June 2012 CoroCoro RUMORS!

These are RUMORS. Usual disclaimer of “don’t believe it until proven true and don’t spread it as confirmed information” 🙂 Now hiding rumors within spoiler tags to make sure people realize that this is not factual information.  Lots of GameFAQs members complain about my site passing off false information, but I have serious doubts about how much attention they’re paying to these little headers :p
Pokejungle net is unique in that we allow the West a taste of what is going on in the mother land of Pokémon, which otherwise it would not easily have access too. We do not hold back information from you in fear of losing reputation, we simply translate  the rumours and let you guys decide. Our way of doing things have allowed us to be the first to break many major news stories in the past, and no doubt even more in the future! We are simulating the native Pokémon Fan’s experience for you all!
And so without further adieu, these rumors are from a 2ch user claiming they saw a copy of CoroCoro.

[spoiler][list style=”orb” color=”green”]

  • Battle Subway area replaced with a Battle Frontier
  • Battle Frontier areas include: Battle Hall, Battle Subway, Battle Contest, Battle Factory
  • Battle Contest is an area focused on displaying battle skills more than fighting
  • Professor Ichii (species of Oak in Japanese) replaces Professor Juniper
  • These Pokemon will now appear in Unova: Geodude, Scyther, Machop, Hoppip, Tyrogue, Togepi, Corsola, Cacnea, Trapinch, Croagunk, Starly
  • New Gym Leader: Sutebia (Stevia)


Hope we get the scans sooner rather than later, but we’re a few days off.

<3 pokejungle

ps- Make sure to download Darkrai on Black or White via WiFi!  It’s available now!

      1. Stevia is also a genus name for a bunch of plants related to sunflowers. Considering we’ve already got a Water type replacement for the trio, it wouldn’t be too weird to get a Grass type gym.

        Personally, though, these sound like common sense plus making stuff up. Getting Battle Frontier is almost a given, considering we’ve gotten it in every game than wasn’t the first game of the block. The new “battle Contest” sounds like Hoenn contests, plain and simple. I highly doubt we’ll get a new Professor UNLESS a) the ice on the map really is there and b) the plot involves rescuing the people inside it. We already have a Professor for this region, and if Juniper were incapacitated Fennel could probably take it over. We really don’t need a third Unova Professor.

        As for the Pokemon, I would be very surprised if Geodude and Machop were in this game. Graveler is in Challenger’s Cave, first off. But more importantly, we already have Roggenrola and Timburr. Why would they put in those two if we already have their counterparts? That’d be like a game with Sentret and Zigzagoon. The two serve the same function, so they shouldn’t both be available at the same time.

        1. The plant name doesn’t necessarily mean Grass-type. Don’t all the gym leaders have plant names in Japanese?

        2. A lot of Unova Gym Leader’s Japanese names were based on plants already so it would fit in.
          Still though I really do not trust these rumours.

  1. these arnt even interesting rumors now haha i was hoping to read some crazy unbelievable rumor just for the sake of wishing something like it can happen. But come on that list of pokemon for doesnt make me excited at all, if this is in fact a rumor its soo bland haha and if its real…. crap those pokemon arnt that interesting at least ill have lapras tyranitar etc XD

    1. Yes, I admit, these are a little bit… boring.

      If I were a bad person I could’ve just made up something more interesting and thrown it in. I actually do want the Battle Frontier back though, like it a lot in HGSS.

      1. Id love the battle frontier to make a return aswell and I really hope Palmer is there 😀 Although i like the battle subway idea so i hope they dont just dump that in favour of the frontier.

    2. The boringness of the rumours make them more believable though. Even if this is made up, half of it could easily turn out be true.

      1. I know thats why im hoping there will be waaay more stuff than just these because there just boring XD

        1. There will always be some interesting features, but I’m not expecting things like the previous big rumour.

  2. Stevia -> steel ! awesome! 😀
    Battle Frontier -> I doubt it!
    Contest Hall back! -> Dawn anime cameo!
    Tyrogue -> Love it!

      1. I agree with you in terms of the battle frontier, for sure developers will add a new twist for the battle frontier. But come to think of it what will happen to the United Tower?.. I mean its a better location to be replaced by the battle frontier if there will be a battle frontier for BW version 2

        1. That makes a lot of sense actually lol

          The United Tower wasn’t used at all and Nintendo still haven’t revealed anything important about it so they could combine the United Tower island and Liberty Tower island to make the Battle Frontier and just add Liberty Tower somewhere on the island like what they did with Artisan Cave in Emerald.

  3. New gym leader? I can believe that! Other than the name, id just like to see a design and their type!

  4. if this is true which i doubt it is im disapointed it’s a steel gym leader and not a dark type gym leader. come on game freak everybody whants to see a dark type gym leader, so listen to the fans. oww just thought wouldent it be cool if gamefreak made an entire generation based of the ideas and designes of fans(of course theyd change the art work a bit) that would be cool.

