Pokemon Global Link to launch April 13th?

In another interesting turn of events originating from official Pokemon website related slip ups (the first being the silhouette of a creature which I ended up having to remove for legal reasons): the PGL may open next Wednesday.

For us players without the Japanese games, this will be the first time we’re able to use the Dream World and other features of the PGL.  Let’s cross our fingers that we’ll get to join in on the online fun soon!

<3 pokejungle

ps- Remember to get your eeveelution!

  1. AWSOME first! Anyway, I need help! I am decideing which I am going to use in the Worldd Tornement: Reshiram, Zekrom, or Kyurem. Which is better in combat? I would think Kyurem, but I LOVE Zekrom! But I already HAVE Reshiram… I need an un-biased opinion on the three and on which is better! This answer will also decide which goes in my Youtube animae series: Pokemon Genesis.

          1. Any other pokemon you want for it? What about Zoroark? Just caught it. What about an Entai? I have a bunch of legendarys, but none of which I am willing to lose.

        1. Zekrom (Besides being the coolest) is by far the best. A Physically based Dragon/Electric? How amazing is that? Its signature move, Bolt Strike, is both stronger and more accurate than thunder, Dragon/Electric provides unresisted coverage, and no need to worry about Volt Absorbers ruining your day because you have Teravolt.

          Some sets could be:
          Adamant (Choice Scarf) or Jolly (Choice Band) – Bolt Strike, Dragon Claw, Crunch, Stone Edge (Max ATK, Max SPE EVs)
          Impish (Leftovers) – Bolt Strike, Thunder Wave, Dragon Tail, Substitute (HP, DEF, & SPE EVs)

          1. You sure? Kyurem seems pretty powerful. But I will still get myself a Zekrom. Thanks for your opinion, and be sure to check out the first episode of Pokemon Genesis hopefully sometime this year.

  2. I am not very clear on how to get my eevelution. I play the game, but it wont let me pick when I get game over! Do I need to hit a certain level or something?

    1. You have to make sure you get the most bubbles for the eeveelution you want. That determines what you can pick from once you beat the game. I think there are 5 levels or something?

        1. Holy crap…. I feel so stubid right now… It says on the game: “Earn a pokemon by beating four levels in a single game.” I really need to pay more attention to the game instructions…

          1. Yay! I beat it! I am not happy with what I got though, but I am NEVER playing that game again! I got Jolteon if you where wondering what I won.

  3. I’ll join in with your post 😉
    Can’t wait for The wesbite to be up & runin!!! Too bad ur only allowed 1 hour eachy day…kinda sucks really 🙁

    1. Also… Pokemon in the dream world… do they all have hidden abilities or just some?

        1. Erm, I guess not haha. Looking back down in the comments, guess some legendaries do not get DW abilities.

  4. Black and white has been released.
    The dream world has been released.
    The only thing left to be released is leavanny’s library…

    1. It’s coming, it’s coming :p I had to switch the wiki script I was using to allow for more flexible development

  5. oh my god, 4/13
    4/13 4/13 4/13!!!
    My maths assignments due on 4/13 too o__o WEDNESDAY’S GONNA BE SO INTENSE, OMG

    (if somebody gets what I’m talking about, I pretty much love you??? djksfhkljf no buckets)

    1. Reverse Pi day? lol

      I’ve got an essay to submit online in two and a half hours and I still have 2 pages left to write >_______>; Plus I gotta wake up early for work tomorrow morning. FML.

      1. Hehehehe, not what I was thinking of! But that works too! 😀

        Oh gosh, that’s absolutely terrible xD GOOD LUCK BRO, YOU CAN DO IT! Cramming’s worked for all sorts of desperate students in the past! (Plus the occassional dose of caffeine!)

        1. Yeah, normally I’d hook a caffeine IV up, but gotta fall asleep right away tonight. 😐 Ergh. So I’m procrastinating and talking with you guys in the comments 😀 I feel like I don’t respond enough to comments (even though I read all of them, they’re sent to me instantly via email after you post them).

          1. HAHA dang, oh right. Well ALL GOODS! It’s super sweet of you to take the time to chat, even if it’s just out of avoiding more urgent priorities. xD
            Anyway, this site is huge nowadays, at some points it’d be impossible to actively keep up with the comments!! Gosh. (I guess it’s quieter now that news has died down, plus the only ones online are in some bizzare timezone or just staying up stupidly late. But still. :P)

  6. I hope that they didn’t delay it again, considering there was a 7.1 earthquake in Japan Thursday.
    And if you had to take down that silhouette due to legal reasons, it’s obviously real, and hopefully, something big.

