PokéSun Live Report! (UPD)

Hey PokéJunglers!

Kriffix here, Paul was kind enough to allow me to head up the Pokémon Sunday coverage. I’ll be translating live and posting here what I can find as fast as humanly possible. *shall tidy up the post after airing finishes*

  • After today’s anime episode the PokéSun members will be trying out Black and White. Victini will make an appearence.
  • Masuda appears! He promises new info!
  • The game has taken a 4 years to complete. He restates no old pokemon until the end.
  • choose between Kanji and Kana in the beginning. (can switch again later)
  • Minezumi in first possible patch of grass (duh)
  • Theres a real sense of traveling alongside Bell and Cheron (at least in the beginning of the game). They’re walking along side you in some cases.
  • N has wacky circus-like music. Very interesting!
  • first HM you get is “Cut”. You get it from Makomo.
  • Showing off the vehicles and boats as they go by as you walk the bridges. Angles constantly changing. really milking it.
  • Anime news: we see Rocket in their new suits briefly, Ash’s mom is travelling with him to Isshu
  • Masuda says going to show Pokemon not seen ANWHERE! (why do I get the feeling this was recorded before today’s leaks? :p)
  • So far; DeathKahn. Dentula. Ononokusu.
  • Minezumi Dex: It stores food in its cheeks so that it can keep watch for days. It uses its tail to signal its friends. (NL)
  • Choroneko Dex: It steals peoples’ things whilst playing with them. The person stolen from usually forgives Choroneko because of it’s cute actions. (NL&Number&Kriff)
  • (UPD) Mijumaru Dex: It fights with the scallop on its belly. After recieving a blow, it immediately counterattacks with a slash. (Thanks to Number and ok for the heads up!)


      1. lol Probably could of said something more productive instead of the annoying meme like response “first”. Well, its good to see they brought back Cut, lets hope that Dive makes a return as well. I was kind of hoping N would have a Koromori, I don’t know why. All in all just another typical Pokemon Sunday episode.

  1. 577: Cell Pokémon. Rankurusu Pre Pre Evo. Basically a white nucleus with eyes and nose, surrounded by green jelly. Pure Psychic Type

    Still can’t watch PokeSun Grrrr….

  2. will this sub language change apply to other countries languages, for example in australia there is broad, general and classy australian english, then there is england, also with sublanguages such as cockney
    ps. why is goch not water

  3. 578: Cell Pokémon. Rankurusu Pre Evo. Now the cell has developed tiny arms, and more green jelly. Pure Psychic Type.

    579: Rankurusu

  4. 578: Cell Pokémon. Rankurusu Pre Evo. Now the cell has developed tiny arms, and more green jelly. Pure Psychic Type. 579: Rankurusu

    Still no PokeSun for me. 🙁 *cries*

  5. They revealed new stuff.. it’s just not new to us I guess. I’m gonna stop reading stuff now. I get the game in a week or so.. I don’t want to know everything from that Melkor guy

  6. LOL, “before today’s LEEKS”, Kriffix???? I must have missed the green onions, I haven’t seen a single one today…..

    1. I was of course refering to before I bought my leeks for dinner today ;D
      /Listening and writing is NOT EASY! My head hearts now! ;__;

      1. LOL, nice save. XD

        Nah, I appreciate your difficulty. :3 Thousands of hungry fans applaud your effort, even if it wasn’t exactly a gem of an episode.

  7. kriffix, i am sorry to tell you this but wpm beat in transcribing pokesun:D’OH
    some thing tells me that ash’s pokemon will be sent to professor arangi, that could mean dent’s yanapu will greet infernape
    ps. coro coro beat poke sun by a night

    1. I really doubt that since I put up everything the instant it was said. Meaning at the very most WPM was putting stuff up at the same time. (even then I find that unlikely xD;;)

          1. ^^; Well, We discuss the Pokemon games and anime, We do a little Pokemon role-playing, we Write stories and talk about random stuff, We’re just a pokemon forum in general!
            I’m not great at describing what we are but it’s a really fun place! =D

        1. Hey, that video with the battle against N looks great, but the logo gets in the way of Choroneko’s Pokedex entry.
          Can we see a video with the logo moved or a screen shot of that dex entry without the logo in the way please?
          We think we know what it says but we want to make sure.

