RUMOR: Kyurem has a second forme?!

Wow.  I have missed reporting on rumors.  I mean really missed it.  Miss the comments, the speculation, the haters, everything.  But thanks to our friends at PokéBeach we now know that there is definitely possibly a second forme for Kyurem! They cite some ROM data that shows there is a placeholder for the alternate forme. Not super solid evidence, but definitely something worth commenting on. Obviously this would be for the upcoming Pokémon Grey (tentative title).

This has been speculated from, oh, the release of Black and White, but can we finally start speculating on just what exactly this beast looks like?!  I think it’ll look like an ice cube with a dragon head.

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  1. I though Kyurem getting a second form was obvious with the fact that it was just some random legendart pokemon with no backstory like Giratina was in DP. Giratina then got an alternate form and a backstory. Not to mention that the God Stone in the BW leads to believe that’s Kyurem’s version of the Black and White stone.

  2. Although a second forme is quite possible, the chart Pokebeach has posted shows no difference in Kyurem’s stats and all. I think that it may not be a forme, just the exact same Pokémon but with a different learnset that allows it to learn Freeze Shock and Ice Burn via level-up.

    1. I do think your explanation makes a lot of sense 🙂 It’s much more fun to speculate about a second forme though haha

      1. Eh, different formes for Deoxys, Castform and even Arceus were fine but giving a bunch of formes to every legendary has become stupid imo. Though Kyurem really needs a better look so it may be ok.

    2. Did you even read the whole post there? Of course it doesn’t have any change in its stats. It’s a placeholder. It doesn’t even had a sprite for the new forme. Kyurem is only pokémon in that data list that has no formes, which means it will have. The same happened with Giratina and Shaymin in DP data. Just read the whole post. Seriously, people still doubting Kyurem won’t have a new forme is just ridiculous…

      1. rumors arent true-.- its not like kyruem is shaymin.. =_= if kyurem ad a second form it would use that form in battle i have the 3D game pokemon rumble blast (for 3DS only) and i saw kyruem (its 5% chance too actully get him) he litterly almost killed me. he didnt use a second form there is also a little map where it shows all the forms of legandaries and regular pokemon. like raikou is in the meadow BF1 AXLE TOWN if you have the game you know what im talking about. i have raikou ^.^ offely hard to get-.- anyways it didnt show another form of kyruem and the ppl that made the game would include the other form if kyruem had a other form.

  3. The original data was posted in Smogon on Dec 13th – I’m assuming Pokebeach did more research since then or something.
    BTW does anyone remember if you could use formes when battling vs D/P?

  4. I have a feeling that when Kyurems’ new forme is released, then it won’t be what people expect then people will be like:
    ‘What the hell is Nintendo thinking!’ or ‘I could make something better then that…are they all on drugs or something!’
    It’s probably better not to hype up a mythical forme so that nobody is disappointed when it is finally revealed

  5. I think it will expand around the idea of the once sole dragon, zekrom and reshiram broke apart and split into those dragons- i think kyurem is the living shell of that dragon left behind and that its other form would be a restored form of the original dragon with black and white insignia on the broken wings and other places- maybe call it the restored forme XD

    1. There’s a bright idea, but I don’t think it’ll be emblazoned with a logo per-se.

      I think Kyurem’s current form does look weak, so it’s new form may well be called its Restored form.

      If anything I think it may have a black body and white wings.

  6. Yay rumors!
    I think they have a lot of really good options with the second form, and hope they can really bring that out. To me..maybe it’s form would be something a lot stronger…heck since it’s been in that ice for so long, I would kinda think that it’s second form would lose some of it’s the wings would be different. It almost seems as if the ice parts were it’s Armour when I look at it, what gives its protection. But we all see differently, so I can be completely wrong, and I probably am haha, but it’s fun. 😀

  7. Ugh. Another form? I could care less about Kyurem… I really like it’s type combination, and I think it’s really ugly. A new form isn’t going to change how strange and ugly he is. However, I do agree with most people here that if it does have a new form, it will look like some combination of Zekrom and Reshiram. I don’t know.. I really think alternate forms are the stupidest idea they’ve ever come up with. I hate them, so it’s hard for me to speculate.

    I have a totally different speculation for what the third game would be anyway. I really want it to be kind of like Gold/Silver/Crystal… With the box legendary on the third version being Landorus, and it being Brown Version. I don’t know, that just makes more sense to me than Kyurem being the legendary. 😛

    1. lol? Landorus had no connection with Reshiram & Zekrom, why would it be the cover legendary. What happened in gen II was different because Lugia and Ho-oh were the only “Uber” legendaries back then AND they were a duo, not a trio. Plus, even Suicune had a relation with Ho-oh…

    2. Deja vu…
      Oh right, I remember the good old times when everyone was yelling at me how awfully retarded I was for thinking that ugly piece of Giratina would have any relation to Dialga/Palkia, let alone be on the cover of the third game.

  8. The alternate forme for Kyurem is a huge possibility. The question is in its defining characteristics. Maybe since many consider it to be a living shell, somewhat similar to a Shedinja, restored forme is a plausible name. I think God stone won’t function like Giratina’s Griseous orb, but will act like the dark and light stone. It may even recieve 2 new formes. One that is capable of learning freeze shock and the other capable of learning ice burn.

