Dae asks: Giveaway Question

Some of you remembered I was doing a giveaway, and that the giveaway was pulled from the front page. No, it is not cancelled. It was part bad timing on my part. Nobunaga news had hit only a few hours after it, way earlier than I expected. And we were already doing a giveaway, so we decided to postpone it to a later date.

I also believe a lack of proper preparation resulted in little interest and a too open-ended question. So we’re tackling that today. Tell me the question you always wanted featured in Dae asks. Make sure we haven’t already covered it and I’ll pick the most interesting one. You can view previous questions here.

I still haven’t set  date for the giveaway, but I’ll announce the date together with the winning question in the next Dae asks (with a normal question), so keep your eyes out. In the mean time, I need those questions, so get commenting below!