PokExperto part 2 (UPD4)

Hey everyone it’s your friendly neighborhood Daigo here! I’m just making a new post since the other one was getting a bit lengthy.

But I’m going to start this post where the last update left off, I’ll include spoiler tags for those who don’t want to see.

Click “show” to show the spoiler!



  • #595: Denchura Pre Evo, Bug / Electric Type. #596: Denchura.
  • UPD2:# 597: Iron Ball Pokémon. Grass / Steel Type.
  • UPD3:# 598: Steel Platform Pokémon. A spiky steel platform with three grass arms going up and ending in steel maces. Grass / Steel Type.
  • UPD4:# 599: Gear.
  • UPD4:# 600: Gear + Another big gear behind.
  • UPD4:# 601: Gear + Big gear behind + Small gear at bottom + Platform.

I can’t wait to see what PokExperto will post next!

Until next time