Unconfirmed: CoroCoro Battle Info (FAKE)

Someone is leaking details that are apparently from this issue of CoroCoro and match up with previous information that was leaked before we got image confirmation.  That being said, take this with a grain of salt as it is a rumor.

  • Miracle Shooter allows you to use items during battles over wireless/wifi and you can choose to allow this or not when you are setting up the match.
  • Also options to disallow bringing in I/II/III/IV Gen Pokemon into a match
  • There is an option for battling with ‘Rental Pokemon’
  • In Random Battle there are options for either Single Battle (3 or 6 pokemon) or Double Battle (4 or 6 pokemon)
  • There is a storyline event regarding the Gym Leaders and some competition
  • Once again there will be 8 badges to earn (and you cannot fully explore the map until you have obtained them all…)
  • The method to hatch pokemon eggs has changed

Take it for what you will until we get the full scans

<3 pokejungle

ps- This is tiring me out.  Very, very literally.