first to say “how much they sucked” or “how they were for babies” only to come home to the internet and look at artwork or play the games or watch the anime.

    When I turned 15, I finally overcame my denial period and I’m currently 19 years old and I literally had Black 2 in pre-order like months before it actually came out.

    The games have always been in my life but the anime comes and goes. After they put Misty on the bus, I hated it for like a year but eventually warmed up to it. While I didn’t watch all of the Advance season, I did watch the last season before they changed the voice actors. After that, I couldn’t watch it anymore, it was too weird. Now I only watch some select episodes that interest me for X reason but I still watch every single movie that gets released out of pure habit.

  15. I was actually watching a friend play Blue when I was like 8, but actually played Silver myself first and then everything on.
    Now I’m 22 and still excited as ever about what new pokemon we’ll get to see towards february and later as gen VI draws closer 😀

  16. Its not that the games are meant for kids, Gamefreak simply aims to make their games accessible for everybody.

    Anyone can pick it up and play, with the deeper aspects being presented step by step, if one decides to figure them out.

  17. It sucks being a freshman in high school and being taunted for playing pokemon. But at least they don’t know I watch the anime and play the cards. Even when I’m 50 and generation 25 is out, I won’t stop. I’m a pokemon and star wars fan and I’m proud of it, speaking of it, a pokemon-star wars crossover would be great. Wampa I choose you! 🙂

  18. I’m 16. My first Pokemon game was Pokemon Sapphire, though I did watch the anime prior to that. I really hate the notion that you need to “grow out” of Pokemon. If it’s an enjoyable game, why should it matter what age it is marketed to? I don’t think there’s ever been any game (or cartoon for that matter) that I have “grown out of”.

  19. I started playing Pokemon when I was 4, and I’m almost 20 now.

    I started playing because I had the biggest crush on my neighbor’s older brother, and he was obsessed with the games at the time. My first game was Blue, though my favorite as a kid was Crystal when that came out. I’ve owned every main game except Gold and Silver, and I’ve got a number of the spinoff games.

    …it makes me feel really, really old when I realize I’ve been playing Pokemon for longer than some of the fans have been alive.

  20. The first ever pokemon “thing” I enjoy was the first movie when I was 5 or something. Then the anime started to boom in my country (Indonesia) and of course I watch it excitedly. Then I started playing pokemon red and crystal on an emulator (original games are very rare here, even until now). And now I’m going 18 and I can’t stop loving it, even my college fans dubbed me as “Pokemon Freak” or “Walking Pokedex” and of course I’m proud of that moniker XD

    For a short time i missed the revelation of gen III beacuse I haven’t got an internet access and the pokemon boom was no more here (even until now, as kids these days don’t even know what pokemon is -_-), but I quickly caught up when I saw a treecko card that i hadn’t seen before and since then I never missed a single news thanks to pokejungle and serebii 😀

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