SALE: Magikarp only $1


How does the new Final Fantasy: Theatrhythm game pertain to Pokémon fans? Well, it’s the first 3DS game to be getting paid DLC. Nintendo’s upcoming Fire Emblem 3DS will also have optional paid DLC. I wondered how exactly this might affect the next generation of Pokémon games and if it’s realistic to guess that Gen VI may have some paid downloadable content.

Here’s a short list of what could pop up as DLC in my opinion:

  • – An extra region
  • – Legendaries
  • – Battle Frontier or similar location
  • – TMs
  • – Gym Leader rematch “pass” to challenge them again

What do you guys think? Since Nintendo is testing the water with their own Fire Emblem title is it unreasonable to think that Pokémon may have some DLC?

<3 pokejungle

ps- Title was a reference to the Magikarp sellers that are seen sporadically in the anime :p

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