CoroCoro June 2012 Speculation

The scans of June’s CoroCoro issue will probably leak Friday or Saturday of this week, so it seems like a great time to talk about what we want to see!

More new gym leaders? An explanation for the movie and green screen pictures? Some hint as to the storyline?!

Let’s get a lively discussion going! Personally I’d like to see the rest of the map…

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  1. Speculations. Do we get another regional professor this time around? And the villainous teams, they don’t seem to be from team plasma, but the uniforms ring some. I don’t know, but this, I think, is going to be an exciting installment.

  2. I’d like to see at least some hints as to how the story is different from BW. I know they’ve said it’s a completely new story, but so far all we’ve gotten is a few new characters, a location or two added/possibly changed and B/W Kyurem. And a few other things that we’re pretty clueless about; a la the movie place.

    OH, another thing, I want to know if the Battle Subway will be kept or changed, will they make it more Battle Frontier like, or just add a few more stops? Or, alternatively keep the subway and add a Frontier.

  3. I think we deserve some more BW2 info. I’ve had enough of keldeo event information and global link upgrades haha. Storyline/plot information would be good 🙂 as people have said above. I just want to know how different these sequels actually are, really, in terms of plot, pokemon, areas, leaders, elite four, characters, villains, EVERYTHING, etc…

  4. New characters, locations, and battle frontier that is as big as Emerald would be nice 🙂

    I want to know 2 things really, whether of not if the rumors about Cheren being in the elite four were true and what the 3 original Muskeeters have to do with the story since they were included in the intro.

    1. I’ve been thinking about the Subway/Frontier situation after my last comment. Don’t you think it would be pretty damned cool if they added a Frontier, but it was an add-on of sorts to the Subway.

      Say, you battle through a certain line of the Subway, and it takes you to one of the five Frontier Brains. If you beat the Brain – at their station – you continue up to their respective building (Tower, Arcade Hall etc), that you have to battle through again, this time with harder difficulty. More of an unlock system.

      Perhaps the “Frontier Lines” of the Subway only open after you’re the League Champion, so the Subway Masters are still available.

  5. i whant to find out who akuroma is. and i wanna find out if ghethis, N the shadow triad and the seven sages will return. i would love a triple battle vs shadow triad and in black and white i was told that the sages names are colours in diffrent languages, so i thought u could battle them and theyll speciali in the type similary to the color like green is grass.

  6. I want the pokedex soo i can start thinking about my team and dont forget aren’t they revealing a new pokemon? And of course i want other info besides that!

  7. I think they said they were going to reveal a “new” Pokemon, which I guess has to be Genesect? Personally, I’d like to see more Gym Leaders, more Pokemon that are in the regional Pokedex, and a few more new cities or areas. And some details on those mysterious guys in black.

  8. I think it is time to tell us who the evil team is. Also tell us if the map is really frozen over or not. I’m tired of people fighting over it. I will laugh if it turns out frozen and the majority is wrong.

    1. I doubt they’d reveal Genesect this early. They’re going to want to save him for the 2013 movie. They would have no motivation for revealing him now, especially when they’ve already got BW2, Keldeo, Meloetta, and the new movie to generate hype. They’re not going to throw everything they have at us now and leave nothing for next year.

      Seriously guys, don’t get your hopes up for a new Pokemon. It makes very little sense. Remember that their idea of “Brand New Pokemon!” is “Old Pokemon with a funny ear!” Plus, their statement could have been interpreted at “new Pokemon-related news” instead of “news on a new Pokemon.”

  9. If the rumor about Cheren being an Elite Four member turns out to be true, it would be a huge character development on his part. I would love to see this happen.
    With respect to new Pokemon, yes, all that is left to be revealed is probably that bug cyborg Genesect; aside from that, other new Pokemon added to the Unovadex are actually old ones.
    I’m thinking whether they would mind doing it like places such as Lacunosa, Black City, and White Forest (assuming they’re still accessible at some point after the main story) have their own Gym too.
    I just hope they can flesh out a better plot than the previous ones, which I think will be difficult as BW1 had such an engaging plot.
    If there would be a Battle Frontier, I guess they won’t be this time around. I would base this thing on the fact that BW2 aren’t remakes but sequels, unlike Emerald and Platinum. But then, making them accessible after defeating the Subway Masters would be nice.
    I hope the whole desert area will be explorable this time.

