The Tributes Have Been Chosen, The Jungle Games Commence!

The staff and I have poured over more than 40 applications and we’re ready to announce the chosen 13. We ended up having to make an extra spot because we were so impressed by some of the work that people put into these. I’d like to really really stress that we appreciated each and every application we received and all were read (and rated) by each of the staff members of our news team (myself, Ozy, Dae, Kriff, and NL). Those scores then determined the top 13 applications for the contest to see who would become the next pokejungle staffer. If you didn’t get picked (and this would be the majority of people who sent in an application) it does not mean we didn’t like what you wrote or we didn’t think you’d be a good member of our team. In a lot of cases it came down to grammatical errors or spelling mistakes which lowered scores.

Here are the tributes (in no particular order; all have been emailed already):

[list style=”orb” color=”green”]

  • Casey
  • Snappy
  • Nuza
  • Mechanos
  • Rob
  • Sarydactl
  • Dan
  • Logan
  • Kinganteros
  • Shane
  • Stephen
  • Sammydodger
  • Samual


Now that we’ve determined the “tributes” for The Jungle Games you’ll be seeing weekly challenges from them. This first challenge is scheduled to be posted Thursday and will have to do with something from the past 😉 When we post the participants’ pieces there will be no names and a poll for you to select the top articles (max of 6). You may feel free to praise and criticize, but any comments that aren’t constructive or are immature will not be permitted. We do however encourage a lot of feedback! This is how you guys can determine how the site grows and what you want to see out of it.  The eliminations are not determined solely by the reader feedback, but will definitely play a large role in our decision.

Much appreciation to all participants who took the time to fill out an application. It really means so much to me that people out there want to help improve the site and be a part of it. I already feel like the people who regularly comment here are a core part of what is all about and I’d encourage anyone who really wants to help out to both comment and also use the contact form to send us news tips 🙂 (I really love those!)

<3 pokejungle

ps- May the odds be ever in your favor!

  1. Congrats to you guys in the top 13!
    I look forward to seeing all your kick arse writing in the upcoming weeks! 😀

  2. Yup, looking forward to seeing and reviewing and scoring all of your posts. ^^

  3. Congrats to y’all, can’t wait to see your work! 🙂

    (I knew I rushed my application the second after I hit the send button, but it’s all good. :))

  4. I’m very excited! I was practically refreshing my emails ever since PJ tweeted!

  5. I am honoured to be picked as tribute! Many thanks– now the real game begins.. Good luck to all the others!

  6. Well, uh, I never expected to get this far at all (I’m on the list, but for now I’ll keep it secret as to who I am. Unless you ask really nicely and I’ll tell you – not that it serves any purpose).

    I guess I should say thanks to the team members for picking me to be in the top-13, and I hope I can continue to impress. And good luck to all the other tributes!

    (This is also my first comment, so heh)

    1. If I’m allowed to tell a secret: it was because of you we have 13 tributes. I wanted you in, but we didn’t want to cut anyone, so we made a compromise. 😉

      1. Oh… uh… Thanks to you then sir! Does that mean I have to work extra hard to prove to the others that I’m at least half good enough to join the team and write for you guys?

        Unlucky number 13? Possibly not…

        1. No, everybody liked you.
          It’s just that your application came in just before the deadline, when we already had decided who were going to pick. 😉

          1. Ah, well. I don’t have much to say, other than thank you all, again.

            Better late than never! And I shall strive to continue to impress.

    1. Think positive: we could also use Twilight Saga jokes.
      (spoiler: the whole series is a big fat joke in itself)

  7. Oh well, i tried. Im sure all the “tributes” will do an amazing job and help alot. Good luck to all, however, out of all the ones chosen, i only know @kinganteros so good luck to him, hope he does superb.

    1. Well, your application wasn’t bad, it’s just that the competition was hard.

      And yeah, kinganteros is the only really active one in the comments here. But don’t worry, we’ve made sure all the tributes know the site well. 🙂

      1. See, my mistake was rushing it. I did not know how long the competition would last, so i put in my application the very first day. I think i should have also written it out on Microsoft Word or something similar to go and spell check everything because i guess people got eliminated by gramatical errors. But hey, what happened, happened. I’m sure the tributes will improve the site alot more than i could have. Can’t wait for the Jungle Games to commence.

        1. A lot of people suffered from a lack of proofreading. And maybe we should have said nobody had to rush things, as the deadline was only made when we had received enough meat.
          And don’t blame yourself. The whole staff remarked that you had a lot of potential, but that you maybe needed a year or two to advance your skills.

          1. Wow, well thanks to you Dae and all the staff for thinking i had potential. It really means alot to me. I think i might have been at a disadvantage with grammar and creative writing because if i had to take a guess, most of the tributes chosen are around 18-22, and i’m not sure if you remember my application but i am 15. But, they earned earned the tribute spot (funny how people actually want to become trubutes in the Jungle Games but not in the Hunger Games). Time to work on my writing skills then, haha.

