Pokemon Sunday Recap (UPD3)

Going to be revealing Gigaiasu, Caterpillar, and Mamambou next week.  We simply got information on Victini.  Once you get the Liberty Ticket you will be able to visit the “Liberty Garden Tower” and a battle will ensue in which you can try to capture Victini.  I warned you all there wouldn’t be much info :s  Its ability ‘Victory Star’ raises accuracy for it and its partner(s) in battle.

UPD3: After seeing filb.de’s video I can now tell you the new fire attack Victini has “Incinerate” (or the more clunkly and less poetic sounding ‘complete burn’) will make the berries an opponent has equipped unusable.  Notice the team plasma member @ 0:50?  😮


<3 pokejungle

ps- took out the rumor because CoroCoro will be leaking tonight anyway and it was cluttering up my post 😐 </OCD>

  1. Um, is anyone else seeing a Pedobear? He keeps poking his head out over the video. :0

  2. lol

    did they will reveal their types is the winpillar bug or grass/bug and based on his name we can know his evolutions

  3. Still no desukaan?! I’m terribly sorry for using harsh words but this gets me fuckin pissed <<

    *slaps self* -_- patience…. Kills my mood

      1. I hope we do get this master document. I’m not gonna get hopes too high though, considering what happened this morning LOLZ wish I quarter for every person who did a spit take

    1. Apparently it raises accuracy for Victini and if in a double/triple battle it will raise accuracy for all team pokemon

        1. The silhouettes were shown so he thought that apparently the names and information were revealed. He had it on hand just in case. Also though in his post he mistakenly called Liberty Garden Tower “Liberty Island”, so even he makes mistakes.

      1. Dude, it was all posted on 2chan this morning. Some dude posted it on the forums. Serebii probably got the translation. It’s apparently where Shippou City came from before Aroe’s scan or something (?)

          1. …I’m so confused.

            I mean, does he really have more secret info, like, for example, more new Pokemon, or the types/abilites for Ononokusu or something like that?

  4. Wait a minute.

    You’re telling me Serebii already has the information and he just chooses not to leak it all right away?

    1. As I recall in the Pre-DP era he knew all the English names but couldn’t tell us due to legal reasons, and leaked them a few at a time until the whole batch was posted by someone else on GameFAQs

    2. You did not know this? o_o; It has always been that way. He simply gives us information when it leaks out in other sources so it looks inconspicuous. He gets it directly from people who are close to Nintendo, Pokemon, etc. If he gives information as soon as he gets it (ie: super early) they won’t leak anything to him anymore.

      1. Sorry guys, I never knew this. 😛

        I guess being the God of Pokemon fansites comes with its perks. xD

          1. Yup xD My little minions were searching for them and they found them so I’ve updated my post to reflect that. He DOES know stuff he hasn’t posted though. He was taunting me about it on AIM not 20minutes ago 😐

          2. Oh gawd!!
            I wish Serebii would just make a Gamefaqs account and post some leaky stuff there! Saves us from the agony!!

            Be… our savior~★

          3. Wait something dosen’t add up….

            Remember the fake scan from this morning? The one with the fish? It had different abilites and classification for Mamanbou. Now, if Serebii knew this inside info about Mamanbou, shouldn’t he have known the scan was a fake? But he believed in the scan just like everyone else!

          4. We’ve already established now that this was not something he knew and was just a 2ch rumor he had on hand in case it proved to be true xD

          5. But… but… how did he know the Greedy heart rumors were true just from the Sunday silhouetttes? And if that is the case, why’d he remove them? No harm in posting those if it wasn’t his secret inside info, right?

          6. No idea why he posted them, but after he found out it wasn’t correct he took it down. He never posts rumors after all

  5. well i was thinking victini was gonna have the same stats as the other “cutesey” Legendaries but he seemed more defensive based on the stats shown. Anyone know what level the Victini was?

  6. Our Bug friend has a name ^.^ I like the sound of him. Sounds unique defensively, though. Weak to Fire by 4x, Ice, Poison, Flying by 4x, Bug and Rock. However, it is resistant to Water, Electric, Grass by 1/4x, Fighting and Ground. So it’s on and off defensively. Smogon is gonna LOVE Victini.

      1. dont be dumb,people who say x2 sr weakness makes the pokemon sucks on ou are idiots we have a few pokemons on OU than have x2 SR weakness and still do a good job


  7. hmmmm i wonder if you, pokejungle, have more information that serebii told you but decided to wait like serebii…. XD jk i know you wouldn’t be that heartless to us (:

    1. Lol, he could turn out to be a tease (like serebii as PJ attested), lol.

      If he knows stuff I’m sure he’d be dying to tell us anyway and that is punishment enough for him i think – and serebii too XD.

  8. incinerate will need a high power to by usable the secondary effects isn’t to good for OU

    1. I was thinking this too, when I read what it does I was like “that’s it?!” I’m really hoping it deals enough damage for it to be worth it.

  9. Well even if the bug pokemon is a bug/grass type it could still have a final evo of a luna moth, I really hope so.

  10. Hey, between all the madness of fakes and whatnot, i never really got it; are the Shell Blade stats and power true? or are they false??

      1. Aww okay XD I hope it leaks sometime within the next few hours.. I have to leave tomorrow morning and I’ll be gone for a week >_<

        1. hey, tell me about it, i have to take off my contact lenses 24 hours before my doctors appointment, so NO SIGHT FOR SUNDAY D: i HOPE it leaks SOON!!!

  11. I was wondering are there not gonna be more pics from the tour buses? And another thing about the plant thing shown next to Darumakka any word on that?

    1. OHMYGOD that plant thing next to Darumakka is hideous.

      seriously. like. horrible. WHAT IS IT?! it looks like a budew + gloom gone BAD. REAL BAD.
      is that for real? or (please) is it fake?

        1. well the pic was apparently taken during the bus tour for all we know it could be the pre-evo of the Broccoli looking pokemon and it could be fake but then again the only pic we have of it is not of good quality.

          and yes i still think Burokki is real it was reavealed along with kibago as a figurine so im hoping its still there

          I ♥’s Burokki~♪

            yeah i love brocoli bear too

            the fakescans of the “corocoro” leak was revealed on the bus tour too so you logic is invalid

  12. darnnn i was hoping that i would wake up and see corocoro info but alas…
    oh well 🙂

    victini is actually pretty cool. 😀

  13. from what i cud hear the victini music sounded pretty cool

    so when do u think corocoro will leak ive been waiting all day

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