P2 Cast 1/29/2012 With Ozy

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHFUfoR8H6A After an immediate one week hiatus (oops), we’re back with another P2 Cast!  This time Ozy’s hosting and talks about his experience sitting down with a high ranking Nintendo employee 🙂  Also covered: Mr. Bojingles’ new series, Nobunaga, etc. We’re going to start a new thing where I give Ozy a Pokemon to critique … Read more

P2Cast 1/15/2012 with pokejungle

Ozy and I are doing a new feature in which we’ll give weekly recaps of the news in video format 🙂 Another reminder of how this site never takes itself very seriously :p  Please do NOT expect anything professional looking haha.  Just get comfortable and press play if you’re interested!  Covered this week: – Nobunaga’s … Read more