      1. Vidyas comin’ up.

        CoroCoro Pokemon “reveals”: youtube.com/watch?v=VZ9S04i20sY
        The big chunk of footage that came after the anime and lasted until the commercial break: youtube.com/watch?v=2VtaeObTtlY

        Missed the inbetween footage regarding the Sky Arrow Bridge, though.

  8. I kinda want to see Ash’s moms new eyes. And what’s this about Rakurusu Pre evos? =O
    Is that more stuff from Melkor/Pokeexperto? ^^

  9. Hey PJ, is about time for a new poll? Like one about which Pokemon from the CoroCoro scans everyone likes best?

  10. anti heros need rock, not circus
    4 years to develop gen 5, DUDE DOES THIS MEAN THEY STARTED ON GEN 4 IN 04 AND THEY ARE WORKING ON THE NEXT GENS RIGHT NOW, WOOH, i also think that after you defeat the e4, that you will encounter the secret 14 pokemon, which are prev gen evos or pre evos and don’t flame me for this, a trio master for the weather trio.
    ps. it was a tradition to bag ozy for not getting first comment
    pps. you should know that serebii said on bmf that he did a scenario about him bagging other webmasters “mum, serebii is bagging my website and he keeps flaming me”

  11. Mijumaru evolves at level 18? It’s still a Miju at 17.Maybe to avoid spoilers.

    Also, I want to watch the Best Wishes footage they showed again, is it on YouTube or something…

  12. Is this episode over yet? Cause I’m still expecting some new pokes -.- even if it was recorded before the leak, they can’t say denchura, desukan and ononokusu haven’t been seen anywhere as they’ve been in about 3 commercials.

  13. Wait, Mijumaru’s level was 17 and it wasn’t evolved. Could this possibly mean that it evolves at Level 18? Or PokeSunday just didn’t want to show it’s evolution.

  14. Back to Corocoro leaks:

    What we can definitely conclude is that pages 14 and 15 are fake, because of the different numbering style, the numbering going from left to right and the fact that the numbers are on the inside of the page rather than the outside like the other pages. Also Reshiram’s nose pokes over onto the right-hand page but his left wing claw doesn’t, which is the sort of shoddy editing that you’d never expect of a professional magazine.

    However, page 29 seems to point out for definite that Pokabu’s middle stage is real after all (which is a massive disappointment to me, but hopefully it’ll stand on all four legs sometimes and look far better for it). But there is something to bear in mind here. Page 15 – which appears to be fake – has all the information about the starter Pokemon on it, including their types, or at least I assume it does, seeing as I don’t read Japanese. Page 29 does not. So even if Pokabu’s middle stage is confirmed to look like that, its type (Fire/Fighting) is not necessarily, as the only page that is written on is probably fake.

    Also, at no point have we seen the final stage evolutions. The ones we’ve seen leaked could still be fake, and I still think they might well be.

    So maybe y’all have seen this but i don’t know just thought i’d throw it out there

    1. There were TWO SOURCES. There was the MAIN MAGAZINE, and there was a PAMPHLET. THE NUMBERS ARE DIFFERENT BECAUSE IT’S FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE! Can you read comments?

      1. HikaruAyame may have been a jerk, but this thing does keep popping up… I think HikaruAyame should just ignore the posts.

        1. The jerks are the haters who still can’t accept the truth and are still trying to bring up anything, no matter how incorrect to try to disprove it.

        2. I get frustrated when someone can’t read one page of comments or WPM’s message on the matter.

    1. This site is only missing 3.The Last three are un important their just stuff we already seen like the combanation attacks and a whole page recomending the player to get Chaobuu if he/she wants to beat Aloe easy since Chaobuu is Fire/Fighting and Aloe has a Normal Type Gym

      1. Surely more than 3. Pokejungle has all bar 3 of the currently leaked pages, but the White Document has shown to be at least 33 pages long. That should leave about 16 pages, or 8 full-page-spreads, of the White Document remaining. Most likely they’ll cover games mechanics or aesthetics, with some being advertisements, but there should be some still to be photographed/scanned.

