Dae Asks: Food

Imagine you live in the Pokémon World and it’s Christmas. What are you going to cook for your friends?

You can go veggie and eat some berries and sweet honey, maybe even some rare candies as a treat. But in the end, you’re going to want meat. Where does the meat come from, as there are no real animals? From Pokémon, ofcourse. Would you kill a Pokémon, just to eat it? Killing Pokémon is no worse than killing real-life animals. Pokémon don’t really exist, and that turkey once did.

So, would you be a vegetarian if you lived in the Pokémon World? Or do you keep on eating meat. If so, what would you eat? Tell us all about in the comments.


  1. i would eat some roasted Farfetch’d stuffed with dried berries and apples and a farfetch’d sauce yummy yummy

  2. Some baked Pignite with a Farfeth’d leek salad and some berries. Maybe some Blaziken stuffed with honeysauce?

  3. I would have some Blastoise soup from the meat of Blastoise, an Amoongus, Jellicent, and Salac Berry stew with roasted Farfetch’d leek on the top, infused with Chandelure scented flames. I would also have a berry salad made from Salac, Oran, Sitrus, Liechi, Ganlon, and the Petaya Berries. With a side platter of fried Caterpies, Weedles, Spinaraks, and Wurmples, I would have Vanilluxe ice cream mixed with Reuniclus jelly and a Dratini and Altaria cloud sauce on top. delicious.

  4. Well, there’re real animals in pokemon world.

    I think they’re mostly eating real life animals and rarely pokemon. So there’s no need to become a vegetarian. I would eat other animals, not pokemon like Magikarp, Octilerry.

    1. Haha, no. Magikarps consist mainly only of scales and bone. Didn’t you see the episode of pokemon where James bought the magikarp and the boat sank? They tell you that.

      I’m such a nerd for knowing that. :3

      (P.S. Eating pokemon sounds so… wrong. Pokemon are like pets, so it would be like eating dog or cat.

      Well, the chinese wouldn’t care.)

  5. Uhh… this is a really bizarre question. I think I’d rather eat the tochukaso off a Paras or the fruit from a Tropius’ neck than kill a Pokemon in order to eat it.

  6. Well, I am vegetarian already. (I hate the taste of meat AND I respect animals, but I don’t care if others eat meat)

    So I would still stay vegetarian. Simple as that. 🙂

  7. With pokemon vs. real life animals the basic understanding is many pokemon are much more intelligent then most real life animals. There are a number of times this is shown in the television series. (Some pokemon are defiantly stupid though)

    Not only that, but they’re seen as pets and friends. There’s a mother in one of the games who is excited about what her baby’s first pokemon will be. So there’s a bond between pokemon and humans. (Though like humans of this world, I guess they’re in the mindset “If it’s not mine it doesn’t have feelings/matter.)

    So… I’d be mostly vegetarian. (True Vegetarian, none of this Oddish salad) Berries and honey and grasses and things. I *would* eat meat. But I would only eat the kind of meats that wouldn’t cause the pokemon harm. Or could be harvested without much harm. I’d kill pokemon to eat or cause them agony to eat when there is just as fine alternatives.

    (I would also befriend pokemon and give them a choice to stay or leave and let them fight if they want to. Not forcefully trap them and then force them to fight for my own gain.)

  8. I could NEVER eat a Pokemon (not even magicarp) but my sister on the other hand would like stuffed unphesent with a salad of far fetched leek and an assortment of berries and then for dessert some ditto jelly with vanillixe ice cream

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