    1. Yeah I am also waiting impatiently for the dream world abilities to be legit.
      Poor Swampert only gets Damp while many others get cool abilities. Boo Hoo!

      Replying to a previous post – NOT ALL Pokemon get abilities in the DW, off the top of my head, I know that Heatran, Regigigas, Cresselia, Darkrai, Shaymin, Manaphy, & Arceus do not.

      Anyway, I am not sure about that silhouette, it looks fairly crappy, so I hope it’s just an April Fool’s thing.

  7. I have been trying to get this stupid eeveelution thing for the past hour now. I really hope every game in the Global Link isn’t like this because it is ridiculous to try to beat four levels for a pokemon, especially if a better one comes around. I mean, wtf….

  8. hello everyone,its been a while sence i last posted,so im going to tell you guys what iv been up to.

    got a new game 2 days ago,
    got electricaly shocked by my computer last night,and woke up with a big-ass headache this morning

    i hade a weird feeling last night. when i got shocked,i felt like “never gonna use this again”,and then realized,sence i say something i dont want,it ends up happening,so i felt like the globel link would start up today. then i read the news,and was like “holy crap i was right, just wrong day”. i am gonna stay away from that computer for a while

    for those concerned,i am ok,as far as i can tell. my right arm hurts,and my right sholder hurts even more.it fells like a burn then a shock,but i know that i got shocked.

    im also going to EV train a chandelure today. 🙂

  9. You were forced to remove the unknown silhouette? Were you given a reason why?

    1. Apparently not, it’s probably the same reason those B/W screenshots were deleted on Serebii last September (the screens are up now, but something like that will likely happen again when the next major Pokemon game comes out), I guess Nintendo wants to be secretive about the shilloute, which seems suspicious to me…..

  10. It’s down again… apparently there were big aftershocks in Japan yesterday so we might get another delay. Will we ever get it?!

    Also, you had to take the silhouette down?! When did that happen?

  11. Legal reasons must mean the silhouette was of relevance/importance

    Also, i remember someone mentionned the spikes on its back could be fire, but they looked more like icicles to me. And guess who is ice type? Kyurem? Hmmmmm…..

      1. Oh my god hahaha I thought you were being sarcastic when you replied to Missingno Master, now I just have no idea

  12. Well, having to remove the silhouette seems kinda bizarre (and I noticed it’s gone from Bulbapedia as well), but it’s entirely possible that the “legal reasons” were simply because it was something dug up by snooping around Pokemon’s flash files and posting the image. So basically…reproducing the image without consent. Don’t really think the image was Pokemon related anyways, looked to me like an armadillo or something that was used as a test image. And even if it was Pokemon related, why upload it to the TCG simulator when it had absolutely nothing to do with the actual card game? But I digress….

    I hope that the DW opens up soon! I really want to get my hands on some of those DW abilities. As for the Eeveelutions, haven’t played the game yet, but I’ll probably hunt down Vaporeon. It’s my favorite plus it gets the best ability. 😛

  13. The damn Eeveelution game is friggin ridiculously hard to play on a laptop. I feel as though I should get a damn USB mouse to play the game only!

    1. Totally agree! My trackpad is NOT good for this game and I haven’t beat it yet.

    2. It took me like 12 tries just to eat the frikin game and I lost at level 4… try 13 and I get Jolteon =(… try 14 and I lose on the 4th level… try 15 and I get my Magic Bounce Espeon!!! =)

      1. Thats EXACTLY what i went through. first i played the game and i didnt exactly know how to get my eeveelution so i avoided the orbs i didnt want because i looked at the rules and it said CHOOSE your pokemon. so then i beat it finally (after countless tries and yeah i used a laptop too) and then i got a jolteon and i was angry cuz it said choose and i thought it didnt matter. so then after more countless times i finally got my magic bounce espeon 😀

  14. Ahhhh…
    No school for two weeks, nice temperature, so that means: GAMING!!!
    Odly enough, I don’t feel like Pokémon, 3DS, Mario or Zelda, so I’m trying to get level 70 on DQIX. Anyone else bored of Nintendo for a while?

  15. On that eevelution game, I got Umbreon!!
    My Fave!!!
    And Global Link won’t let me log on.
    When I type in my account details, nothing happens, so I do it again and nothing happens.

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