Dae asks: Alternate forms

Let’s pretend nothing happened, shall we? You murdered me, but we continue asking. For science. You monster…

What’s the best alternate form of a Pokémon? There are a lot to choose from, so everyone should have something to answer. Whether it is the cool Giratina Origin Forme, or the cute Shaymin Sky Forme. But I think human minds are too weak to pick a good answer. So prove me wrong and tell us why you think you picked the right choice (which you won’t).

I predict there’s a 85% chance you’ll have a hard time choosing between a few options. But do answer, though. There will be cake in the comments below.

  1. I think Darmanitan is one of the greatest alternative forms. Not only its design, but the idea behind it makes it perfect. Darmanitan looks very aggressive and bustling, when its hp gets low, it becomes motionless, cold-looking and chilly, like it’s trying to focus on sort of inner feelings, hence the ability is called Zen Mode and adds Psychic type. It also make contrast between the blank-eyed daruma dolls and the filled ones.

    Sawsbuck and Castform are good examples too. Actually, i don’t like legendary forms and Rotom is kinda bad too.

  2. Giratina Origin Forme is my favorite. I loved the concept of having two formes that it takes depending whether it is in the pokémon world or its home, the reverse/distortion world. I also liked the fact that the origin forme, like its name implies, is giratina’s true form back when it was created by Arceus and makes it look even more devillish to go with the renegade/banishment theme.

    1. forgot to mention the formes happening because of gravity issues between both worlds which is a nice detail.

  3. The best form ever in terms of design is Meloetta. It just has such a stark difference between its two forms. The best competitive form is obviously deoxys. With the legendary atk, def, and speed forms.

    The Cake Is a Lie.

  4. My favorite alternate form is that one for Spinda. Y’know, where it’s got that one spot in the middle and that small spot in the upper right, and then those two spots by the lower left-hand part of its face, and then it has that one sort of corner-of-a-spot towards the lefthand-most side that you can kind of see but not really. That one. I really like that one.

  5. i like Deoyxs and his forms, Its an “Alien” that can adapt to any situation 🙂

    i like the Movie Deoyxs more then the one in the games.

  6. I prefer most Pokemon forms except for giratina… it’s one that does seem to be that inventive by the way (I know a lot of people are now staring at me with digust).
    I wish that they had released an Arceus with at form that goes with the ??? type. They they thought of the idea but scrapped it…

  7. I wish Palkia and Dialga would get new formes, even though I know it’s silly.

    Just doesn’t feel right when they were like the perfect trio before that :S

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