Pokemon Sunday Recap (UPD3)

Going to be revealing Gigaiasu, Caterpillar, and Mamambou next week.  We simply got information on Victini.  Once you get the Liberty Ticket you will be able to visit the “Liberty Garden Tower” and a battle will ensue in which you can try to capture Victini.  I warned you all there wouldn’t be much info :s  Its ability ‘Victory Star’ raises accuracy for it and its partner(s) in battle.

UPD3: After seeing filb.de’s video I can now tell you the new fire attack Victini has “Incinerate” (or the more clunkly and less poetic sounding ‘complete burn’) will make the berries an opponent has equipped unusable.  Notice the team plasma member @ 0:50?  😮


<3 pokejungle

ps- took out the rumor because CoroCoro will be leaking tonight anyway and it was cluttering up my post 😐 </OCD>