  10. I wanna know what made them build a new city and get new gym leaders. If they got new gym leaders, I wonder if they made alterations to the E4. What made them bring over pokemon from other regions. If the rumor about cheren is true I wonder what Bianca is doing. I wonder what gym leaders are being replaced although I have an idea of the striaton trio, Lenora, & brycen since the “ice” on the map seems to covering (hiding) the cities in which these gyms reside. And of course who the evil team is.

  11. so I believe we will see 1 or 2 more GL! Something about the vilian plot! and something about new Pokes and gameplay!

  12. Forgive me if this is slightly off topic, but I wonder if the upcoming episode on June 7th will have any connection to the movie and green screen pictures. Apparently Luke will be returning and he’ll be entering a special Pokemon Movie contest. Considering BW2 references were already going to start the following week on June 14th when Homika was said to be making an appearance in the anime, it wouldn’t be too surprising if this movie contest was somehow related to BW2 too.

  13. I’ve seen some rumors floating around on various sites about what supposedly is in the new CoroCoro, but I can’t find where they came from, only that I’ve seen them posted on imageboards recently and mentioned in chats. Here’s some of the information I copied down in case they end up coming true. They’re interesting, and a bit more plausible than the last “leak”, but one is pretty “0.o”.

    * The rumored New Pokemon advertised in Movie 15 Merchandise, and the silhouette seen in the AR Reader, is named Toridii (トリディー), with its name written out as ToriD in the magazine in English. It’s a Red and Blue bird-like Pokemon composed of prism-like crystal wings, and is said to be a Dimension Pokemon. The “head” on the silhouette is actually it’s crest, which is a red-and-blue spiral pompadour basically. Electric/Flying, despite its color-scheme.
    * ToriD has a cameo appearance in the Meloetta Short, and is apparently the Pokemon responsible for all the old cameo Pokemon appearing…he brings them all together. Players who bring their 3Ds to the movie not only obtain the Giveaway Pokemon Meloetta, but will also be sent a special 3D video focusing on ToriD through SpotPass, said to reveal its secrets.
    * There is a special sidequest in Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 involving ToriD and featuring 3D effects, unlocked only when playing the game on a 3Ds system (think the Advanced Shop in the Zelda Oracle games) and by finding ToriD in the AR Searcher. Doing so is required to trade the Pokemon in AR Searcher to Black 2 and White 2.
    * Homika’s Gym features a rhythm-based mini-game, and it confirms Shizui’s Gym is the one with the lillypads. Homika is confirmed to use Koffing in-game, and Shizui has a Mantine.
    * New Grass-type Gym Leader revealed, name is Chisa (チサ). He’s an older guy with wicked sideburns that resemble the Libra Scales, and he’s a prosecutor apparently, involved in a case against the Six Sages from BW. Gym is a courtroom involving judging type match-ups. His main Pokemon seems to be Ferrothorn.
    * Old Gym Leaders are returning alongside new ones, shows Chilli, Burgh, and Iris with updated looks. Chilli now is wearing a greaser outfit and has established his own Gym as the three brothers apparently split up. What happened to Cilan and Cress, the magazine asks. Iris is older and more mature looking, fusing her pigtails into one big pony-tail that resembles wings of a dragon. The impression is that she is the Gym Leader in both versions now. Burgh has a top-hat and cane now, Willly Wonka is one way I saw him described, and has opened up an art gallery in Nacrene. Is he now the Gym Leader there? Magazine also shows art of Houndoom, Altaria, and Vespiquen around them, so that’s probably their new Pokemon.

    1. The mystery pokemon was revealed to be Meloetta’s fighting form :p + DS games can’t use StreetPass.

      So unfortunately… those rumors are false haha

      1. Well, there is apparently another New Pokemon rumored in various promotional items, and the Streetpass thing was specifically mentioned in the rumor to be only available to people with the 3Ds.

        1. This is ridiculous. There cannot (read: CANNOT) be new Pokemon introduced in the game. And if there were, they’d emphasize it with a little more than a blurry silhouette in a minute-long advertisement. And they wouldn’t have anything to do with the 3DS, seeing as how these games are only compatible with DS-generation technology. Also, tossing in Japanese characters does nothing to make the rumors seem more authentic. I know it’s fun to speculate, but rumors that are this insane get me frustrated.

          1. No, there cannot. Data for that Pokemon would have to exist in Black and White. There’s placeholder data in BW for two forms of Kyurem, which is why it’s possible for Kyurem to have two new forms. There CANNOT be a new Pokemon altogether. It is literally impossible.

          2. I heard there was data for only one Kyurem form in BW? Things that had no extra forms had the place holder “0” and things that had a single form has a “1”.
            Can you link us to where it says there was data for two?