  15. FFFFFFFFIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNAAAAAAALLLLLLLLYYYYYYY, THE FLAME WAR about the starter evos may be ending, and by the way, mew is 30 years old, as his patent was issued in 1990.
    ps. how about if the pj staff get web cam missile launchers, so that they can have pokemon battles and have fights with missile launchers
    pps. is xous a prophet as he accuratley drew the sugimori art for the big mole and ono
    ppps. looks like we have 2 lines that look like prev water starters:fossil turtle and megaroko

  16. From one of the trailers it seems like team rockey gets korimori.(It also was next to them in the beta artwork)

    1. I remember the person who leaked that said that it wasn’t Team Rocket’s. I believe all of their info was 100% correct, expect Dento’s name. (Which could have been changed afterwards.)

  17. Who with me that they should bring back the “Who’s that Pokemon” For Best Wishes.

    That brings back sooooooo many memories

  18. Hey Pokejungle, I might have a small topic for you to bring up tomorrow!!
    The pokemon wallpaper guy who you made a post about a couple days ago has updated his isshu page with all the new pokemon from CoroCoro mag.

    (Just in case your not sure who im talking about, you use his tsutaja art at the top of your page. lol)

  19. Can’t believe it took them over 4 yrs to disappoint us(some of us,anyways) on the starters, other than that every other 5th gen poke is absolutely awesome 🙂

    1. Oh, wow, how’d you get this? Thanks!
      A quick translation:

      おなかの ホタチで たたかう。
      こうげきを うけとめてから すかさず
      きりつけて はんげきするのだ

      It fights with the shell on its belly.
      After recieving a blow, it immediately
      counterattacks with a slash.

      (So that’s why it gets Revenge!)

        1. Thanks guys that was quick! @Number a screen of the dex entry popped up at the corner of the video while the player was battling team plasma. Masuda apparently suggested using shell blade and they probably thought it was appropriate to point out the nature of the attack with its dex entry or something 😛

  20. For the sake of the member here named “Rupert” who seemingly cannot read nor understand what I was saying I’ll repost this here, it came from the actual post of the person who spoke with Pokexperto (so I’ve heard).

    “It seems it’s only possible to get one of the monkeys ingame. The others must be traded.
    They are a present that depends on your starter. You’ll fight one monkey and receive another. These are the combinations:
    Choose Tsutarja -> Fight Fire Monkey -> Receive Water Monkey
    Choose Pokabu -> Fight Water Monkey -> Receive Yannapu
    Choose Mijumaru -> Fight Yannapu -> Receive Fire Monkey”

    THIS IS A RUMOUR. Rupert could not understand it was a rumour despite how many times I said it. YES, NO SITE HAS REPORTED IT AND YES IT WASN’T PRESENT IN THE SCANS YESTERDAY.

  21. 580: Blue Swan Pokémon. Swana Pre Evo. Basically a breed of swan, in blue color. Water / Flying Type.
    581: Swana.

    1. I actually quite like Swana. I hope it’s useful, but… WHERE’S THE POLAR BEAR?!

      … I’m so impatient. 😛

  22. OK… I am NOT going to say that the polar bear isnt real. I said starter evos are fake and NOW look! They are real!!!!!!!

    1. You mean the first evo is real. Mijumaru is supposed to turn into a samurai, something that they didn’t show. They could’ve gotten the first evo, then made the 2nd.

      1. NO NO NO
        Go read the interview again before you use it for your stupid examle.
        He CLEARLY said that it would evolve into a samurai, then go about a drastic change into a mix between a Sea Otter and a Sea Lion. Read the entire interview before picking out parts for your own purposes.
        The final evos are real, get over it.

