Dae asks: Are you a boy or are you a girl?

That silly professor with his worsening eyesight, I guess everyone becomes old and senile one day. But this isn’t about you personally, it’s about what you choose to be.

Since Crystal we’ve had this wonderful addition to the games, beloved by all feminists. But do you always pick the boy because you are one (the same goes for girls), or do you just pick the one with the better sprite? Are you afraid of being judged, just because people think that if you play with a girl you’ll want to become a girl? Do you have a totally other reasoning for the choice?

Go on, go commenting below! I’ll be back next time with a completely new Daely Snack, and if the newsdip continues like this, that will be very soon.


  1. The thing is: you should decide it before, I mean the game should ask it itself, not the professor..cause that’s a stupid thing imo..No one ask you that in real life..

    1. Haha, you wouldn’t think people ask if you’re a boy or a girl, but you’d be wrong.. 🙂 I’ve only met one transgendered person in real life; didn’t get to know him that well, he was a friend of a friend, but pretty explicit about being male. Then the person I was hanging out with spent pretty much the whole night asking whether he was a boy or a girl. .__.
      Just goes to show you can never be too certain when it comes to these things! 🙂

      As for being properly on topic, I play female. Crystal and Kris was my childhood though so I could not bear to play Lyra. 8( Not that I played HGSS so at least I avoided that struggle.

      1. you can talk about that with other people but you cannot ask that directly..It would be really unpolite..If the professor has got any doubt about my sexuality I think he should have the decency not to ask it at all..About the transgender if “he” was a girl, you shoud count “him” as a “she”..Cause it seems after all you knew about his/her sexuality without asking..

        1. Ahh, definitely agreed on the first part!! 😮 Gosh if a professional person did anything of the sort I would just feel terrible. (Not to me that is, but to someone else!)
          Sorry I think we’ve had a bit of confusion though, hehe. What happened was this person was female-to-male, and I think our mutual friend might’ve told me at some point… or because it was a big event, maybe word just got around. Unfortunate, but that’s what happens, isn’t it. 🙁
          Anyway thanks for replying, especially since this ‘Dae asks’ is a bit old now! 😛 Sorry if you thought I was like.. directly lecturing you with my reply, or something. I totally didn’t mean that.

  2. In RPGs its fun to experience the game from both sexes. The game can either be you playing yourself in that world or you playing a character in that world. Either way it works and I see nothing wrong with a woman playing as a man or vice versa. The genre of games even states that you are playing a role. If that role is yourself then fine, if that role is some red headed elf girl you made up then also fine.

    I usually play as a both a boy and a girl in pokemon. I do the same thing in Mass Effect, Dragon age, Fallout, Fable, Saints Row, Skyrim, MMOs, etc.

  3. In a pair of Pokemon Games, I always choose the boy for the first game I played, and girl for the second game. I did this so I can experience the game as a male and female Trainer. By that, I mean looking at their sprites.

    But if there is a third version game, I always choose the boy.
    The side series? Always the boy also.

    As for the question which always pops up at the start of a Pokemon game, I agree with joker90’s comment: The game should ask the question itself, not the professor. Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter whether you’re playing any game as a boy or a girl.

  4. I play as both~. I tend to play as the boy more often because it avoids certain situations…aka girls hitting on you when you play as a girl because they forgot to edit that out (which I don’t entirely mind but eh, it’s unexpected and unintentional), OR certain sexist remarks when you play as a girl (watch the intro of ruby/sapphire as a girl to see what i mean XD ) . it’s the little things that lead me to play as the male character more often. i am female~.

    what i think is weird is that the dream world automatically assumes you are the gender you played as…they had boy at 75% for a while…and classified me as a boy…oh no, silly web designers, that’s not how people play XDD . If I replay tho, I do switch. And for the record, I intend to play the girl in BW2. Her design is better than palm-tree-hair male character. Both designs pale in comparison to the rival ; _; why aren’t we allowed to play badasses?

  5. I’ve always played the girl protagonist. Cause I find their sprites cuter than the males. The only time that I chose the male was in crystal, leafgreen and soulsilver. I hate how crystal, leaf, and soul looks like

  6. Along with things like Mario Kart, I tend to find that guys who choose female sprites are obese, nerdy and introvert people. The ‘hikikomori’ type. They’re also likely to spam with ubers and (where they can) legendaries and lack imagination “GOES MAH ROTOM AND GARCHOMPPPP”.
    Though I’m aware this is not EVERYONE who chooses a female sprite lol.