    1. I think it’s pretty obvious by now they’ll never make a Dark-type Leader.

  5. Why’d you post these and not the ridiculous rumours claiming various moves and Pokémon are getting name changes or removed? :p

  6. Stevia is a plant which is recently approved in the EU as a substitute for sugar.
    Don’t know why you guys are coming up with a steel type gym leader.

    1. All the Gym Leaders are named after plants in Japan. Every single one of them. It might be any type.

      1. You mean all gym-leaders in this particular region are named after plants right?
        I always thought Arti was the exception, unless it comes from Artichoke or something.
        Shizui and Homika are both plants too, so any more Gym Leaders must be named after plants.
        Something interesting is Cheren and Bell (Bianca) can be found it plant names too, meaning they are contenders for Gym leaders. (With that said, Makomo (Fennel) would also qualify lol)

        1. Brock=Takeshi (take = bamboo), Misty=Kasumi (kasumiso = baby’s-breath), Surge=Matis (clematis), Erika (Erica genus, heathers), Koga=Kyo (one reading for the “apricot” kanji), Janine=Anzu (the other one), Sabrina=Natsume (jujube), Blaine=Katsura (Japanese Judas tree), Giovanni=Sakaki (Cleyera japonica, an Asian tree)

          Falkner=Hayato (chayote), Bugsy=Tsukishi (horsetail), Whitney=Akane (madder), Morty=Matsuba (pine needle), Chuck=Shijima (Haworthia), Jasmine=Mikan (tangerine), Pryce=Yanagi (willow), Clair=Ibuki (Chinese juniper)

          Roxanne=Tsutsuji (Rhododendron), Brawly=Touki (Angelica acutiloba), Wattson=Tessen (another name for clematis), Flannery=Asuna (Thujopsis), Norman=Senri (senri-goma, Rehmannia japonica), Winona=Nagi (Nageia nagi), Tate/Liza=Fuu/Ran (a type of orchid), Wallace=Mikuri (Sparganiaceae), Juan=Adan (Thatch Screwpine)

          Roark=Hyoutan (calabash gourd), Gardenia=Natane (rapeseed), Maylene=Sumomo (Japanese plum), Wake=Maxi (Maxillaria), Byron=Tougan (wax gourd), Candice=Suzuna (turnip), Volkner=Denji (denjiso, European waterclover)

          Cilan=Dent (dent corn), Chili=Pod (pod corn), Cress=Corn (…), Lenora=Aloe (…), Bugsy=Arti (artichoke), Elesa=Kamitsure (chamomile), Clay=Yacon (yacón), Skyla=Fuuro (geranium), Brycen=Hachiku (henon), Drayden=Shaga (Japanese iris), Iris (…)

          I wasn’t kidding, they’re all plant references. The only exceptions are Blue (who’s named Green in the Japanese version, that also makes one think of plants lol) and Fantina/Melissa.

          1. wow, that’s a really compelling list.
            “Takeshi=Take/Bamboo” was a bit of a long shot, but since it would match all the others I guess it would have to be. O__O
            The Kyou and Anzu thing was an amazing example of foreshowing. I wasn’t even aware Anzu could be read as Kyou until just now! (albeit only in compounds).

        2. In fact, a hell lot of characters are named after plants in Japanese. That includes Professors, Gym Leaders, Elite Four members, major characters like Baoba…

          1. Yeah, the professors were more obvious. But after that list of gym leaders…just wow.
            Is this information on line or are you too a translator?
            日本語で聞けばよかったが、もし分からなかったらドン引きさせたくないし… ああ、もう書いちゃった…w

  7. Not the most exciting Corocoro rumor we have had. But then again, you can’t be releasing all the details of the game months before it comes out, then you have no reason to play the game. I hope that Corocoro reveals that the region is indeed frozen over. I don’t know why so many people find it hard to believe that it truly is. Can’t wait for BW2

  8. Yeah Croagunk! 😀 I hope at least the confirmed pokemon are true.

  9. I think these rumors are false. You would think they would of seen the “new pokemon” thats supposed to be in the issue. Of course I could be wrong and he only saw a bit of the issue’s content.

  10. In the frozen map, isn’t the E4 area frozen as well? A plot to undo the freezing would make sense to me.

    “Unova was created by uniting the warring peoples of the land by twin heroes. To do this, they used a single dragon at an unknown point over 2500 years ago. However, the brothers started arguing over something each sought in life; the older brother sought truth and the younger brother sought ideals. Their arguments split the single dragon into Reshiram, who sided with the older brother, and Zekrom, who sided with the younger brother.
    According to Lacunosa Town legend, a long time ago, a large meteor came from the sky containing a terrifying monster. It was said that at night, the monster would appear in the town along with the cold winds and take away humans and Pokémon to eat them.” – Bulbapedia

    Now, I believe N left with his dragon (Reshiram in White, Zekrom in Black) to find Kyurem, become more powerful. Kyurem is the “third part” of the original dragon (Yin, Yang and Wuji), so by fusing with Reshiram or Zekrom, it could overpower its rival.