        1. http://i52.tinypic.com/24wrrzd.jpg

          Then why would someone fake a CoroCoro scan that show off the pokemon that were in those unconfirmed pictures. My thought on this is that, GameFreak would NEVER give away a starter evo before the games were released. Then either the person who made them, or some guy who loved these, “UNCONFIRMED”, evos decided to make people believe they were real.

          Also, get YOUR facts right:

          Ken Sugimori, primary illustrator: I really struggled the most with the Water-type [starter] this time.
          Yusuke Ohmura, illustrator: There was talk of, “Wouldn’t a sea otter be good for the Water starter?” But it was a really close decision in terms of what this sea otter would become once it evolves. In the end, we decided to have it evolve into something with a completely different appearance.

          Sugimori: Of course, we want to make the starters into Pokémon that remain with the player throughout the game, so we hope to make them evolve into creatures that offer a surprise to the player. We always make an effort to throw in some twists and create third-stage evolutions that have an impact.

          Ohmura: There was also talk this time about dividing the three starters into Japanese, Western, and Chinese styles of design. Tsutarja was based on Western design, and Pokabu was rooted in a Chinese style, so I was told, “Let’s make Mijumaru into a more Japanese-style design.” Someone even asked, “Can’t you make Mijumaru into a samurai?” [laughs]

          Everyone: [laughs]

          Sugimori: I worried about it for a while, and I eventually went to go see the sea otters at the aquarium. I happened to catch the sea lion show while I was there, and I became aware of the sea lion’s power. “Well, let’s try blending a sea otter and a sea lion,” I thought. I came up with the idea of making the shell on Mijumaru’s stomach into a sword (katana) and using it to fight, and that’s how I completed Mijumaru and its evolution.”

          He is CLEARLY talking about working on the third-stage evos of the starters and their inspirations. He didn’t say a word about 2nd-stage evos!

          1. well, considering the middle stage IS like a samurai, he must have been talking about it. And considering the third stage IS a drastic change, a mix of a Sea Otter and Sea Lion, he must have been talking about it.
            Just wait a few more days and wallow in your own tears. They are real, get over it.

          2. Then where’s his katana shell blade? Also, I’m not going to spoil myself by seeing all the Pokemon from this gen. I’m gonna wait ’til the English version comes out, and then possibly wallow in my tears.

  23. 582: Ice Cream Ball Pokémon. A white/blue ice cream ball with tiny body, almost like a baby. Pure Ice Type.

          1. @Ryan: Nah, it should have an ability that makes it a Normal/Water type if it’s hit by a fire attack. (Normal cos that’s the only type I can conceivably associate with dairy products…)

  24. [NDS] Pokémon Demo Download Black and White
    It seems that is only for registered … i can record someone I do not check 😛
    is in the NDS section but need to be registered to download it: (

    PJ’s Note: Remember that downloads can harm your computer

  25. hey, we need a new poll since the starters evos are basically 100% confirmed now. Its stupid that the top voted one is stilll “THEY R FAKE !!!111”

    1. D’aaawww, no Snowman. Ah well, at worst it’ll be one of the pokemon I can appreciate but never like. But I’m sure it’ll grow on me.

      1. There’s still one space left before the deer pokemon, don’t rule out the snowman yet. It it is a snowman, gonna call it Jack.

  26. The ice cream pic is revealed and looks…….wacky. And what a coincidence how I’m watching tom and jerry at the same time. xD

    1. More coincidence if you saw Neko and was watching Tom and Jerry. Or even better if there was a new Neko and mouse at the same time.

  27. Haha, just had a quick look at the Coro Coro leaks. Didn’t notice the mushrooms Pokeball coloured top. Haha.

        1. Oh, I hope you didn’t think that was the real one. I made it because the silhouette made me think of Mr. Saturn when I saw it.

  28. Can someone ask PxP if Kanji or Kana, depending on the player we pick, will also appear in-game. Also what will their role be?

    Finally, a general question: What does Kanji and Kana mean? Wikipedia says manuscripts or writing or something. Oh, one is Japanese from Chinese, the other is the Chinese its from.

    1. Yeah, Kanji and Kana are different typing of writing in Japan. There’s four different writing form. Kanji I believe is very common and widely know. Kana is almost as popular. I think. Haven’t done Japanese language for a while.

