P2Cast 1/15/2012 with pokejungle


Ozy and I are doing a new feature in which we’ll give weekly recaps of the news in video format 🙂 Another reminder of how this site never takes itself very seriously :p  Please do NOT expect anything professional looking haha.  Just get comfortable and press play if you’re interested!  Covered this week:

  • – Nobunaga’s Ambition (will it be localized?!)
  • – Crustle C-Gear & Lucario download (US)
  • – Showing off my ‘Circle Pad Pro’ 3DS addon
  • – Upcoming pokejungle wiki

Enjoy (or don’t :()

<3 pokejungle

ps- After this week each episode will feature a ‘weekly pokemon’ that Ozy and I will critique… but we’ll be picking it out for each other :3

pps- A rare candy for those of you who know what P2 thing the title of the videocast references