      2. Uh, how is the mystery Pokemon Meloetta’s alternate form? It is not a bird…

        1. They’re talking about the mystery Pokémon from the movie merchandise; a lot of people still think the AR searcher one is an existing Pokémon. Thing is, there were actually two hidden movie Pokémon and only one was revealed. A lot of people seem to be forgetting that. Let’s look at the facts:

          -Coro Coro promises “new Pokémon scoop”
          -There is a single unrevealed Pokémon from the movie merchandise
          -AR searcher Pokémon doesn’t perfectly match any existing Pokémon

          Now, new Pokémon frequently appear in the movies, so I don’t know why everyone’s trying to intentionally misinterpret “new Pokémon” as “new form”; we get it, you were mad about Notched-Ear Pichu. In the words of the immortal George Carlin, “it happened back there, stop living in the past!” Part of it seems to stem from an assumption that the Pokémon has something to do with B2W2 (which by the way was complete unfounded speculation before the AR Searcher bird popped up, despite everyone taking it as gospel truth for some reason), and most people believe B2W2 can’t possibly contain a new Pokémon, because it’s never happened before. The funny thing about that is, the very Pokémon that has people convinced it’s probably not new (Notched-Ear Pichu) actually proves that it could be – if they can lock that specific form of Pichu to one set of games, why can’t they do the same with a new Pokémon? Make it so you can’t trade or battle with BW if it’s in your party. And that’s assuming it’s actually obtainable; it could just be a cameo à la Bonsly in Colo/Munchlax in XD.

          While I’m 90% sure most of the rumor itself is BS (we have yet to see a B2W2 rumor turn out to be true, why start now?), I am 100% convinced that there WILL in fact be a new Pokémon in the movie, it WILL be the bird from the AR searcher, and it WILL appear in B2W2 in some capacity.

          1. The movie merch mystery has been confirmed to be Meloetta’s fighting form though.

            It’s very doubtful now that CoroCoro will reveal a “new” pokemon 🙁

          2. PJ, weren’t there two mystery Pokémon? I distinctly remember there being two, and one of them was generally assumed to be the Meloetta Forme before it was revealed. Maybe I’m remembering wrong… >_<

          3. I too believe that it would not be impossible for a new Pokémon in BW2.
            That said, the mystery merchandise Pokémon however has been confirmed as Meloetta, and any chances of a new Pokémon appearing in this movie is quite slim IMO.

          4. I know this is off topic, but let’s just get one thing straight. The mystery bird is in fact unrelated to anything we know of so far. Do you know any winged Pokemon with those tufts on its neck? Plus, if it is just a generic bird silhouette designed to symbolize a Flying-type Pokemon, why would they put so much detail into it? My personal belief is that it isn’t obtainable in BW2, but rather, it is reserved as an advertisement for an upcoming generation. Maybe something similar to Ho-Oh?

        2. He meant the mystery merchandise Pokémon turned out to be Meloetta. Not the bird silhouette.

      3. Could it be that BW2 is 3ds-enhanced? Just like BW is DSi-enhanced?
        Anyway, as far as new Pokemon are concerned, I think alternate forme’s the best way for them to go. Unless they are actually thinking out of the box by introducing new Pokemon, which is highly unlikely.

    2. “ToriD” just wouldn’t work. It sounds way too awkward and forced for a Japanese Pokémon name.

  14. Is this the CoroCoro that had a special BW2 handout? With like 48 pages or something.

  15. Things that are most likely to appear in this months issue:
    -Tons of screenshots of new areas and stuff
    -New characters and artwork
    -Pokemon that are in the Unova Dex
    -New game features and improved and updated returning features from BW1
    -Another pointless distribution event (you know it’s coming)
    -Something about Keldeo/Meloetta (you know it’s coming as well)

    Things that MIGHT appear in this issue:
    -A new gym leader or two
    -Information of what the plot is going to be about (other than the obvious “Get 8 gym badges, win league” plot since this IS a Pokemon game)
    -The villian team (nobody said it was Team Plasma, but I hope it is Team Plasma)
    -Unova Battle Frontier
    -More info on the new routes and towns, or what has changed in the old routes and towns

    Things that are highly unlikely to be in this issue:
    -What’s under the ice, or if the ice is even real or just there on the map to cover up spoilers
    -A new Pokemon we’ve never seen before (Genesect has yet to be officially revealed, and honestly, it’s going to be a while before even a single, let alone multiple Gen 6 Pokemon are revealed)
    -N/Ghetsis returning (not until the game is out will that be answered)
    -Walking Pokemon (don’t even count on it)

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