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How does the new Final Fantasy: Theatrhythm game pertain to Pokémon fans? Well, it’s the first 3DS game to be getting paid DLC. Nintendo’s upcoming Fire Emblem 3DS will also have optional paid DLC. I wondered how exactly this might affect the next generation of Pokémon games and if it’s realistic to guess that Gen VI may have some paid downloadable content.

Here’s a short list of what could pop up as DLC in my opinion:

  • – An extra region
  • – Legendaries
  • – Battle Frontier or similar location
  • – TMs
  • – Gym Leader rematch “pass” to challenge them again

What do you guys think? Since Nintendo is testing the water with their own Fire Emblem title is it unreasonable to think that Pokémon may have some DLC?

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ps- Title was a reference to the Magikarp sellers that are seen sporadically in the anime :p

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  1. as intriguing as it sounds and however many ways they could go with it, it’s my opinion that a game nintendo still targets at children (even though i’m guessing most of us on this site are not under 12) won’t have paid dlc. that would require some sort of payment info on the 3ds or even dsi/3ds points or whatever the 3ds uses, and unless children get their allowances in digital form nowadays (which they might… i’m not that old but i don’t know about kids. lol) i don’t see how they’d be expected to get this stuff. it’d be that or pretty much giving kids their parents credit cards to go nuts on the nintendo shop. lol

  2. Game makers shouldn’t make people pay for what should be put in a game to begin with. Rematches, tm’s, the battle frontier and legendaries are all part of what make the pokemon games that have them worth playing. To deliberately leave out the features to make you pay for them later is like being sold a car for full price which doesn’t include wheels and a windscreen. It’d be a massive scam.
    An optional extra region might be ok though, assuming the game without it was big enough to be a full length game in its own right.

  3. Personally, I’d be happy to drop a couple dollars for a legendary, especially if it had a special move or unlocked something in the game. Where I live, it’s nearly impossible to get to the store-only promotions, so something like this could be a nice alternative. Of course, I’d still prefer them being free, but companies do love their money.

  4. That wouldn’t be cool if Pokemon fans had to pay for Poke-related stuff.
    I hope that Nintendo realises what a MASSIVE fan base they have and then realise that putting DLCs that need to be paid for will decrease fan numbers by a whole bunch.
    Having free DLCs like maybe ghost battles to fight against ie: Nintendo workers pick out their favourite team then it is available to battle when you download it. If you beat them, you get something special?

  5. the options you gave are exactly what Nintendo try to avoid: they said that they don’t want to sell half of a game and later on release paid DLC, so the player would have to pay more to get the full game
    those features have been included before with the whole game: legendaries (except the event ones) are in the game, as battle frontier and TMs.
    maybe some people would pay for an extra region, but i don’t think that they would release an extra region as a paid DLC: that is a lot of content that should be in its own game.

  6. I don’t mind the idea of DLC. I think it’d be cool if you could buy a “Dream Charm” that would allow you a 1-2% chance of wild Pokémon having their DW ability. This could also work on legendaries, if you wanted to spend enough time SRing.

  7. Paid DLC is the biggest waste of money. Honestly, if you’re going to do DLC, make it free or don’t do it at all. It could easily have been included in the game from the start if you’re planning to have paid-for DLC before the game’s release, so why the hell are you keeping it out of the game just to make me pay more?

    Screw paid-for DLC.
    Screw this scam known as “DLC”.
    Screw everything.

  8. I think that TMs would mess up the competitive metagame tbh. Legendaries would be cool, or maybe certain legendary events. A “Gym Leader Pass” sounds like something Nintendo would do >_<

  9. a dlc for a pokemon game… sounds to me like extortion sorry for the term but im old enough to understand this things.. dropping of a buck or 2 for a single or a very small amount is illogical, I know most marketeers/ters would disagree with me.. i termed it as extortion not in the context of kids getting excited about the dlc but rather the money that most kids would ask their parents for senseless small content.. considering the state of the economy of the world today… DLC is Just a bad Move for any game publishers ans developers.

  10. I don’t know … if the price of the game down it might be a business idea to sell DLC but if the price is so high (as in Latin America almost 100 dollars for a game. (besides that the economy is not enough to have a lot of games if we can barely pay rent and food)) would be a scam … or more expensive games in history … so like everyone else I am against payments DLC and the DLC for free!

    sorry about that but I had to say it lol


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