  8. Twas better to have loved and lost then to never have entered the Jungle Games competition to become the next journalist along with the other members… (Would liked to have got in but alas… I didn’t)

    Good luck everybody!

  9. awww man :/ i was sure i was gonna get in :/ oh well 🙂 no point in being sad 🙂 its my fault that i havent been on this site for a while cuz i was busy:) oh well 😀 in the summer this site will be my main pokemon site, well it already is. AND I WILL CONTINUE THE FANMADE REGION! :DDD

  10. ahah, awesome! ive been checking my email so frequently >.>
    congrats and good luck to the other tributes!

  11. Wow i’m guessing thats me who made it into the top 13. I hope I can be helpful in anyway possable. Good luck everyone!

      1. I’v finished my challenge and I want to know if I can send it through a different email (my gmail) since my hotmail is having complications at the moment.

  12. Just wondering but I havent gotten any emails yet? If you have sent them i’m not sure why they are not coming up.

    1. The first three letters of the email of the Stephen who got picked are srw… 😮

  13. If you’re going to call it The Jungle Games, at least say “Happy Jungle Games, and may the odds be ever in your favour.”
    With a posh accent, of course.

  14. At least I tried. But like many others stated, I should have proofread my application a few times before clicking the send button. Sometimes I just hate my impatience.

  15. RUMOURS GOING AROUND 2CHAN AT THE MOMENT (I know its still pretty early for leaks but I don’t know…)

    – Homika is the first Gym Leader. Her team consists of Koffing (Level 15) and Whirlipede (Level 17)
    – The second Gym Leader is Tonneru of Driftveil City. She is Clay’s daughter and has inherited the Gym. She is slightly plump and is wearing a purple cowgirl hat and blue overalls. Her team consists of Magnemite (Level 17), Drilbur (Level 19) and Klink (Level 20).
    – The third Gym Leader is Shizui. His team is Mantine (Level 22), Golduck (Level 21) and Dewott (Level 24).
    – Burgh is now the fourth Gym Leader with Dwebble (Level 24), Heracross (Level 26) and Leavanny (Level 28).
    – Elesa is now the fifth Gym Leader and her team is Magneton (Level 27), Raichu (Level 27), Emolga (Level 28) and Zebstrika (Level 31).

    1. Looked over the boards, didn’t see what you’re talking about. URL?

    2. These don’t sound legitimate. “Tonneru” sounds like a bad play on the word “tunnel.” Her Pokemon also have no type consistency. And the fact that Homika and Shizui are still Gym Leaders of nameless cities is further cause for suspicion.

      1. Not to mention the fact that there’s no reason that any leaks would confirm ALL of a gym leader’s Pokémon, much less the individual levels!

    3. Right. Should I come up with believable rumors for you?

      And lol, you put Magnemite on the second and then a Magneton on Elesas roster. I doubt either would have one. And Since you were aiming for Steel type as second, Drilbur is fail, as its Ground only. :I

    4. I know my theory is not solid and you still might be right but i’m pretty sure the first gym leader’s pokemon wouldn’t be 15 or 17 it seems a little bit to high?

  16. KingAnteros and I have had some friendly rivalrous banter in the past. I wish him luck going forward!

      1. The games and the story revolving around them are not meant to be fun. They are a political tool for keeping the workforce in line and reminding them that rebelling is worse than annually having your kids killed on tv, which is only presented as entertainment for the sick spoiled ignorant people of the capitol.

        It’s something you are forced to participate in, not something you want to participate in.
        THG is trying to get a message out, with the games being a plot-tool,
        while pokejungle is actually holding a contest with the goal to find winners.

          1. What I mean is, the connection is barely scratching the surface. Apart from it being popular right now, there is no reason for this.

            Unless that’s what matters, I just don’t think referencing something for the sake of it is really great.
            Using something as a theme should have a connection with its content that isn’t the complete opposite of it, except when the intention is to mock it, which I’m sure was not the case here.

          2. That would have made way more sense, but its old and overdone yeah XD
            Id have loved a Disc wars, but kinda late for that eh…

  17. Ughh i really regret not entering, I don’t know why i didn’t I come to this site all the time even when I know their isn’t going to be new info, I cant stay an hour without checking it over an over again. I just love this site how you can comment on the articles and put out your opinions… Sorrow ):

  18. Just sent my entry! I actually found it quite challenging writing in a manner that’s supposed to be spontaneous.

    I also found code switching between tentative and exclamatory registers rather difficult.

    However, I’m fairly happy with what I’ve written.

  19. It’s a huge privilege just to get this far. I’ve never really had confidence in myself so this is a huge boost 🙂 just got my entry in for challenge 1, bit tight on the deadline since I’ve been busy but hopefully it hasn’t suffered.

  20. I apologize as i am unable to continue any further as tribute in the Jungle Games. I have gained new work responsibilities and have school work which must be improved. I am honored you accepted me, but to continue any further would be to deny those with more time and those more ambitious than me in this pursuit, and such a deed i do not have the heart to do.

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