June 2012 CoroCoro RUMORS!

These are RUMORS. Usual disclaimer of “don’t believe it until proven true and don’t spread it as confirmed information” 🙂 Now hiding rumors within spoiler tags to make sure people realize that this is not factual information.  Lots of GameFAQs members complain about my site passing off false information, but I have serious doubts about how much attention they’re paying to these little headers :p
Pokejungle net is unique in that we allow the West a taste of what is going on in the mother land of Pokémon, which otherwise it would not easily have access too. We do not hold back information from you in fear of losing reputation, we simply translate  the rumours and let you guys decide. Our way of doing things have allowed us to be the first to break many major news stories in the past, and no doubt even more in the future! We are simulating the native Pokémon Fan’s experience for you all!
And so without further adieu, these rumors are from a 2ch user claiming they saw a copy of CoroCoro.

[spoiler][list style=”orb” color=”green”]

  • Battle Subway area replaced with a Battle Frontier
  • Battle Frontier areas include: Battle Hall, Battle Subway, Battle Contest, Battle Factory
  • Battle Contest is an area focused on displaying battle skills more than fighting
  • Professor Ichii (species of Oak in Japanese) replaces Professor Juniper
  • These Pokemon will now appear in Unova: Geodude, Scyther, Machop, Hoppip, Tyrogue, Togepi, Corsola, Cacnea, Trapinch, Croagunk, Starly
  • New Gym Leader: Sutebia (Stevia)


Hope we get the scans sooner rather than later, but we’re a few days off.

<3 pokejungle

ps- Make sure to download Darkrai on Black or White via WiFi!  It’s available now!