I’m back alive. Had been both working for school and partying hard over the week. And on a rather important side-note, I will begin a new series similar to what I’m doing now Dae asks. It is a lot more humorous and sarcastic, but I hope you’ll like it.

In this week’s question I’m asking you if have bought any cool Pokémon merchandise and if you still buy new things. I know some of you have exclusive stuff, so it would be nice to tell us about your collection. The best thing I have is a Club Nintendo Giratina T-shirt, which is rather awesome, but it’s the only noteworthy object.

So, what about you guys? Tell me all in the comments below. See you next time with a new series!

PS- Paul seems really busy, so P2Cast and the Giveaway winners will come a bit later then planned. Don’t think we forgot the giveaway, the winners have already been chosen.


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Has grown up to be a totally serious and honest guy. Lol no, way too boring. Still sarcastic.