Victini Event EXXXTENDED

The Victini Event in which you can download the ‘Liberty Ticket’ via WiFi Connection has been extended until April 27th in both North America and Europe.  Use the extra time to nab the cute lil’ legendary!

Remember that it appears at lv15 knowing the moves Incinerate, Confusion, Endure, and Quick Attack!

<3 pokejungle

ps- In the comments you can feel free to discuss your opinions on Victini, both competitively and appearance-wise :3 ((btw- added new poll about favorite eeveelution, go vote!))

  1. i gots mine but i din’t use it, might use it when i get black however although Victini is a GREAT pokemon to use as it is a legendary and you can get it b4 the third gym, it has like 6 weaknesses while emboar has less… i think 😉

  2. I remember Victini (Nicknamed mine Appletini)

    I used a move that would have KO’d it on an Endure and threw pokeballs until it relented. EASY CATCH.
    Shaymin was easier though cause I had nest balls by the time I got to it.

  3. i hav caught victini already in my white version. mine has perfect IVS in speed(somehow),and its naive natured,and knows searing shot,thunder,focus blast,and psychic. it rules 🙂
    also got the “green tornado” theme deck yesterday. serperior freaken rules.i got 2 serperiors(ones holo),3 servines,and 4 freaking snivys(5 including my holo snivy from my pre-tin),and many other cards too, sssssoooo happy 🙂
    i also played the card game last night for the first time in about 8 years,so it was confusing,but i got the hang of it 🙂
    also got a pack of gum 2 days ago(key lime pie) it freaken rules

    also,im going to effort train about 8 pokemon soon,just need to get some vitimins

    btw,when dose the the BW plush come out in the US? i have been searching for a snivy plush for months,and nothing to show for it,so if anyone know when the plush comes out,PLEASE let me know.please!

  4. The only reason to get the Victini is for HP EVing.
    It’s just only ugly chicken, and it’s typing doesn’t do it very good in the competitive battling scene.

  5. I didn’t like Victini at first, but I caught him and have kept him on my team since. His typing is odd – fire and psychic really doesn’t do much for him. He’s of course got 100’s all across the board, which is nice, but he comes with plenty of weaknesses which kindof stinks. The main thing that really makes him interesting is his vast move pool and opportunity to build him however you want; whether it be a special attacker, physical attacker, support, or mix of more than one. He’s grown on me for sure. Plus, he’s kinda cute ;p

      1. Yes, I got that. But did the letter that was extended have to be X? It gives a rather different impression…

        1. O.o How exactly would you extend a Pokemon event in a way that classified as XXX? *head asplode*

        2. It doesn’t give any odd impression to me, it makes the most sense to duplicate that letter. The word is still pronounced in essentially the same that way, and it’s easy to recognize the original word.

          I can’t give you a solid reason, you’d have to ask PJ.

  6. I love Victini so much! Its design is just adorable! And the colors are great: lots of energy, but sweetened with those big blue eyes!

  7. I have multiple Victini and I must say- the little idiot’s grown on me. At first, I absolutely HATED it, but I like its in-game sprite and its cry is cute too. Though, it might just be that it’s brainwashed me, considering I have a Black and White promo poster from Gamestop with Victini on it taped to my bedroom wall.

    As for the Eeveelution event, I suuuuuck at Brick, so the game was a disaster. Not to mention I have dial-up internet, so the game lagged, making it harder. I told my boyfriend to log in as me and do it, but he forgets which Eevee he got =_=

    I wanted Espeon, because I feel that out of all of the new abilities, Espeon has the best. I WOULD have wanted my favourite Eeveelution (Glaceon), but I already have a Level 100 one. Where as my only main Espeon is one back from the days of Colosseum just rotting in my box.

  8. I’ve restarted my game furiously in order to get as many victinis to trade as I can. So far I think I have 6 since the 5th of April – when I started. I think I’m good where I am, lol.

    1. I just found out today that the date got extended. I gave my games to a friend to do the event for me for some reason he and I could not do it on my games, so he just traded his victini over to both my games and then back, just so I could have the entry for it. if I tried to do it on my games would I still be able to catch victini?!

    2. @Porygandrew – Wait, how do you go from the beginning of the game all the way to the point where you get Victini, so quickly?

  9. Actually it’s not continued. Well at least not where I am. It ended April 15 where I am.

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