Pokemon Sunday: Stream [LIVE]

Alright guys, per usual I have embedded the stream of Pokemon Sunday for you~  This week’s episode is NOT supposed to reveal much… just some Victini information.  ie: if you don’t have time to watch it, don’t feel bad!  The Yahoo! leak already provided us with Victini’s type and ability so there isn’t *too* much left to cover about it.  Never know when we’ll get a new trailer or nugget of information :3  Airing starts in less than an hour at 5:30CST.  The game information usually doesn’t get show until about 6:15CST though, just a heads up.
<3 pokejungle
ps- Feel free to speculate in the comments what might be shown before it airs :3  Gotta keep ourselves occupied somehow right?!  Victini battle scene will be shown!