PokéJapan: Introducing Tretta & Popular WiFi Pokémon!

Remember when we showed off a mysterious new logo for something called “Pokémon Tretta”? Turns out it’s a children’s arcade game coming to Japan.  I wouldn’t bet on this heading overseas as Pokémon Battrio (another arcade game that looks similar) has never made it out of Nippon. You’re not missing much though, I see kids play it occasionally and it’s not the skill-based RPG that keeps us older fans hooked.

In other news from Pokémon’s country of origin, Famitsu (Japanese gaming magazine) has published a list of the top 4 Pokémon used during last month’s “2012 International Challenge” WiFi tournament. Drum roll please, here are our winners!

  •  Metagross (Popular Moves: Meteor Mash [80.4%], Bullet Punch [78.4%], Protect [76.5%])
  •  Tyranitar (Popular Moves: Rock Slide [97.7%], Crunch [95.5%], Protect [79.5%])
  •  Cresselia (Popular Moves: Trick Room [51.4%], Psychic [48.6%], Swagger [43.2%])
  •  Hitmontop (Popular Moves: Fake Out [100%], Close Combat [94.4%], Sucker Punch [77.8%])

Looks like Cresselia was really the unpredictable one with no real “standard” moves like the other three on the list! Interesting that no Generation V Pokémon made the top 4…

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