First 3DS Mystery Dungeon Trailer


Some new details were included in the trailer!
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  • 3DS Camera can take pictures of circular things to generate dungeons; this feature is called ‘Magnagate’
  • Pikachu, Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, and Kibago are all ‘partner’ options
  • One of the central towns (or the central town) is called Post Town
  • Release date is in Winter 2012
  • Only 1 version of this game


I’m REALLY psyched for this! What are your thoughts??

<;3 pokejungle

  1. Cool! But the part with kyurem, hmm? Is he going to be our new antagonist or is someone else pulling the strings?

    1. Considering mysterious dungeons have always had heavy-handed, evil, dramatic plot twists that rival M Night Shamalamadingdong, it’s hard to say for sure

  2. guessing since pikachu can be selected as a partner means you can become other pokemon 😛 and anyone notice the lv 20 dewott in the video. does this mean we can evolve before post game :O i really hope so

    1. I noticed it, and I’m hopeful. 🙂 One of the things that made a lot of the starters less awesome was the lack of evolutions. Things like EEVEE really need access to their evolved form by the end of the plot. -_-;

  3. “Pikachu, Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, and Kibago are all ‘partner’ options”

    That can’t be right. If those five are the only starters you could use then at least one of them should be missing in the partner option in the video as it’d be weird to have a partner of the same species and the past PMD games have never done that. (unless they ARE doing that here…)

    If so, then it looks like we may be having more choices at least when it comes to the Starter Pokemon after all.

  4. Looks very much like the same game to me, except with prettier visuals and Generation V Pokémon. And as I found the previous games quite boring and uninspired, the announcement doesn’t move me even a tiny bit.

    1. I find it amusing how blunt, and opposite your view is to everyone else’s. XD However I do agree with you. I played the first game, and found it so repetitive that I was relieved when I had finished the story. I didn’t play the second game, so perhaps I should give that a shot before I pass judgement properly. Nevertheless I do like the new visuals. It gives me hope that the main games will get a decent upgrade.

      1. Ah well, I don’t blame them for bringing this out, however. I know there are many people who like Mystery Dungeon and the visuals are indeed pretty. It just isn’t a game for me however, and I’m not going to buy this. I played the very first game and almost completed it apart from Celebi and Jirachi, but just skipped over the next three because they didn’t seem to bring anything new.
        And it’s another game for the 3DS, which never can be a bad thing.

      2. You 2 should really try out Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time and Darkness.

        Sky is a letdown.

        Those 2 have epic long story lines that even I got into and I wasn’t even a MD fan back then. They’re really good and there’s enough twists, fun battles, and sad moments to keep even some mature gamers hooked till they finish it.

  5. Hmm…seeing as how the graphics are more like Super Pokemon Rumble, I might buy this (hopefully you can choose something that’s not Pikachu and have Axew as a partner, I liked those personality tests)

  6. I absolutely adore the Mystery Dungeon games. They are in my opinion the best games ever, of all time. I love the story, and I love being a Pokemon, and I love all of the gameplay aspects to the game. So a third instalment, AND one with brilliant looking graphics? Hell fucking yes.

    It seems form the video that at at least one stage, you can have your group of Pokemon all at once. I may be wrong and that may just be guild members or town members but yeah.

    In addition, to those who are worried about there only being Pikachu, I am certain that you can be other Pokemon. For when they say which Pokemon will be appearing, when they announce Tepig, they show this.
    Now that looks pretty much certainly to me like the player as a Tepig. Pikachu is not present in the picture. And the camera is focused on Tepig. Whether or not this is after the maingame, I don’t know. But you can definitely be different Pokemon in some way than just PIkachu.

  7. I am really excited for this, since Mystery Dungeon is my favorite spinoff series.

    Also, I’m not checking these websites until the games come out in English. I want to keep spoiler free 🙂

    1. Well, since the games come out in winter for Japan, maybe it won’t be too long for English games? I’d love to see these here by March/April.

  8. The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games were my favorite side games, besides Colosseum, Stadium, XD, etc.
    To me this is everything I have ever hoped for a 3DS Pokemon game. I can’t wait, too bad 3DS is region locked.

  9. Am I the only one that notices the Axew and Tepig as a pair on 0:49? Seems like you don’t have to be a Pikachu like PokéJungle stated before.

    1. Looks like most of the places that posted that (Bulbapedia, I’m looking at you) have since taken that out. I’m glad. I know Pikachu’s the mascot and all, but in MD he’s easy mode thanks to Agility and Discharge. It’s nice to play with something that’s a bit more of a challenge.

      I understand that they want to show off the 5th gen starters, but I do wish that they’d show a beginning with something not 5th gen or Pikachu. It’s highly unlikely that they’ll only have 5 choices, but for peace of mind I do wish they’d show it.

  10. Since this is the first trailer for the game, there’ll probably be more choices for you and your partner Pokemon in later leaks. Question is: What else can we choose from? I perosnally want to choose Scraggy as the Pokemon I play as.

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