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There has really been no interesting news the last week (is it still a surprise that new games are coming?), but in a few days, Pokéjungle will get a new layout and new features! And we will celebrate the occasion with a giveaway. Stay tuned…

Today’s question comes from Chicolombia. Do you nickname your Pokémon? And how do you choose nicknames? Do you name them after real people, e.g. your sister, or do you give them fantasy-esque names? Perhaps you give them a cheesy joke name, as I do. I’d also like to hear your party their names, in addition to their species and gender, if you want to.

You all know the deal: everything goes into the comments below, so get commenting!

  1. Whenever I nickname, I try to be creative, so I’ll use bits of words from other languages, or I’ll try to use a part of their name in it.

    For example, I named my Samurott “Wottson”. Here, I put part of its name in a realistic one.
    Also, I once named a Serperior “Lierrepent” because it combines the French words for ivy (lierre) and snake (serpent), even though that’s technically an English variant to snake anyways… 🙂

  2. I like to nickname pokemon realting to them. Like, my favorite pokemon samurott is named “hydrotter” (hydro otter). My chandelure is “escalofrio” spanish for “ghostly chills”.
    Thanks for the mention btw. Always happy to contribute!! 😀

  3. I don’t nickname my pokemon. But if i did it, i would name them as mythological gods and creatures. It would be so amusing!

  4. I always do things a little different when naming new teams. I’ll probably sit and think about it for the longest time though. But I usually try to match the name with the Pokemon in some way. I always like having a team with 3 girls and 3 boys, making it even haha.It bugs me for some reason having more girls then boys on a team..I think it’s seeing all the pink ♀. I find my self though recently loving to name them with something that sounds like a bit old..kinda fancy lol. In my first play through of Black I tried naming my main team some older names. I think my favorite has to be my Swoobat, I named her Victorique. Second would have to be my shiny Leavanny, I named him Basil(I was trying to find some name that sounded right, meaning gold, but I ended up loving the sound of Basil) I also named my Samurott Lancelot. And in my recent run of Soul Silver, I named my Feraligatr Charleston, which I like to call him Sir Charleston II. xD

  5. I try to nickname my pokemon, if I can’t find a name of a person or thing I combine two words that describe the pokemon, just like Pokemon are usually named by the company.

    Some of my pokemon.
    Emboar – female Lucha (lucha libre, spanish for wrestling)
    Gigalith – female krystaline
    Serperior – male Arropentes (serpentes = snakes, arro- arrogant), female Strelizia
    Krookodile – male Nixon LMAO
    Sygiliph – female Nascaplume (nasca lines, plume french for feather)
    Samurott – female Katana

    Reuniclus – female:Ovum, male:Spermy lol
    Many more.

    1. Male Samurott: Ronin
      Male Emboar: Nacho (Nacho Libre lol)
      Female Gothitelle: Abby (after NCIS’ character Abby Sciuto)
      Male Liepard: Divol (divo + evil)
      Female Liepard: Dival (diva + evil)

  6. I didn’t use to nickname my Pokemon. However, I decided, with White Version, why not try it? But it was all foreign ground to me, so I wound up just naming every Pokemon I caught after a band or song. Sometimes it worked well; my Emboar was “King” and my Swoobat was “Qualia” and my Zekrom was “UVERworld.” Stuff like that. Sometimes it didn’t work well, though… needless to say, it’s hard to convince yourself that you’re meant to be taken seriously as a battler when you have an Eelektross named Super Bass.

  7. I usually don’t nickname my Pokemon, but I do have a few that I must nickname. For instance, I have a thing with naming my Dragonites “Knight.” Not just any Dragonites, though; they must either be descendants of the previous Knight, or the first Dratini I get in the game. HGSS played right into that little niche of mine with the Extreme Speed Dratini. ^^
    I always name my shiny Gyrados “Gyradoom” and arm it with Armageddon-esque moves like Fire Blast, Earthquake, Blizzard, Thunder, Surf, and Outrage (depending on my fancy). Not playing into the STAB idea, but I never care for “prize/display Pokemon.”
    I have a Mew named Genesis.
    Back when I had Gale of Darkness, I had a shiny Zubat named Zuzu.

  8. My nicknaming style involves giving my Pokemon names that people would typically have (though some don’t meet this criteria). Some names would come from the Pokemon’s species names themselves (English and/or Japanese) and would not be restricted to English-sounding names either. Some examples:

    Kenji (Samurott), Keegan (Infernape), Astrid (Gothitelle), Rooney (Reuniclus), Zebront (Zebstrika), Olivia (shiny Leavanny), Pietra (shiny Rhyperior), Pace (Togekiss), Leone (Liepard), and Dominic (Honchkrow).

    The Pokemon nicknames I’m pretty proud of are names that improve upon the species name of Pokemon: Majellica and Majellisty (Jellicent F & M), Tundbera (Beartic). I wish I could think of names like these for all of my Pokemon but I’m content with giving them normal-ish names, too.

  9. @Jenny: The way we nickname Pokemon is all too similar.

    I like to have my teams have three boys and three girls – sometimes it can be hard choosing which ones I want to be female and which ones I want to be male. I always nickname my Pokemon. I even nickname ones that aren’t even part of my team. I will nickname every single one of my Pokemon I catch. I like to pick old fashion names for a lot of them, or I just choose things that sound good. I look things up relating to the Pokemon in different languages, I’ll name them after constellations or different gods’ names. Just anything I think that sounds good. One of my favorites is Ditto. I always name them Play-doh.