    1. That’s quite the generalization you just made.
      …and what’s so wrong being nerdy/introverted? Chances are, if you’re playing pokemon after the age of 10, you’re at least one of those two. I always play as the male character, as I am a male, but that doesn’t make it wrong to play as the female character.
      As for obesity, I’ll just say that fat people seem two be the only “special interest group” that it’s politically okay to make fun of, so I’ll play the devil’s advocate here. Many people are raised into child obesity by incompetent parents…and it can be tough to lose that weight. Sorta like smoking. Once you become independent, your weight is your responsibility, but I feel it’s immoral to make fun of 8-15 year-olds for being obese. Just my 2 cents.

      1. I’m speaking from what I have observed only. I happen to be a nerd by the way.
        I’m aware this not always the case as I have said.
        Rage quitters and hackers bug me a lot. They all seem to have the same Pokémon and same kind of names. You can spot one a mile off.
        In the case of Mario Kart, people make their so called ‘clans’, playing all day long and ganging up on players. They also tend to do glitches and just play downright dirty. They spell their name with fancy letters, having copied the last person they saw do it, and 95% of the time will have made a cutesy female Mii character with goggles. The lack of imagination and integrity gets to me sometimes.

      1. Oh hey again Kryzz.
        Your MOTHER chose a female character! How’d you like them apples, eh? ;D

  7. the first time i play a new pokemon game, i usually play as a boy, but when i restart the game, sometimes i choose to play as a girl
    of course, it also depends on the design of the characters… if i like more the boy’s design that the girl (ot at least, i like his design), i play as a boy

  8. i play as a boy, and i like the pokemon in my team to be all male, because i fell better when i see two males fighting than two females,
    Call my a misogynist but this is who im!

  9. It depends on the game!
    Gen IV and III had great Boy designs lucas and Brendan were amazing!
    Red I hate because of Ash and Hilbert and new BW2 guy are ridicoulus! And Leaf, Lyra, Hilda and BW2 girl are great!

  10. Being a boy, I always pick the boy character–for my first playthroughs, at least. If I ever restart my game, I choose the girl. Mostly because the boy’s sprite gets boring, though. :p

  11. I pick a girl since I am a girl

    I always thought it was weird in Gold playing as a guy (being your only option) and having people call you Emily throughout the game (yes, that is my name)

  12. Well, I’m a boy… So I’m naturally going to pick the boy. I usually like the girls design better, but this coming from someone who never feels masculin a day in his life; and if I can get the chance to feel masculin, I’ll take it. Don’t take this as a sob-story but the truth. Plus, I always feel like people are watching/judging me no matter where I am, so I feel like people will be like “he must be gay?!?:!>!:>!?:??!?!?!>?!>1>?” or “wwwooooooowwww, ofcourse he would choose the girl?!>?>?!>?!>?!>?!!><??:<!?::<:!” lol ‘ U ‘

  13. I usually pick the character with the better sprite. I picked boy for hoenn, girl for sinnoh, boy again for johto (soul silver; I never got a chance to play the originals) and a boy for Unova. Dunno what I’m gonna pick for BW2, both of them look kind’ve ridiculous in my opinion. Ah well. Maybe I’ll actually stick with my gender and go with Mr. Pineapple.

  14. I’ve tried to play as the girl, but it just didn’t work out for me. I’m a guy, and I place myself as the character in the game. Playing as a girl, the situation no longer played out as “me” being in the game. However, I will say that I rather enjoy playing female characters in other games where I actively control a distinct character. Example, my favorite Mario related games are the ones where Peach is playable. Just FYI and all.

  15. Hmm…I remember when I was little my brother would make fun of me for choosing the boy on Crystal. Haha, but it just depends for me, I now a days just go with the girl. Unless I want a different feel. When your use to a certain sprite, changing your pick almost gives it a different feel…for me at least. xD Right now in Leaf Green I choose the guy. :9 But if it’s a main play-through that I plan on keeping the save file, I mostly pick the girl .Also if I don’t like the design I’ll switch it.

  16. I usually choose the Male character, just because when I form a bond with the character to a point that I am that character. When I play Zelda, I’m Link. I’m not saying I don’t occasionally use the girl on some of the games I’ve played through before (just to spice it up). But I’m a male and I feel like I should choose a male character.

  17. I play as a boy usually, but when I start a new game (like how right now I’m replaying through diamond) I pick the girl and name her and the rival some… “creative” words. like Barry’s name is “Rapist”. Even in the first few minutes it paid off. “Have you seen my little Rapist around?” “You just missed Rapist!” “Rapist: Come follow me to the secluded lake in the woods, little girl…” (paraphrasing) lol

    Plus it’s nice knowing the next person to own it if I ever trade it in will probably play a bit of it before erasing the file.

  18. I can play as either and enjoy the game. However the same cannot be said for Pokemon mystery dungeon. I can only play as a boy in those games for some reason. It just bugs me when i choose girl to get one of the female exclusive Pokemon.

