Wii U Details Announced [UPD]


Nintendo’s Wii U press conference going on here. Details released:
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  • Game discs can store up to 25GB
  • Wii U supports 1080p
  • Wii games are compatible, WiiWare purchases can be transferred
  • ‘Nintendo Network Premium’ introduces points and discounts on digital purchases
  • “Basic” Package to retail for ¥26,250 ($340); includes white Wii U with 8 GB flash memory
  • “Premium” Package to retail for ¥31,500 ($405); includes black Wii U with 32 GB flash memory
  • Releases December 8th, 2012
  • No sensor bar included
  • UPD: Wii U to hit US stores November 18, 2012, Europe gets it November 30, 2012
  • UPD: US prices – Basic is $299.99, Premium is $349.99