      1. hiragana is pretty much modern japanese.
        katakana is the same as katakana but is used to signify a foreign word.
        Kanji is very similar to mandarin. Its a chinese writing style tweaked japanese.
        Romanji is the least used, not really quite sure why they use it.

    2. From the context, I think you mean Black and White, the two player characters. So far we’ve had no indication that the opposite one shows up at all.

  29. That new silhouette looks ever so slightly like someone tried to kill Happiny with a spanner… But I suppose an epic Ghost pokemon is out of the question. XD#

  30. hey guys is the coro coro scans that leaked yesterday are full scans? or there is another scans coming up cuz i cant see pages 10,11,12,13,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27?

    1. Some of those will be the seldom scanned not-quite-as-good-as-pokemon-special Pokemon Manga, but there could yet be other pages with minor details and information. Regardless, we’ll get all relevant information in the official site update on the 15th.

  31. hopefully people see this…

    hey guys it’s ozy! as you can probably tell xD
    anyways, for some reason our admin/editing site is down at the moment so we won;t be able to really update until paul looks at things. i’ve had this problem since the swana pre-evo tweet was posted and no one else has been online besides me, so on behalf of the team, we apologize for not posting all the tweets!

    sorry! ^^;

    1. No worries, man. We got lots of news to mull over for a bit. :3

      OH, and question, the mysterious thing that you said will happen on the 15th, did you mean 15th Japan time, or 15th Europe/America time?

      1. I’m also wondering about this. With so much of the essential information leaked, I can’t really think of anything that will happen on the 15th that’l be that important.

      1. pure Bug types are at usable so I’m find with this. Pretty much everything that’s been mixed with bug in the past ruins is usefulness against Psychics, Darks, and Plants.

  32. Does anyone think the face of that ice cream pokemon looks like the face of Slimes from the dragon quest series? I still love him though! Ice Cream Pokemon! There’s a shocker, but a great one indeed. <3

    1. There’s an ice cream vendor in Hiun city isn’t there? Maybe one day you get an ice cream there and you’re about to eat it, and it’s like “don’t eat meeeeeeeeeeee!! I’m aliiiiiive!! *sparkle eyes*”

    1. I’m not sure, but I think someone posted here saying Melkor had said something about a psychic-type two-stage alien line. It may have been false info though, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

      1. There is a Bug/steel pokemon ledendary that looks like like an alien.
        Its bipedal, and has android like metailic parts all around it.

  33. Did pokexperto mention:

    Fire Type Anteater
    Ground/Electric Fish

    I’ve heard those going around but not sure where they came from…

    1. People have been talking about an Anteater. Hiro might have mentioned it somewhere in the comments on PxP. It definitely wasn’t mentioned on either of their Twitters.

    2. I haven’t heard of them. Although, I’m sure I’ve heard the Electric/Ground typing before……believe it was somewhere on here.

      1. Yeah that was an Elephant rumour. This is a fish. I’d rather have the elephant though… :/

        There was a Dark type two stage Vulture rumour too with the two stage psychic alien, but you’d have to ask Pokexperto/Hiro because I don’t think it came from them originally.

  34. So far i want Smugleaf, Leaf Insect, Cotton Sheep, Seasonal God in my team. Pff, too many grass types 🙁

  35. 589: Knight Bug Pokémon. A knight with an armor, spears and helmet. Main body is based on previous bug. Bug / Steel Type.

    1. Armor and helmet I could deal with, spears… ugh… not sure, need to see fanart/sprites before I condemn it. 😛

  36. 589: Knight Bug Pokémon. A knight with an armor, spears and helmet. Main body is based on previous bug. Bug / Steel Type.


    1. You could try to contact them to see if you can draw some of the pokemon that Hiro didn’t draw yet. It couldn’t hurt, and might speed up the process a bit.

