Happy Holidays from PJN!


For many of you today is Christmas, so I thought I’d wish a nice holiday season to everyone on behalf of myself and all the staff here 😀

Also risked great personal harm to photograph this cute Pokémon Xmas card for you guys 😉 Today I went out for pizza and bought new aquarium for my poopy magikarp, err, goldfish. Tell us about your holidays in the comments!

<3 pokejungle

ps- Mt. Moon (our forum that’s over 4 years old) is having some fun holiday events through January 1st! Still time to enter our fanart contest or participate in the collaborative fanfic!

  1. happy holidays everyone! my christmas was pretty good, i got a 3DS and super mario 3D Land. and my sister got a puppy. and now i gotta help clean my house cuz my family is coming over.

  2. Happy Holidays to everyone! I’m planning to buy a white 3DS in 2012. There’s not much games on the 3DS at the moment.
    And that’s one very cute Christmas card! Oshawott looks adorable with a Santa hat.
    Snivy SEEMS to be missing though…

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! 😀 Let’s see, I finally got a drawing tablet, I can’t wait to start practicing! 😀 Ah my brother got me cute little panda gloves and a fox hat. 😀 Other than that I got clothes, but what else is new with that haha. My friend also got me a wallet from Hetalia (yes I’m a fan o3o) which I fangirled in front of my family xD…no new 3DS games, I’m waiting for Animal Crossing to come out.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful day! <3

  4. Also, Happy Holidays everyone.
    We didn’t do much. We went out for dinner and did a family visit. Nothing really special, but there was no need for it. I got Mario Kart and 3D Land, along with the Dutch translation of Dance with Dragons (already read the English one).
    It was good fun ^^

  5. Happy Holidays Everyone!

    I wonder if there’s some in-game special feature in Black & White on Christmas like Diamond & Pearl’s crystal rain/diamond dust.

  6. happy holidays people of my favorite Pokemon site:)

    Ummi got a new supercool smartphone which i’m typing this on, food <3, and i'm getting like 20 dollars which isn't a lot haha.,, I was hoping that I would have a 3ds by now:/ oh well I'll get it next year:)

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