  9. Y’know, the value they placed in Kyurem’s forme number is 1, which is a placeholder byte. It’s possible that it will have more than one new forme… kewl 🙂

  10. (ascension7, meet me: Ascension, your forefather. jk)
    Reading through these posts, there seems to be a lot of good ideas. My favorite and least favorite in particular is the post concerning the re-combination of the Tao Trio into a ‘Restored Forme.’ I like the name, but I think that there would be too much power in a Pokemon made up of three legendaries…
    Another speculation on Kyurem having two new formes, one with Reshiram, the other with Zekrom, was a better idea, but I am going to hold my reservations on that one.
    I have a theory of my own, although I’m not particularly confident in it: Kyurem’s Black Version Pokedex description states that, “It generates a powerful, freezing energy inside itself, but the body became frozen when the energy leaked out.” What if this alternate forme is pre-frozen energy leak Kyurem? My only fear is that Kyurem might look repulsive without his ice-covered body. My lack of confidence in that theory comes from the fact that it has nothing to do with Kyurem being the “Frozen Remnant” of the original dragon, along with Reshiram and Zekrom.
    I might give this a little more thought after Kyurem’s movie is released; the extra information that movie will provide on Kyurem would help with the theories. That is, if that movie isn’t meant to unveil the alternate forme.

  11. holy cow too much random lame speculation crap for my eyes in the comments. I want to help figure things out but I don’t want brain damage.

    Anyways. This is basically just a solid confirmation of the obvious.

    We didn’t need this kind of proof and its existence is pure accident.

    I glimpsed and saw someone say Kyurem doesnt need a forme because its ugly. asarjgefjgfbjr you deserve cake.

    Kyurem was DESIGNED SO ITS LOOK MAKES YOU GO “whats this asymetric weak broken dragon thing, oooh itll get an upgrade”

    They didnt hide the fact it will get an upgrade like for Giratina, they wanted everyone to guess and speculate so they made everything point towards that.

    Also it seems lots of people dont understand WHAT was found even though its been explained.
    Pokemon without formes have 0 formes in the data. Pokemon WITH formes have 2-6, depending on the number. So Rotom has 1+5, Shaymin 1+1.. And well Kyurem has 1. Meaning it has no forme in BW, but the number was messed with as every other pokemon has a 0 in that spot. The simplest guess is that they already had the formes in the game and took them out before release. And if you check DP it turns out the same thing was true for Shaymin/Rotom/Giratina.

    Its not super solid evidence? Are you fucking kidding me.

    1. I agree with your points, Charon, but god, relax. 😛 Is it wrong that the uniformed, like myself, are excited?
      And personally, I think Kyurem looks bad-ass. (b^,^)b It’s one of my favorite legendaries.

      1. Yea. I should have figured out by now that most people share rushed guesses without putting thought into them or doing any research, every time again and again LOL-

        1. Sure, people will spout random and pointless ideas, it happens. Try to be a little less judgmental , because I’m sure you wouldn’t appreciate being shut down by someone above you, calling you’re fantasies pathetic. :/
          Live and let live, you are not god, you have no right to condemn. Only enlighten, which is done so through positive deconstruction followed by informed reinforcement. Parenting 101. Lol

  12. i think so btw why did you put friends in a different font. do guys not like pokebeach. if you don’t like them why did you go on there site for the kyreum info and i rember that you toke one of the dragon pokemon card symbols of there site. lr2n to get info your self just saying

    1. Well, they found some interesting news themselves, so they deserve credit for them. If everyone had to come up with news themselves, there wouldn’t be a lot to report 😛
      But there have been a few issues in the past which has let to WPM not liking PJ very much.

  13. I really don’t like Kyurem. I think it’s because of the yellow patch on its head and the yellow eyes. It just doesn’t look good. If Kyurem does have an alternate form I could see it being much more smooth and not jagged. And I would have thought that the extra slot in the game would be filled with a combined reshiram/zekrom. In the game it was always talking about how those pokemon were once one combined pokemon but then split into two when the two brothers fought or whatever. I was thinking gray would be about team plasma trying to reunite the two dragons into one really powerful one. Just a guess though.

  14. I don’t think I can put into words how much I missed the days when PJ posted rumors. That’s the whole reason I started coming to this site! ;_;

  15. I kind of like the idea of them fusing Reshiram and Zekrom back into the one Pokemon, that way it could go wrong and created the alternate form or something ? Either way whatever it will be its good to see Kyurem getting a new form 🙂

  16. this whole discussion reminds me of the book/movie contact. “i’m not interested in the static that was recorded. what interests me is that there was about 19 hours of it…” = “there’s no second form(e) in the code, but there’s a space for it to go”. lol

    1. actually not even that. Something was there, but then only the part that matters was deleted, the part that does nothing was left in LOL

  17. There are 2 new forms for Kyurem. 1 is a Kyurem/Zekrom combo and the other is a Kyurem/Reshiram combo. They feature in ‘Pokemon: Black v2’ and ‘Pokemon: White v2’. If u want 2 c them just google search: ‘white kyurem’ or black kyurem’. =D

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