      1. I already did once for the Frog final evo:http://weyard.deviantart.com/art/Unknown-Frog-Pokemon-178743584?q=gallery%3AWeyard+sort%3Atime&qo=3
        Over the course of about 10 emails he gave me enough descriptions to end up with that. He had a link to it on his twitter for a while there. He’s so busy with the site though, I wouldn’t want to burden him anymore XD.

        I’m thinking about the Frog’s 1st evo just so people will be able to see that full family, maybe the final evo of the clown fighting one, and the Meguroko final evo.

          1. Yeah, I know, you posted it before. And so did Pokexperto on his twitter. But maybe you can make more of them.

  37. Give…me…clown… PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! (That whould be very, very, VERY, V.E.R.Y kind 😀 😀 :D)

  38. 590: Tamagetake. 591: Evo Tamagetake. Pokémon Hongo con un diseño de Poké Ball rosa, y dos Poké Ball más pequeñas como manos. Planta/Veneno 4 minutes ago

  39. 590: Tamagetake. 591: Tamagetake Evo. A Mushroom Pokémon with a pink PokéBall design, and two smaller Poké Ball as hands. Grass/Poison Type.

  40. It won’t let me reply to the topic up there about the fan-arts….

    No he didn’t let me see any artwork. He made it clear that he couldn’t show me anything. He just gave me details and I added them to a sketch, showing him my progress, until he said it was fairly accurate.

    1. You can, you just need to reply to the post in the column along. Use the ‘@’ symbol if you’re referring to a certain poster. It’s just, since the replies are stepped, it’s restricted in number of replies possible so as not to warp the page. So you’d have to reply to your own last post.

      1. i hope it’s the 15th.
        i’m not trying to start the war again but does anyone believe that Miju’s final evo will be pure water?!?! i hope not!

        1. I doubt they’ll do Water/Fighting and Water/Fighter in one starter group. But maybe /Rock or /Steel (again) but the Shell Armour.

  41. 592: Jellyfish Pokemon. Round blue head with 5 tentacles. Water/Ghost Type. Has another Forme, pink color and different tentacles.

  42. 592: Pokémon Medusa. Blue round head with 5 tentacles. Water Type / Phantom. Has another shape, pink and different tentacles

      1. Just be happy. Theyre improving upon what came in Gen IV which is alternate forms. and now we get alternate forms WITH different typing and/or abilties.

  43. I’m guessing pink form is female. After all, PxP described the jellyfish as a prince jellyfish at some point, so it would make sense that the “princess” would be a different color.

    1. Hmm….I don’t really know what to say.

      He’s kinda cool….looks like Mario Octopus XD Don’t see where the ghost comes into this design though….

      1. I think they spoiled the already amazing desing of a jellyfish. This is not mysteryous at all, I don’t like it.

  44. oh thats probably right. Most of these “alt forms” are probably just gender differences, like the pink masked Pidgeon.

    1. I Believe so 😀 still seems it would be an ariados evolution thru means of an item.
      At least this can get it thru to people that there are NO past evolutions since it was said on PokemonSunday

  45. I hope this is Denchura’s preevo and not the steel spider.

    Somehow I imagine the Steel Spider as being slender. We haven’t really had a thin spider yet have we? They’ve always been fairly bulky. (I’m not really counting Surskit because it’s not creepy/scary enough)

  46. I’ve been trying to find a good list somewhere online of everything revealed so far and then some, but I guess not… Here’s what I’ve read from the PxP comments section, as written by Hiro. You may have heard these tossed around by other folks–I actually went and double-checked them on PxP to make sure they were *actually* mentioned.

