Dae asks: Favorite Soundtrack

It’s good to be back! And let’s commemorate that with a new Dae asks, one I’ve been wanting to do for a good period of time. Today we have a generic question, as I’ll only start with BW2 questions once the holidays are over and more people have had the chance to buy/get and play it.

The Pokémon games feature lots of electronic music, ranging from the energetic to the eerie sounds at the graveyard. But which route music or battle themes do you think are the best? You can list multiple ones, if you have a hard time choosing. And if it’s not too much to ask, be sure to include some links to a YouTube video with the soundtrack, making it easier for the other visitors to enjoy the theme.

I’ll be back shortly with news and more Dae asks, and I’m hoping I can do a recap of the university life, but I believe it’s best to wait with that until the examinations are over. As always, go comment below!