PokéSun Live Report! (UPD)

Hey PokéJunglers!

Kriffix here, Paul was kind enough to allow me to head up the Pokémon Sunday coverage. I’ll be translating live and posting here what I can find as fast as humanly possible. *shall tidy up the post after airing finishes*

  • After today’s anime episode the PokéSun members will be trying out Black and White. Victini will make an appearence.
  • Masuda appears! He promises new info!
  • The game has taken a 4 years to complete. He restates no old pokemon until the end.
  • choose between Kanji and Kana in the beginning. (can switch again later)
  • Minezumi in first possible patch of grass (duh)
  • Theres a real sense of traveling alongside Bell and Cheron (at least in the beginning of the game). They’re walking along side you in some cases.
  • N has wacky circus-like music. Very interesting!
  • first HM you get is “Cut”. You get it from Makomo.
  • Showing off the vehicles and boats as they go by as you walk the bridges. Angles constantly changing. really milking it.
  • Anime news: we see Rocket in their new suits briefly, Ash’s mom is travelling with him to Isshu
  • Masuda says going to show Pokemon not seen ANWHERE! (why do I get the feeling this was recorded before today’s leaks? :p)
  • So far; DeathKahn. Dentula. Ononokusu.
  • Minezumi Dex: It stores food in its cheeks so that it can keep watch for days. It uses its tail to signal its friends. (NL)
  • Choroneko Dex: It steals peoples’ things whilst playing with them. The person stolen from usually forgives Choroneko because of it’s cute actions. (NL&Number&Kriff)
  • (UPD) Mijumaru Dex: It fights with the scallop on its belly. After recieving a blow, it immediately counterattacks with a slash. (Thanks to Number and ok for the heads up!)