    This is what we know we are getting, but hasn’t been numbered or tweeted yet…
    -Two Stage Electric/Bug tarantulas, second stage is Denchura
    -Three Stage pure Dragon-type line, starting with Kibago and ending in Onokokusu (Tier 3 possibly?)
    -Normal/Flying bald eagle, we know him as Wargle

    This is what they have said we are getting, but has not been numbered or tweeted yet…
    -Fire-type anteater
    -Bug/Steel ant (4x weak to anteater, so apparently they’re Zangoose/Seviper like rivals)
    -Two Stage Psychic-type “aliens” (supposed to be weird looking)
    -Two Stage Dark/Flying-type vultures/buzzards
    -Three Stage Fire/Ghost “live flames,” goes Candlestick->Lantern->Candelabra (last form said to resemble a spider)
    -Two Stage Ice-type polar bears, second form may be Ice/Fighting (confused)
    -Electric/Ground “sole,” which is another name for a flatfish or flounder (odd design…)

    These are the “end dex” Pokemon that both Serebii and Melkor speak of, all numbered but not tweeted…
    -Three Stage Dark/Dragon pseudo-legendary (read: Tier 3) line, goes from One Head to Two Heads to Three (hydra)
    -Two Stage Bug/Fire line, no description or explanation why after pseudo-legendary line
    -Legendary “Roaming” Trio: Rock/Fighting, Steel/Fighting, and Grass/Fighting. Said to be “new legendary beasts,” at least two are said to be quadrupeds, all three “based” on Three Musketeers
    -Legendary Trio: pure Flying-type, Electric/Flying, Ground/Flying. All based on Shinto deities, all ride clouds and are humanoid/look similar except for colors, facial expressions, and “weapon.” Pure Flying is blue and “happiest,” Elec/Flying is yellow and “meh,” and Ground/Flying is “angry” and wields a hammer. Ground/Flying also appears after Reshiram/Zekrom in dex, indicating it may not be “part” of the trio per se.
    -Version Mascots: Fire/Dragon Reshiram and Elec/Dragon Zekrom. We know these guys. Third is the Ice/Dragon that “looks like a blue chicken,” runs off “super cold energy” (superconductor?). No other explanation given.
    -Water/Fighting event-only legendary, appears as “Trio Master” for other Fighting-types, looks like a kelpie or water horse, has a plumed feather on its head like a Musketeer. Described as almost looking like Arceus.
    -Normal/Psychic “girl,” described as being pretty and wearing a black dress with long green hair. Has an alternate form that is Normal/Fighting and appears more masculine, possibly a disguise. Said to be based on heroine from Three Musketeers.
    -Bug/Steel “space insect,” said to resemble a large armored beetle with a giant laser cannon on its head.

    1. Oh… feel free to add. I just remembered there may or may not be a Bug/Steel spider line as well, based on the comments above. Holy crap that’s a lot of Bug/Steel types…

      1. also… heh… wish there was an edit function.

        We also were told there is “something with a LOT of immunities, possibly broken.” Not sure if it’s something we already heard about, but worth mentioning in here as well.

    2. Forgot the buffalo… It’s Normal-type, been in CoroCoro, not numbered yet. Also forgot Mamanbou, but he just numbered her 😀

    3. Adding that Hiro said Wargle has a pre-evolution, a Ice Pokemon without preevolution or evolution and a three-stages Electric Pokemon.

    4. Electric/Ground type is said to be another “desert=the sea” Pokemon, this time an electric stingray that jets around under the sand.

      Also somebody on Smogon did the math… there’s only 6 left that have NOT been mentioned in any form. Six more mons we don’t know at all…

          1. ALSO forgot…

            -Two Stage Grass/Steel, looks like a spiky seed that evolves into a tentacle “beast”
            -Dark/Steel, maybe an entire Three Stage line or only Two

          2. Dark/Steel does NOT evolve or evolve from anything. Resembles a “Power Ranger.”

            …just found that bit I missed the first time around.

  47. I think Hiro get confused when speaking of an Bug/Steel spider.

    My explanation: He said there are two Bug/Steel apart from the legendary. One is recently seen one that looks like Heracross in a way, and the other he said to be an ant.

    The only possibility left is that the ant evolve into a spider, but I don’t think so.

    Maybe he was mistaken with the spider-candelabrum thing.

  48. Just because Janoby, Chaobuu, and Futachimaru are confirmed doesn’t mean the Starter’s “supposed” final evolutions are real as well.

  49. With the lack of past Pokemon in these new games, do you think the Shadow Pokemon games will make a return??

    It would be great if they did 😀 Those games were the best ^_^ especially Colosseum.

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