The Tributes Have Been Chosen, The Jungle Games Commence!

The staff and I have poured over more than 40 applications and we’re ready to announce the chosen 13. We ended up having to make an extra spot because we were so impressed by some of the work that people put into these. I’d like to really really stress that we appreciated each and every application we received and all were read (and rated) by each of the staff members of our news team (myself, Ozy, Dae, Kriff, and NL). Those scores then determined the top 13 applications for the contest to see who would become the next pokejungle staffer. If you didn’t get picked (and this would be the majority of people who sent in an application) it does not mean we didn’t like what you wrote or we didn’t think you’d be a good member of our team. In a lot of cases it came down to grammatical errors or spelling mistakes which lowered scores.

Here are the tributes (in no particular order; all have been emailed already):

[list style=”orb” color=”green”]

  • Casey
  • Snappy
  • Nuza
  • Mechanos
  • Rob
  • Sarydactl
  • Dan
  • Logan
  • Kinganteros
  • Shane
  • Stephen
  • Sammydodger
  • Samual


Now that we’ve determined the “tributes” for The Jungle Games you’ll be seeing weekly challenges from them. This first challenge is scheduled to be posted Thursday and will have to do with something from the past 😉 When we post the participants’ pieces there will be no names and a poll for you to select the top articles (max of 6). You may feel free to praise and criticize, but any comments that aren’t constructive or are immature will not be permitted. We do however encourage a lot of feedback! This is how you guys can determine how the site grows and what you want to see out of it.  The eliminations are not determined solely by the reader feedback, but will definitely play a large role in our decision.

Much appreciation to all participants who took the time to fill out an application. It really means so much to me that people out there want to help improve the site and be a part of it. I already feel like the people who regularly comment here are a core part of what is all about and I’d encourage anyone who really wants to help out to both comment and also use the contact form to send us news tips 🙂 (I really love those!)

<3 pokejungle

ps- May the odds be ever in your favor!