Wii U Details Announced [UPD]


Nintendo’s Wii U press conference going on here. Details released:
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  • Game discs can store up to 25GB
  • Wii U supports 1080p
  • Wii games are compatible, WiiWare purchases can be transferred
  • ‘Nintendo Network Premium’ introduces points and discounts on digital purchases
  • “Basic” Package to retail for ¥26,250 ($340); includes white Wii U with 8 GB flash memory
  • “Premium” Package to retail for ¥31,500 ($405); includes black Wii U with 32 GB flash memory
  • Releases December 8th, 2012
  • No sensor bar included
  • UPD: Wii U to hit US stores November 18, 2012, Europe gets it November 30, 2012
  • UPD: US prices – Basic is $299.99, Premium is $349.99



  1. Note for the dollar prices: these are based on extremely high conversion rates, due to a strong Yen and a kinda weak dollar.
    The real prices are more likely to be 1/100 of the Yen price.

    1. The American systems both have sensors bars, it’s the Japanese that don’t have one. The European premium package also has one, because the basic package is targeted towards people who already have a Wii.

  2. exactly!! why no sensor bar? i dont even own a Wii, they shoudve made a separate package with that at least!

  3. I think I’ll do what I did when I got my Wii, wait a few years then buy it with a few cheap games (that were available at the start)

  4. Oh god….Working for Chrismtas this year is going to suck…New Consols are a bitch when working in retail with videogames.

  5. ∑(O_O;) *Shock!!*

    $300 ~ $350 for JUST the Wii U??
    Or does it come with a Wii?

    If not… dafuq??!
    That’s one expensive-ass control!!

      1. You •should• facepalm yourself for being rude… I’m not a troll.
        I’m just a bit shocked they’re asking so much for what really is a ||controller||.
        If you don’t have a Wii, then the Wii U isn’t of much use to you, is it not? Without a Wii, it’s just a fancy GamePad.

        So, if that’s true, $300+ is a lot to ask from someone who DOESN’T own a Wii.
        I know it incorporates both traditional input methods and a touchscreen (which is nice and all…), but if you don’t have a Wii is it really worth paying $450 to possibly $550+ for an add-on to an existing system, •especially• when next gen consoles of Nintendo’s competitors are looming in the horizon of the future, with possibly better features?

        That’s all I was saying. Just in a not so elaborate way.
        Claus H. Luíz never trolls… unless he’s bored.

        1. You seriously think it’s an add on? LOL The Wii U is Nintendo’s next gen console, it has it’s own games, better graphics, etc. Why don’t you go and actually read about it some before you post again.

          The reason I called you a troll is because we have known about the Wii U for so long that I thought that everyone figured out it is an actually console, but I guess not.

        2. http://www.vgleaks.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/wiiu21.jpg

          The black think behind the controller is the actual Wii U.

          The LCD screen controller is one of two controllers that Wii U will have. They said there’d be a classic style controller for sale as well for those that don’t want/like the screened controller. And the Wii U is backwards compatible with the Wiimotes.

          There is a full new system being released, not an add on.

          1. Two controllers? I think you’re forgetting some :P:

            Wii U Gamepad, Wii U Classic Controller Pro, Wii Remote Plus, Wii Nunchuck, Wii Classic Controller, Wii Classic Controller Pro and the Wii Balance Board. 😉

          2. No…I apparently didn’t seeing as you only listed 2 Wii U controllers. Please read before randomly trying to correct people.

            I already said Wii U had its Screen controller and a Classic styled controller for those that don’t want to buy another screened controller and that the Wii U is backwards compatible with the Wiimotes, which means its compatible with all Wiimote accessories such as athe Nunchuck, and Classic Controller. The Balance Board isn’t technically a controller itself. It would also be compatible with the WiiDraw pad since the pad is an accessory.

    1. Well, first you can always buy an external HDD for your Wii U and connect it by USB, allowing to install almost every downloaded game to it and playing it fromt here. And as USB speeds are roughly the same as disc reading speeds, it doesn’t matte anyway.
      And if you think the Wii U has worse internals than the PS3, I’d suggest you take a better look at it. Yes, it’s not the big step some make it out to be, but it should be roughly in between the PS3 and PS4 in power. The reason most of the PS3 ports on the Wii U has to with development costs (nobody is investing in extra shininess when you can be cheap and just bring out the same more quickly) and the difficulty with developing for a new system (mostly due to the OutOfOrder-CPU.
      The games launching next year will see some nice improvements if they are catered towards the Wii U, although I’m not igorant and still believe Microsoft and Sony are bringing out more powerful consoles, albeit maybe not that powerful as some people believe they will do.

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