Pokemon, Foxtrot-style

Thought I’d point out that this Sunday’s ‘Foxtrot‘ comic (at least in America, don’t know where else it’s published besides online) had a mention of none other than GIGALITH.  It’s always kind of amusing to me when other shows/comics/etc mention pokemon so I thought I’d pass it on.  Foxtrot often mentions other gaming and tech-related stuff, including World of Warcraft, so I usually enjoy it :p

In his article he actually sourced Bulbagarden’s wiki page for Gigalith as well.  I’m guessing Bulbanews has an article up about this already, I don’t know- haven’t checked my RSS feeds yet.

<3 pokejungle

  1. Honestly, I never heard of “Foxtrot,” but that is funny! LOL! I never imagined that a comic stripe with NOTHING to do with pokemon would MENTION it! Anyway, I HATE WORLD OF WARCRAFT!!! Just thought I would get that in.

      1. Those weren’t Swellows, they were just swallows; regular birds. It wasn’t a Pokemon reference.

          1. For some reason that makes me picture a Sceptile… o_o

            …I think you mean “skeptic” 😐

      2. I not a hater, I a christain, and I do not like demonic games like WoW. I am amazed no one made fun of me for hateing the most played game in america!

        1. Being an atheist, I honestly don’t see why you need to hate it for being ‘demonic’.
          But yeah if you hate it because someone else told you to, I don’t care.

          1. Sorry to hear that. But God loves you anyway. Wish you could realize that! The earthquakes are only the beggining! It gonna get so bad! But even then, most people will turn away from their own creator! It is a shame. The Bible says in Revalation, the “birth pains” are only gonna get worse. These are the end times, and it does not make you saved just to BELIEVE in God, satan BELIEVES in God, but he is not saved! You need to repent your sins to truly be saved, and when the time comes, some of you will be down are your knees BEGGING for God to spare you, and if you repent, you will beforgiven and given a second chance and eternal live. Most of you will will think, “Why would God put us in danger if he loves us?” It is not true that he puts you through things you cannot overcome, He is only trying to get you on your knees and repent! He loves you so much, that it is BEYOND comprehention! There ARE some questions that cannot be answered, but those don’t need answers. For everyone out there: when someone tells you “Come wuick! God is in this apartment!” DO NOT FOLLOW! God will return like lightning in the sky! So powerful, that ALL will see!

    1. Im just gunna reply to this guy who loves god, Hey i am very interested about religion. Not just Christianity. So if you think about it, god could be making us stronger. And do you know what i hate? When people force people to believe things. So listen, let people believe what they want, let atheists be atheists let Buddhists be Buddhists. And how could you think that you should just follow Christianity To decide the fate of the world. Just step off, be a Christian but dont force others to believe in your god! Because if you have forced them, they dont really believe in that religion, do they?

  2. You may have never noticed it, but Foxtrot also mentioned Diamond and Pearl back in 2007 on the week the game came out in the states

  3. Haha I love this comic! I remember it was either for comic con or Halloween..maybe both, but he dressed up as different game/movie characters trying to decide what to wear, and he was Pikachu in one panel. 😀

  4. I’ve been a fan of FoxTrot for years, the very first comic anthology I bought was one for this comic. Bill Amend’s definitely one of us- all the references and stuff he puts in shows the work he’s done. There’s one comic where Jason goes to a Yu-Gi-Oh tournament and borrows about four cans of hair spray so he can style his hair to look like Yugi’s. And way back in the days of the original games there was a plot about Jason trying to find a Charizard TCG card.

    I knew someone who met Amend once, and apparently he’s a pretty nice guy too, so that’s cool as well.

  5. Of the topic slightly but still on the theme of Pokemon: Which is better, Braviary or Unfezant? (Forget about when you can find them in the game) ie: attacks, stats, etc…

    1. Braviary is better by a long shot. It has high attack, decent speed, nice defenses, and enough attacks and support moves to fill out a well rounded moveset (though it’s questionable who you’d hit with Rock Slide since Brave Bird will usually do more damage).
      Unfezant has… not enough. It doesn’t have a lot of attacks, and especially doesn’t have a reliable Flying attack.

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