Guess who’s back? + Movie Trailers

The almighty Daedardus has returned to serve the site for a noble cause! Yes I’m back and will manage things around the site once again, bringing back Dae asks shortly and doing lots of juicy newsposts. The reason why I’m back is a long story but to keep it short: I have more time at university than I initially thought I’d need and it is perfect to fill in that time by being back on track writing stuff. And of course to improve my English, because actually using it prevents it from becoming stale. Keep visiting the site in the next few days for more content made by me!

And as a treat for you guys, here are some Keldeo vs. the Sword of Justice sneak peek trailers from the Official Pokémon Channel, which the full movie of will air December 8th on the Cartoon Network in the US. I’ve put them behind spoilers because they are big and some might not want to see the preview image.






Enjoy! And be sure the say something in the comments if you have anything to share about me!