UPD: Jump Festa announcement to be movie-related?

A teaser recently appeared on the official Japanese Pokemon site telling viewers to watch for an announcement about the movie ‘Kyurem and the Sacred Swordsman’ on Saturday, December 17th. This also coincides with the expected release of new information from the Pokemon booth at Jump Festa. Could we just be getting movie information? Keldeo reveal? Boo 🙁

Since we’re less than a week away, I felt like this could be the perfect time to discuss (in the comments!) what we are HOPING from the announcement or what might actually be announced. Ruby/Sapphire remakes? Doubtful… CoroCoro leaks should also be dropping soon so check back often to see if new information has come from them!

UPD: Movie will debut July 14th, 2012 in Japanese theaters!

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  1. Its probably pokemon gray/grey with new kyurem form that all of which will be tied with the movie events. The following movie is going to be tied with Genesect with Meloetta which is going to be pretty obvious so thought I point that one out.

  2. Wow. TPC announcing an anime movie at an anime and manga show. That was unexpected.

    Especially with how much TPC involve themselves with the main series RPGs.

  3. A bit off topic but does anyone know why Pokemon names are written in Katakana? I’m really wondering. And why they have a different alphabet like Katakana for foreign words, does it really make the language easier to use?

  4. I know that I was one of the biggest people purporting that Ruby/Sapphire remakes would come before Gray in terms of release dates, but now I’m starting to rethink that a little. I see no way that Kyurem being in a new movie could NOT signify more attention being given to it. And seeing as how it’s the third member of the Tao Trio, I expect that this movie might lead into the release of Gray Version. I really did want Ruby/Sapphire remakes first, but that looks less likely now. But if the Jump Festa announcement has nothing to do with the games at all and is just “OMG LOOK AT THIS MOVIE TRAILER WOOOAH WHAT IS THIS MYSTERIOUS KELDEO THING OMG SO COOL GO SEE THE MOVIE!” then I am going to be massively disappointed. I want game news!

  5. I’m hoping for ruby and sapphire remakes! It could be rough ruby and soft sapphire!…hopefully not though. And I feel it’s too soon to come out with a remake for black and white. Plus I just don’t want one.

  6. This will most likely be movie info, possible a reveal of a new kyurem form (my bet is on a restored version with the two zekrom/reshiram traits re-established onto kyurem) as it was the original dragon and is now merely a shell in this form…… i dont see it being a new game however it could hint at gray with the new form of kyurem being the centrepiece of the announcement…… i think its too early fo any keldeo announcement, in the past the remainder of the movie title and new pokemon hae generally been unnanounced til at least january so it is most likely new form now and keldeo later perhaps with at least a hint or teaser for gray..

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