    In White 1, N controls Reshiram and seeks truth, while in Black 1, N controls Zekrom and seeks ideals. Therefore, by creating White Kyurem in White 2 or Black Kyurem in Black 2 he unbalances the world and therefore, the freezing could be an effect of dimensional shift (?).

    Originally Unova was a place for both ideals and truth (and the BlackCity/WhiteForest would transform depending on your ‘heart’), but now we have two Unovas, one in Black2(ideals) and one in White2(truth). The fact that there are suddenly (2 years) new cities, new gyms, new (old) pokémon and frozen areas wouldn’t be surprising if “it was always like this”. Simplifying:

    Original Unova -> True Unova (White2) || Ideal Unova (Black2)

    It would be nice to see plot differences between the two versions (that would explain why not “Pokémon Gray”), like differences in the personalities and motivations for the gym leaders and others.

    The new ‘evil’ team could be the ones fighting for Ideals in White2 and Truth in Black2. Your mission would be reuniting the Original Dragon (bringing Reshiram to Black Kyurem or Zekrom to White Kyurem) and undoing the freezing, unlocking the Original Unova.

    That’s just a few of my thoughts, I tried to be brief, but I just can’t. LOL

    here’s a rarecandy for reading it all: ԑoᴈ

  11. I was just talking today about how much I hope Togepi will be in B2W2. Other than that bit of excitement, these rumors aren’t too much to scream about. Kind of interesting, even though I had hoped Achroma would be our stand-in for Juniper this time around.

  12. I’d be one p’d off fan if Geodude made a return. That annoying floating head is nothing but trouble.

    I choose not to believe any rumors about BW2 unless they’re from the guy who posted the full list of Unova’s PKMN.

  13. Battle frontier replacing battle subway?
    And then a facility is battle subway?

    The subway was made to act as a battle frontier with in a more interesting fashion, except it didn’t have any variety YET.
    In other words
    The subway in BW was the Battle “Tower” that usually gets replaced by the “frontier”.
    They obviously made the subway lacking so it gets an upgrade and full use in the sequel.

    wtf would they put Starly in for… or Geodude? These are exactly the kind of pokemon that would make sense to leave out in this case. Ones that not just have already played their role as the annoying common pokemon of a region, but who actually have intentional replacements specifically for Unova.

    1. My thaughts exactly 😀 Good to see someone else is thinking the same thing as me. Geodude has no right to see the light of day in the next 2 Generations XD

    2. Are you even aware of how good Staraptor is?

      Starly isn’t some random nuisance like Pidgey or Hoothoot, it is actually usefull.

      But agreed with Geodude. That rock head has no place here.

      1. Oh I love Staraptor but I think he means its just so readily available to people and was only introduced last gen.

      2. Oh yes I am. I tend to browse through pokemon data to compare and overanalyze stuff it should affect my health.

        Staraptor has no business being in there regardless of it being one of the few actually good birdies.

        300 pokemon. 150 obviously the new ones.
        a good amount of the rest is gonna be fanservice (lucario, eevee and other rare special fellas), and the then there needs to be the regular stuff, particularly whats been lacking in BW (for example stuff to hand out rods for), stuff to fit the story (including gym leader rosters), and if there is any room left after that… the logical thing to do would be putting some forgotten variety in there, not the old line in a ddition to whats specifically been redone for this region. Id also bet there will be plenty of the old pokes weve seen in BW postgame. Like Bronzong around Landorus shrine, Wingull at the beach, Absol at the crater or whatever happens to that place…

      3. ^JHN you’re so right I loved starraptor excuse my spelling but i loved using close combat and its other move my favorite non legend bird type!

    3. Thats the main reason I think this is fake. They’ve already set up the battle Subway thing so it would be weird if they didn’t run with it. I can’t help but wonder what that facility outside of Nimbasa is, it may be the movie place though.

  14. What really throws me off about these rumors is the fact that the Battle Frontier has no Battle Tower…

    The Battle Tower has been in every mainstream game since Crystal, except B/W.

  15. Just a random thought. Do you remember how you had to take the ferry to the battle frontier in Emerald until you could fly there? Maybe there is a train in the battle subway station that takes you to a place like the battle frontier, however it is completely underground, somewhat going with the battle subway theme.

  16. I’d say these rumours are fake because they’re too believable – like someone just made up stuff, but really wanted to fool everyone.

  17. Didn’t last month’s CoroCoro said they are going to reveal a new pokemon in their next issue?

  18. Well with Tornadus and all only being available in these forms with the AR searcher game ,and pictures of ralts after being caught in the AR game, and the previous rumor ignoring the ralts family I think that that was only a small bit of the rumor or it was fake.

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