Dae Asks: Merchandise

I’m back alive. Had been both working for school and partying hard over the week. And on a rather important side-note, I will begin a new series similar to what I’m doing now Dae asks. It is a lot more humorous and sarcastic, but I hope you’ll like it.

In this week’s question I’m asking you if have bought any cool Pokémon merchandise and if you still buy new things. I know some of you have exclusive stuff, so it would be nice to tell us about your collection. The best thing I have is a Club Nintendo Giratina T-shirt, which is rather awesome, but it’s the only noteworthy object.

So, what about you guys? Tell me all in the comments below. See you next time with a new series!

PS- Paul seems really busy, so P2Cast and the Giveaway winners will come a bit later then planned. Don’t think we forgot the giveaway, the winners have already been chosen.


  1. My favorite is a Maneki Neko style Meowth cell phone charm. I can’t bring myself to actually use it though because is pretty and ceramic and knowing me I’d break it. 🙁

  2. Ive gotten a couple plushies as of recently!
    Right now I have my Pokeball I got from a theme park in Virginia, my Woobat and Scraggy, and then my Chikorita my roommate got me for christmas. 😛
    Im hoping to get some more plushies soon or bring some to my apartment when I visit my family again!

  3. I collect the takaratomy m series figures. I have since they came out and still buy them today. I actually would like some ideas about where i could buy them now.

  4. it’s not so much a physical item i have, but in 3d dot heroes for ps3, i made my character a scraggy. and it kicks serious zelda-ripoff ass. now THAT game has a good sprite-creation system for game freak to copy into a pokemon game. lol

  5. I’m not really a merchandise person when it comes to games.
    The only Pokemon related stuff I have is a Pikachu and Jigglypuff figure which sits on a ball/marble thing so it rolls on a flat surface…
    Oh… almost forgot… I used to collect the tazzos that came in crisp packets… good times =P

  6. The ones that I got last year are Dewott, Pikachu, Oshawott, Pansage, Zorua plushies from the Nintendo Store. I still have my Pokemon bed sheets from when I was little. Same with a towel with all 151 Pokemon on it. And an Oshawott, Zoroark, and Zorua that come from McDonalds. Hm..now that I think about it I also have a Pikachu bank that each time you put in money would say “Pika!” and a Pokemon sleeping bag. I was obsessed with Pikachu when I was little haha. Aside from that I have little figurines of Brock Misty and Ash..a Nidorino, Vulpix, and Eevee with more Pikachu’s lol. Oh and some puzzles with team rocket on it and Pokemon Monopoly and Yahtzee. And a shirt with old manga version on it, and a Pikachu hairband. Oh wow I keep remembering more stuff as I go, didn’t think I had that much. I’ll stop it here, I have way to much stuff from when I was little. xD

  7. One of my favorite things I had as a kid was the original pokedex on the first 150 pokemon ( mew wasnt included ) it always made me feel so cool when i was with my mates and we were talking about pokemon haha God i wish i could get another i lost it years ago :/

  8. i actually got new merchandise that i love the other day after i posted before! there’s this set of machines in one of my malls that require special heavy-duty tokens that are $2 a piece or 3 for $5, so clearly i got 3 because there were big pokemon bouncy balls! they had kyogre, groudon, rayquaza, deoxys (normal form), and 2 pikachus. i hoped and hoped that i wouldn’t get a single pikachu, and i lucked out and got groudon, deoxys, and rayquaza! bouncy balls are sort of a collection i’ve been working on for half my life so it was a great evening for that. lol

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