Mt. Moon Holiday 2011 Winners!

As some of you are aware, we have a wonderful forum called Mt. Moon Community and we recently celebrated the 2011 holiday season with a bout of contests and general merriment.  Part of the prize was that the winners would be announced to everyone via the main site, ie: here, so I would like to announce the WINNERS of our forum’s first annual holiday celebrations!

Art Contest:

  • ~Novella~ Pine (Beautiful artwork seen above!)

FanFic Collab

  • Gold Starz (Awarded for both exemplary writing and growth of writing skills)

Member Awards (voted on by our community)

  • Most Humorous: 1. Barry | 2. Typhlosion the Awesome, Toygar, and Smitje
  • Most Helpful: 1. Zalck | 2. SerpentSeed
  • Most Artistic: 1. Rai-che | 2. Sapphire
  • Most Articulate: 1. ~Novella~ Pine | 2. Ascension

Member of the Year

  1. Barry
  2. ~Novella~ Pine
  3. Typhlosion the Awesome / -Miz-
A hearty round of applause for all our winners!
<3 pokejungle
ps- Tomorrow I will be making a trip to the PokeCenter Tokyo to pick up the 4 Shaymin we will be giving away, as well as purchasing 2 issues of Famitsu for the limited Lucario download.  Anyone feeling lucky?!