  19. I am a guy and I normally pick a guy trainer but some games I pick the girl trainer. The only games though are Platinum, HeartGold, and I will probably pick the girl for Black 2.

  20. I pick male on whatever game I get first, as it becomes my main. If it’s the start of a generation, I’ll name it my actual name. Else, I make up a name. If/when I get the paired game to it, I’ll choose female and make up a name. As far as third versions go, I usually alternate back and forth.

  21. I always pick the guy (because I’m one), BUT in Black I choosed the girl. The reason being I have both Black and White. In White (which I bought first), I picked the boy (and named him Black). In Black, to go with the reverse theme of these games, I decided to pick the girl (and named her White). It’s also something I wanted to try.

  22. I remember once I did a Platinum run-through as Dawn, using the Pokemon she used in the Anime. I normally play as the boy player though. I must say it was fun!

  23. I always picked Dawn in D/P/Pt and in hall fanhack Pokemon games I pick the girl because they always look cooler IMO. I even think I’ll pick White 2 in BW2 just because she looks a bit cooler than Black 2.

    But in R/S/E, HG/SS and B/W, I picked the dudes cuz they all just look badass.

    May is still my fav female MC though =P

  24. I typically follow Pokemon Special/Adventures tradition of playing the respective character to the version (HeartGold-Boy-“Gold”). But, since you can’t play as the rivals, that can’t be done for every game. So I guess I’m really just playing as whichever character I feel like playing as when I start.

    Crystal – Girl
    Ruby – Boy
    Sapphire – Girl
    Emerald – Girl
    Diamond – Boy
    Pearl – Boy
    Platinum – Girl
    Heart Gold – Boy
    SoulSilver – Boy
    White – Girl
    Black – Boy
    White 2 – likely the Girl
    Black 2 – likely the Boy

  25. Oh. I love this question.

    I’ll usually play as both. It just depends for me on how I like the designs of each trainer. I usually end up buying both (or all) versions of a game; so, if I like the design of both the boy and girl, I’ll play as the boy in the game I like more and the girl in the other. I like to switch it up and play as both. Currently, in Platinum and Black and I’m the boy, and in Heart Gold I am the girl. As for the new games, Black and White 2, I plan on playing as the girl. I don’t like the boy and I think the girl is adorable.

    I really could care less about what my actual gender is, it’s fun to play as both.

    1. Totally agree. I try to switch it up whenever I can. I usually wind up playing the boy most of the time, but variety is the spice of role-playing life, as it were. Sometimes it’s just a matter of whichever sprite is more appealing. In that vein, I’ll be playing the girl in White 2. At least she can decently manage her own hair. Someone get that boy a brush.

  26. I shudder to think there are people assuming you’re going to be sitting there fapping to the like 5 pixels that symbolise your character in pokemon. I’ve always picked a male character in all of the pokemon games, but I have some female characters in other games, and don’t see the big problem. Sometimes a guy can relate more to a female character than a male character. Especially when the only male chararacters available in some games are big burly types. Having said that I’ll probably end up playing a male character this time around too, social pressures and whatnot, though I do prefer the female character appearance-wise this time around. The rival looks better though.

  27. I’m still waiting for a “neither” and “both” options, even if I don’t fall into that part of the LGBTQ+ spectrum.

    Any minute now.

    “Since Crystal we’ve had this wonderful addition to the games, beloved by all feminists”

  28. Well I’m transgender and prefer playing as the boy character over the girl, but that doesn’t stop me from switching things up every now and then and playing as her if I happen to like her design enough. I don’t think BW2 girl looks all that bad actually, but I’m still going to be playing as the boy.

  29. I let it vary, sometimes I restart my game or replay my games, so I’d pick the girl character so that my Pokemon can be from different OTs. All of my characters have names based off of my own or my horoscope and favorite animal: Lions. I have had Andre, Lionus, Lionel, Leon, Ravone(My middle name), Raven, Leona, Leo, and Leah. So, I love variations.

  30. It depends on my team. I usually choose the boy but sometimes I wanted to have Dawn’s team or even that girl from HG/SS with the chikorita. I see no problem at all.

  31. Well, I usually pick the boy, but OMG game freak needs some better designs! Its like:

    FRLG: The only designs I like.
    HGSS: Nick Jonas or Demi Lovato
    RSE: Justin Bieber or Vannessa Hudgens
    SPOT: Joe Jonas or Selena Gomez
    BW: Zac Efron or Miley Cyrus.

    So, all the choices remind me of teenage actors/pop artists. -_-

  32. I play as both but it all depends on which sprite looks better. For Black2 I’m going to choose the girl cuz i dont like the boy’s design. They both look too simple.

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