Another Picture Surfaced :D

Hey guys! Your PJN minion ozymandis here!

Paul asked me to post while he was asleep, so here we go! As you can see the picture is legit and is originally from Corocoro. (It was posted on 2ch) It features Suwana and Gigaiasu. Nothing all that new except for the Suwana sprite…which actually look really awesome. 😀

I’m trying my best to translate it, but the picture is ridiculosly blurry. -__-‘ So, i’ll update (or Paul will) with translations when I get them! But just from the looks of it, It’s seems like it’s the stats that we allready know. 😛 

Hopefully this will make you a little happy inside. 😀 If I see the full scans i’ll be sure to post them!

peace and love,


P.S. For others in Singapore, HAPPY NATIONAL DAY! 😀