    I’m currently playing Platinum. This is my team so far: Atlas (Turtwig), and Nightlite (Shinx). I like both of the names. Atlas is the Greek Titan that carried the world on his back, and since Torterra has the mountains and trees on his back it fits. My boyfriend helped me come up with Nightlite, and I fell in love with that name. In Heart Gold, I have Saturn (female Quilava), and Seymour (Butterfree). I think I’m going to go with an all “S” theme with that team. In White my team is: Jupiter (Pignite), Cronus (Boldore), Nyx (Liepard) (I’m ditching her though), Myra (Swadloon), and Carmenta (Solosis).

  10. From FR/LG on I have not nicknamed my Pokemon.
    I mean, I’m sure Gyarados would have loved to have been called “Splashy” along with my previous water types. And perhaps I could have traded over “Legend” the Groudon or “Disaster” the Absol.
    If I’d kept going with nicknames, my team would have probably ended up as Flamey, Sparky, Diggy, Flappy…
    …Grumpy, Sleepy, Happy, Sneezy…

  11. Before Platinum, I would only nickname my party Pokemon. Starting Platinum, I nicknamed EVERY single pokemon I caught. As for my party pokemon, some of the names have deeper meaning and others look like a five year old chose them heh

    -My Platinum team is Tiraniga (Giratina), Galiad (Dialga), Icebreaker (M Empoleon), Kirario (M Lucario), Trinity (F Togekiss) and Skyglider (M Staraptor).

    -My Green Leaf Team: Aquashell (M Blastoise), Stripes (M Persian), Pidg (M Pidgeot), IceCream (Articuno), Flashlight (Zapdos) and Mewtwo (no nickname XD).

    -Emerald: Void (M Sceptile), Devi (F Gardevoir), Gemi (F Sableye), Lyra (F Azumarill), Bluedragon (M Salamence) and HM Slave (F Tentacool).

    -Soul Silver: Seth (M Meganium), Luau (F Gyarados), Quazar (M Arbok), Calculette (F Rapidash), Skyscraper (Lugia), Skyliner (M Fearow), Moonlight (F Umbreon) and Howldog (M Houndoom)

    -White/Black: Tamy (F Serperior), Zanzibar (M Panpour), Cobali (White – Cobalion), Mina (White – F Swoobat), Runi (Black – M Darmanitan), Xandra ( White – F Krookodile), Cuda (Black – M Electric Squirrel whose name I forget), Lisygy (Black – F Sigilyph), Chrome ( White – Zekrom) and Shiri (Black – Reshiram)

    Oh God, talk about TL;DR XD

  12. I tried doing a hard mode run on enerald once, and it really impressed me how much more attached i get to pokemanz with names.
    I had my starter (treecko) called Grassass (my friend called his mudkip mudbutt so i had to)
    I had a tentacool called Acid Trip, a Magicarp called magicrap, etc etc

    Obviously i wasn’t taking myself too seriously 😛

  13. I try not to nickname, but I did once!

    Thought I was being clever in Ruby, nicknaming my Mudkip ‘Marshtomp!”. Then he evolved into a Swampert…..called Marshtomp. Pretty much turned me off nicknaming from then on XD

    Also lol at the example of naming a Pokemon after your sister….so strange…does anyone actually do that?

  14. Yes, I nickname Pokemon. Most of the time, it relates to the Pokemon, like my Shiny Female Gigalith is named Jade, but sometimes, I think a little more creatively. I have a female Drifloon I nicknamed “Libitina” which means “Protectress of the Dead”. Yeah, I actually search up things for some nicknames. Another one of my better nicknames (which also sounds weird) is my Female Reuniclus Jilly, which I intended to be a mix of Jelly and the name Jill.

    My names aren’t that good though. I just enjoy giving them crazy names.

  15. The old age question: To nickname or not to nickname…?

    I remember that i always copied my brother and gave my Pokemon nicknames whatever he gave them. My oldest memory is playing yellow and haveing:
    Pikachu = Sparky
    Charmander = Blaze
    Squirtle = Bubbles
    Bulbasaur = Ivy

    My ‘obssession’ with nicknames ended when I got to Vermillion and I traded a Spearow for a Farfetch’d and it’s frickin name is Ch’ding!!!!! WTH!!! (there are young children present)
    I then cleverly named my spearow ‘Stupid’ (I was like 5 and I thought was a swear word) so every time I talk to him, he would be like:
    ‘ How’s Ch’ding? My stupid is doing great!
    (Pure genius right there =P )

  16. I will nickname the ones that I plan on using as my team, both for in game and in the WiFi battles. I look through sites like babynames.com to find interesting names that seem to fit my pokemon.

  17. If I nickname my pokemon, its usually a swear phrase or words that would be considered rude to use in public. I’m gonna try and get creative for the next game because my 5 year old nephew is starting to get interested in my games xD

  18. I just got in the habit of nicknaming my pokemon!

    Chandelure- Hidama
    Durant- Arikun
    Jellicent (Male)- Pringles
    Volcarona- Vesuvi

    Thats all I can think of right now that I own… xP

  19. I always use nicknames, and I have some that are good enough to steal! (But please don’t!)

    Shiny Gyarados – Dracious (Draco+Outrageous)
    Galvantula – HaiRaising
    Excadrill – Torqure (Torque + Torture)
    Gengar – Cheshire

    Some are based on their names:
    Swampert – Swampstomp
    Tyranitar – Tyrannator
    Ferrothorn – Frassy (Sassy natured)

    I have more, but I don’t want to give away ALL my secrets!

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